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Ashley Haley - Night fishing - Knab Rock
3 March 2020
Haven’t been out for ages with these storms a quick gap in the weather resulted in 2 pb well happy
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Wenesday 5 Febuary 2020
Skipper John Elvins
Oystercat trip 5th Feb. Happy New Year, with the high yides coming in this week who could resist. Me and about 15 other boats plodding around the bay catching dogfish. On a brighter note we spent the first couple of hours out deeper as conditions were fantastic where we had 12 spurs to the scales to 14.5lb and 3lb more lost at the net. Back into the bay for second half of trip was as above. Great/fantastic conditions but no whiting other than two and a couple of strap conger.
Skipper John Elvins

Phil Bowen  spurdog

Nigel Davies - sputdog
John Elvins - spurdog
Nigel Davies -  spurdog
Les Chapman - spurdog
The three spurdogs - Roger Davidge, Phil Bpwen, Paul Thomas
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Friday 25 January 2020
Skipper Dean Gifford
First trip back out of Swansea today aboard the Oystercat.
The South easterly end kept us inshore all day. Fishing was fairly slow to be honest, plenty of dogs, few small conger, some whiting, lone spur and one codling.
Skipper Dean Gifford
Richie Pearce - Codling
Steve Chapman  - Spurdog
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Fridayday 24 January 2020
Skipper Dean Gifford
Finally got the Oystercat back to Swansea after an extended stay at Cardiff Bay Yacht Club after fishing the cod comp. We had a hour or twos fishing over low water on the way back.
Nigel Davies was top rod having a 14lb smooth hound, a nice blonde, spur dog and a thornback while Richie and I just had loads of strap conger to mid teens and a few dogs. Lovely flat sea for the journey back!
Skipper Dean Gifford
Nigel Davies - Smoothound
Nigel Davies - Blonde Ray
Nigel Davies - Spurdog
Mumbles Belle Fishing Trip
Tuesday 21 January 2020
Skipper Allan Walters
A good day out on the Belle on Tuesday. Vic was back on board after his Illness, weather was superb, considering we are in January. No codling caught but plenty of good size dabs and a few whiting for the pan.
Skipper Allan Walters
Just great to be out fishing again with Vic
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Sunday 19 January 2020
Skipper Dean Gifford
Another nice day from Cardiff Bay Yacht Club aboard the Oystercat today; weather and tidal conditions couldn’t have been better; only dampener was Borge, me and Roger forgetting our frozen baits.
Codling feed steadily through the morning, we had 15 or so to 3.5lb before moving to some different grounds where we had a few congers, whiting and dogfish in the afternoon.
In all a lovely day on the water!
Skipper Dean Gifford
Jayson Whitehouse - codling

Jayson Whitehouse - yet another codling
Dean Gifford - codling
Richie Pearce & Dean Gifford - with codling

Star catch
Shore Fishing Knab Rock
Friday 17 January 2020
Vic Lilygreen and Allan Walters

Had a few pleasant hours down the Knab. Got rained upon, hailed upon, poured upon, & frozen in between, but after 7+ weeks shut in it was glorious. I caught 3 small whiting & Allan caught a couple of small whiting a little dab. I found out that my Youngs bib & brace isn't waterproof any longer, & I'm not too sure about my UMAX either I think that is only good for dry cold weather, so it looks like my old Fladen Floaty on Tuesday lol. I never used to suffer from cold extremities but I do now, my feet, fingers, & ears were freezing, it must be a result of the blood thinning medication I have been given that causes that, but it's a small price to pay for what they have done for me. I have noticed that after years of idleness none of my flasks work, they all get hot on the outside which means the seals must have gone allowing the hot liquid to escape to the outside, I will have to get a new one as I intend to do more shore fishing than usual in future.

Vic Lilygreen
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Cardiff Cod Competition
Sunday 12 January 2020
Skipper Dean Gifford
We fished the Cardiff Bay Yacht Club annual cod competition today aboard the Oystercat.
The day started with a lovely breakfast from the club house. Fishing was tough but we managed thornback rays, whiting and a few codling, unfortunately none met the 2kg minimum weigh in limit.
The catch of the day was a bloody massive log that got caught on the anchor rope!
In all, an enjoyable day, thanks to CBYC and all of the sponsors for organising the event!
Skipper Dean Gifford
Breakfast CBYC style
Jason Dennis - Ray
Terry dakin - Codling
Roger Davidge - Codling
'Carch of the day- logfish
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Friday 10 January 2020
Skipper Dean Gifford
Took the Oystercat up to Cardiff today, ahead of the Cardiff Bay Yacht Club's annual cod competition on Sunday.
The journey up wasnt too bad, a little messy as we passed Porthcawl but other than that, very comfortable!
We had a days fishing too, a few small codling, rays and conger eel - hopefully we’ll find a few bigger ones on Sunday!
Skipper Dean Gifford
Nigel Davies - Coding
Richie Pearce - Codling
Nigel Davies - Ray
Jayson Whitehouse - Ray
Richie Pearce - Codling
Dean Gifford - Codling
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Saturday 4 January 2020
Skipper Dean Gifford
A bit of a change of pace today on the oystercat; we stayed local and fairly close to shore, it was nice to be able to use a spinning rod and 3oz of lead all day.
We had lots of whiting, mainly small but enough big ones to keep Richy’s bucket topped up, dabs and some dogs.
 As there were no outstanding fish the only picture I have is of one of the ham sandwiches we had for lunch!
Lovely day in the water, was even nice and warm when the sun came out in the afternoon.
Skipper Dean Gifford
Enjoyed today! Hopefully the big lads will turn up in Cardiff
Jayson Whitehouse
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Wednesday 1 January 2020
Skipper Dean Gifford
Long range trip to Minehead. Bait taken was black lug, squid and mackerel.
Nice day out aboard the Oystercat today.
Plenty of congers, Rays, a few whiting, codling and just a few dogs.
Everyone had a few fish and weather was kind but the highlight of the day was the curry made by Vicky.
David Williams and famiy said 'A great day out, thanks for the help and advice, the family really enjoyed'.
Skipper Dean Gifford
Martin Cooze - Cod
David Williams - Ray
Nathan Williams conger and cod
Nathan Williams - Ray
David & Nathan - congers
Lunch - Vicky's super curry
Emma Aubrey-Cooze - Ray
Emma Aubrey-Cooze - conger
Emma Aubrey-Cooze - whiting
Ian Thomas - conger
Ian Thomas - ray