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New members are welcome to join at any time. There is a joining fee of £10 (one payment only) and membership fee (currently £30) are payable for a full year (January-December) or half a year (July-December for £15 +£10 joining fee).
You can join from 1 November for the price of 12 months membership at £40 and get 14 months membership
For currrent members we are open for membership renewals, you can pay by BACS, cheques or cash. Pay on a Thursday night or contact the Secretary. There will be a membership renewal evening on 19 December 2019, imcluding a curry snack.
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Annual Fishing Awards

In 2012 the Club revised its awards structure and purchase some new trophies. Each winner gets a certificate and to hold the Club Trophy for one year.
The Awards Evening for presenting the trophies is held in February/March each year.  The enter for an awards make sure you get your entry forms in. You have to be in it to win it.
Annual awards from 2015
Specimen Awards by % weight:
(1) Best fish caught outside Wales
(2) Best fish caught by a junior club member
(3) Best fish caught by a female club member (Mary Bailey
(4) Best fish caught by a male club member
Award based on most different species caught:
(5) Champion Species Hunter (Challenge Trophy)
Awards based on total weight of fish caught:
(6) Champion Junior Angler of the Year
(7) Champion boat angler of the year
(8) Champion shore angler of the year
Only fish caught in saltwater and during the award year are eligible.

We must see a photo of the fish, including the current year member's ID card and a completed Entry Form.

You can only submit one catch per species for an award, you can supersede this with a future catch if you set a new personal best

Digital pictures and details to the Catch Recorder (Jon Scott)

Awards are as stated.  In the event of a tie the Commodore will choose the winner.
Annual Awards Catch Registration Procedure:

Keep a record of the weight and length of your fish; location where caught, and if applicable the name of the boat. Take a photo of the fish, including your membership ID card.

Obtain verification by a fellow member or a member of the public. Obtain their contact details and signature.

Decide which award category you would like to be considered for and complete a Entry Form.
Send the completed for to the Club's Fish Recorder, Jon Scott, at or hand in on Thursday Club night.
Forms are available from the clubhouse on a Thursday night and on the boats. Or, can be downloaded by clicking on this link:
Or by submitting the online form below
Annual Awards Entry Form

All the fish details reported will be collated and the awards to the winners will be presented at an Awards Event in February/March.

        Marley's Flounder                  Rhy's Bull Huss
 Champion chefs of the year
Awarded to Denise Collier and John Elvins
As voted by members


 2014 Award Winners
All awards presented by Club Commodore Derek Wright
          Dean Gifford Best Cod            Craig Barnes Best Shark Fish
                                                       (collected by Dean Gifford)
Club Boat Skipper of the Year-John Elvins. Champion Club man of the Year
                                                                   Doug Tucker (award collected by
                                                                   John Golding)
Lewis Pearce collected 3 Awards, (1) Best fish of the year caught by a Junior. (2) Champion Junior Shore Angler. (3) Champion Club Junior of the Year.
2013 Award Winners
The Trophy Table - All presented by the Commodore of the Club Derek Wright
Best specimen fish caught outside Wales
Awarded to Marshall Mainwaring (right)
for a Cuckoo Wrasse of 279%
Best specimen fish caught by a junior
Awarded to Marley Covelli (left)
for a Flounder of 102%
Best specimen fish caught by a female
Awarded to Janet Hurst (right)
for a Bream weighing 2lb 8oz
Ron Bailey presenting the Mary Bailey Trophy 
Best specimen fish caught by a male
Awarded to John Elvins (left)
for a Bass of 105%
Best specimen fish caught from a boat
Awarded to Craig Barnes
for a Smoohhound of 114%
Accepted on Craig's behalf by Dean Gifford (left)
Best specimen fish caught from the shore
Awarded to Rhys Davies (left)
for a Bull Huss of 100%

2014 Award Winners Continued...
Awards presented in 2014
Best fish caught outside Wales - Keith Rolfe
Best fish caught by a junior      - Lewis Pearce
Best fish caught from a boat    - Stephen Jenkins
Best specimen cod                   - Dean Gifford
Best specimen flat fish              - Harrison Lawson
Best specimen shark fish           - Craig Barnes
Best golden grey mullet             - Jon Scott
Champion shore angler              - Denise Collier
Champion junior shore angler     - Lewis Pearce
Club boat skipper of the year      - John Elvins
Club boat crewman of the year   - Ray Bennett
Club junior member of the year   - Lewis Pearce
Champion Club man of the year   - Doug Tucker
2013 Awards Winners Continued
Best specimen flat fish
Awarded to Stan John
for a Dab of 201%
Accepted on John's behalf by Richie Pearce (right)
Best specimen shark type fish
Awarded to Tom Sullivan (right)
for a Spur Dog of 153%
Best specimen golden grey mullet
Awarded to Marshall Mainwaring (right)
for a GGM of 103%
Tim Clement Shield
Champion junior shore angler
Awarded to Ethan Collier
for amassing 618 points
Accepted on Ethan's behalf by Gerald Collier
Champion adult shore angler
Awarded to Gerald Collier
for amassing 1114 points
Club boat skipper of the year
Awarded to Richie Pearce
As voted by members
Club boat crew member of the year
Awarded to Ray Bennet
As voted by members
Club junior member of the year
Awarded to Nathaniel James
As voted by members
Accepted on Nat's behalf by Dean Gifford (left)
Club adult member of the year
Awarded to Trevor Mellard (left)
As voted by members