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Tight Lines All Round

   MMBFC Home      Norway Trip 2019
Arrived at Gatwick Airport South terminal early morning for filight to Oslo Gardermoen airport.
At Oslo airport awaiting flight to Bardufoss airport
  Arrived at Bardufoss airport, now for a 1.5hr bus ride to our Mefjord fishing chalet.
Mefjord fishing village
Chalet base, rods at the ready
Ian Thomas fishing from the shore
Fish 1
All set to go, lifejackets on
Personal best halibut for Ashley Hayley
Fish 2
Fish 3.  Alun Jones                                      Fish 4. Paul Eaton
 Fish 7. Ian Thomas
That’s our first 12 hours done.
 Day 2.
 Fish 8.  Ashley two fish                          Fish 9.  Who has the biggest mouth?
Fish 12.    Ashley Hayley                              Fish 13.  Ian Thomas
                                 Reel 'em in
               Fish 16.  Michael Cooze
          Fish 15.    Michael Cooze

Fish 19.  Michael Cooze - halibut
Day 3
Low pressure set in - stormy weather - no fishing
Day 4 & 5
Fish 21. Alun Jones
Fish 23.   Ashley Hayley

Fish 25.   Ashley - big fat wolf fish
Fish 27.  Mike Cooze
Fish 29.   Mike Cooze
Fish 31.  Ashley
Fish 33.    Phil Gavey
Fish 34.   Ashley
Fish 37.    Paul Eaton
Fish 39.    Alan Jones
Fish 41.     Ashley - Wolf Fish
Fish 43.      4 the merrier Mike Cooze & Steve Harvey
Fish 45.    Mike Cooze
Fish 47.     Mike Cooze
Fish 49.   Ashley - Cod
FISH 52.      Paul Eaton
fISH 54.    Steve Harvey
fISH 56.     Mike Cooze
fISH 58.    Mike Cooze
Fish 60.   Ashley Hayley
Fish 62.   Mike Cooze
Fish 64.    Ashley
Fish 66.   Pete Jordan
Fish 68.     Pete Jordan - scorpion fish
Fish 70.    Pete Jordan
Fish 72.     Pete Jordan
Fish 73.  Dean Gifford
Fish 75.    Catch of the day
Members have spent the last week on the club's 1st trip to Mefjord, Norway. Overall we had a successful trip with only 1 day where we couldn't get out on the boats due to weather but this was a nice day off in the middle to relax and enjoy the camp and it's surroundings. 
Many members had new P.Bs and lots of new species, accompanied by a good laugh and banter between the 3 boats. Mike Cooze had the best fish of the week with a halibut of 48lb Pete Jordan achieved a personal target by catching a monster scorpionfish. A big thank you to sportquest holidays for all the organisation, smooth transfers between the UK and Mefjord Brygge and going the extra mile. Also a big thank you to the team at Mefjord Brygge for making our stay an enjoyable one. Mark Thomas.
Just look at what you could have caught monster halibut 250lb
6.20am breakfast at Gatwick airport
On our way to Bardufoss airport
View from chalet to the mountains

Chalet decking
Then it's to the boats.



First day out on the boat didn’t start too well with Ashley being sea sick and spewing over the side of the boat!! Then the plotter breaking and the fish didn’t want too play, fishing was slow but then picked up towards the end, coalfish, halibut, ling, and haddock caught. See below for first trip catches.
Ashley's halibut topside
Fish 2a
 Fish 6. Ian Thomas
Fish 5.  Ashley Hayley                                                   
Now for a quick bite too eat.
Fish all round then
Half hour rest and back onto the boat we go.
Fish 10                                                            Fish 11.  Ashley

                Fish 14.  Ashley Hayley
 Mike Cooze reeling in a big fish for 10 mins then !!*********, but there are more fish in the sea for Mike
Fish 18.   Michael Cooze
                    Fish 17.  Michael Cooze 

              Fish 20. More fish for the table and freezer
Day 3
Very nice & dry inside the chalets. Also explored the village
Day 4 & 5

Last day fishing had some decent weather to get out for a few hours before we had too take the boast back  Ashley

Fish 22.   Ashley Haley
Fish 24.   Ashley and Ian Thomas
Fish 26.  Mike Cooze
Fish 28.  Ashley
Mike Cooze - Cod
Fish 30.  Mike Cooze
Fish 32.     Mike Coze
Fish 35.    Ian Thomas
Fish 36.   Mike cooze
Fish 38.    2 Fish Ashley
Fish 40.   Paul Eaton
Fish 42.     2 cod Ian Thomas
Fish 44.   Steve Harvey
Fish 46.    Mike Cooze - halibut (dupliate)
Fish 48.    Pete Jordan
Fish 50.   Mike Cooze
fISH 53.        3 fish Mike Cooze
fISH 55.     Mike Cooze - small fry
fISH 57.   Mike Cooze
Fish 59.   Steve Harvey
Fish 61.   Steve Harvey
Fish 63.    Paul Eaton

Fish 65.   Paul Eaton
Fish 67.   Richie Pearce wolf fish
Fish 69.    Phil Gavey
Fish 71.     Dean Gifford
Fish 74.    Steve Harvey
         Fish 76.    Fish for the gutting, filleting & freezer. Mike Cooze 48lb Halibut

Final evening and group drink and meal in restaurant, which everyone enjoyed, been a great week! Thank you Mark and Sportsquest great organisation.

The trip has finally come to a end , everyone has had a great time , and some good fish caught !

Thank you weather and thank you Mark Thomas for searching for the fish ,we’ve had a blast !! ?? we’ve all had a great holiday!! Mike Cooze

Just look at what you could have caught - monster halibut