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 Juniors - Into Fishing

Tom Sheterline has joined the main committee and is going to actively get the Juniors involved in fishing activities. The try fishing sessions will develop their confidence and introduce them to the amazing sport of fishing and all the wonderful benefits that it brings, including the excitement of catching fish.
Mumbles fishing club junior section has three core values which are used by all concerned with the Juniors:-

Our Junior Club has not been active for sometime now and we need members to get involved. If you  can spare a few hours per month it would be much appreciated.
Please get in touch with Tom on 07894941679 to register your interest and to get involved.

Coaching and Fishing for our Juniors is also available through our Club's Association Membership of PAKA
Juniors are more then welcome to go fishing on our Club Boats and we would encourage them to do so.
Previous Junior Activities Below:

MMBFC aims to provide our junior members with the many healthy and social benefits of a successful junior angling club. We are committed to ensuring angling is accessible to all young people including those from more disadvantaged backgrounds. We strive to provide a fun opportunity for all our junior members who benefit from angling tuition, competitions and training in angling, conservation, the environment and interpersonal skills development.  We take our responsibility for the safety and well-being of our junior members very seriously and have a Child Safeguarding Policy in place.
We are a fully inclusive club open to both females and males. We offer our facilities to all based on the needs of the individual. This means that disabled and non disabled people can take part in our activities. Young men and women, people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds - who are under the age 18 are welcome in the Junior Members Club.

MMBFC provides fishing adventures for its young members who like fishing and want to learn more about fish species, the marine environment and conservation, habitat, difference between fresh and salt water, what equipment to use, what bait or lures to use, accuracy of casting, fishing rules, the best time to go fishing, and much more... From January 2013 Junior members can hold their own meetings on the 3rd Monday of the month, the first of these is arranged for Monday, 21 January 2013.
These Junior Club nights will have, subject to demand,  topical talks, demonstrations and practical skills workshops on the many subjects of fresh-water and salt-water fishing.  Prior to practical fishing events workshops will held on the type of tackle and bait required for the venue and targeted fish.  Juniors will make up their rigs and use the for fishing at the venue.  Plenty of tuition and practice will be given on the different types of knots required.

We aim to provide the young members of MMBFC with the many healthy and social benefits of a successful junior angling club.  We are committed to ensuring angling is accessible to all young people including those from more disadvantaged backgrounds.  We offer our junior members the opportunity to take part in matches, fun days out fishing and skills coaching.
Volunteering by our adult members can offer the chance to learn new skills and expertise, develop new interests, meet new people, and become active  in helping young people develop through the sport of fishing.
Volunteers can become involved with MMBFC Juniors for as little as a few hours per month.  You do not have to commit yourself to regular times. Its is really up to you how often you help out.  If you are interested in helping out please contact us by email at
Fishing Events
Awaiting notification
Bait Safari

Peeler crab
Juniors can enjoy a bait safari combing the rocks and sands for signs of bait life and learn how to locate and dig out the delicious morsels for a successful fishing trip.
Much favoured bait can be collected easily with a bit of knowledge and planning, and it is worth all the effort.  On a bit safari Juniors can learn the fisherman's method of locating, collecting and digging for bait. Digging for worms is something Juniors love to do and collecting bait is the prelude to a wonderful time fishing.
Recreational & Pleasurable Competitions
In any sport, young stars need the chance to compete at a high level to practice and showcase their skills. Our events provide a platform for the young anglers to show what they can do, without adding unnecessary pressure.

We aim to host friendly, but competitive fishing matches that are open to any juniors of the fishing club, team or group of young anglers that want to enter and enjoy the experience of a sport competition. 

By fishing on a variety of venues, we provide the opportunity for young anglers to gain vital experience of many different methods of fishing. Some of our may go on to greater things, winning regional and national, junior and later senior events. Some of them may reach the highest level in the sport by being chosen to represent their country at International Championships. We are proud of the fair and friendly way we run our events. 

Junior Academy - Coaching
Once established a Junior Academy could be held in the school holidays focusing on fishing and angling as participation sport for juniors, hosting meetings, coaching days and friendly competitions. Throughout the year each Junior Member could be competing for the Junior Angler of the Year Trophy.
Our aim is the ensure juniors ENJOY the sport of fishing and we will do all we can to teach them something along the way.
Training starts with the basics of fishing and fish care.  Coaches are qualified and CRB checked and are helped by experienced Club anglers.  Experienced Juniors can also assist and buddy up with novices utilising their skills and knowledge for the benefit of others.
Fishing does not have a future if the younger generation do not follow into the sport.


How to join
Please fill out the application form below and submit to MMBFC.  Junior Members fee is £5 per year and there is no joining fee. There is a reduced rate for a Family Junior, please see the Membership Page for details. To complete an application you will have to send a passport type photo and the membership fee to Mike Hurst, 24 Eastmoor Park Crescent, West Cross, Swansea, SA3 5PB.
MMBFC: Junior Club Membership Applcation

Fishing For Schools

The Club is looking to work with other clubs in PAKA to establish a Fishing For Schools programme.  The Club has already run a number of boat fishing trips for pupils from local schools and education centres that introduced them to outdoor activities that improved their self esteem, confidence and skills through angling.  The Fishing For Schools initiative would be an innovative and inspiring programme that was simple and effective with aim of providing short courses or sessions for pupils who wish to learn life skills through angling.  Whilst academic work occasionally proves difficult for some pupils this type of alternative learning and being given responsibility help with personal effectiveness.

The sessions would work by supplying the pupils with fishing equipment, if required, and taught how to assemble the rod and tackle, cast and catch fish in a safe environment.  Topics such as safety, bait live, knot-tying, fish biology and respect for local wildlife would all be covered.  The session would be taken by a dedicated team of qualified coaches.  Where coaching sessions have been held previously the coaches have loved running them and the pupils got so much out of them, thoroughly enjoying their time with pupils.  Watching self esteem, confidence and delight blossom in the youngsters through angling was a real delight.  Fishing acts as a gateway to the natural world and the benefits of getting the pupils into the great outdoors are numerous.  The youngsters had an experience they will never forget.

Mrs L Williams, Head of Arfryn Education Centre wrote: 'I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to you for making it possible for our pupils to be taken and instructed in the skills of boat fishing on your Club boat Oystercat.  Your professionalism and skill in managing the sea fishing adventure impressed both pupils and accompanying members of staff from our school.  Unquestionably, the staff also most certainly learned a lot about the unique aspects of managing groups of children at sea.   Your enthusiastic participation has undoubtedly made an impression and perhaps may even increase the life chances of some of our pupils'.

The Fishing For School programme could be more than just a fishing project, for example it would expose the pupils to a beautiful countryside and marine location right on their doorstep and see the reasons why they should be proud of where they live.  The pupils will also gain many life skills such as knowing how to deal with meeting new people, how to behave in a public place and how to look after the environment.
  The Junior Club offers:
A healthy social pastime to children and young people under the age of 18.
A healthy appreciation of the sea fishing environment.
Angling tuition and guidance from adult members.  
Reduced subscriptions juniors and family juniors.
Fishing fun and fresh air.
Fun fishing competitions.
   And much, much more!