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 2019 Refit
Many thanks to Vic Lillygreen, Allan Walters & George Brincatt for the vast amount of work done on the Belle, washed, antifouled, painted and polished. She looks very good to go fishing. Only problem is Vic as developed a medical condition that will affect his skippering of the Belle.

2017 Deck Modifications
Pallets aquired for free as first idea for material
Obtained some better flooring material oak
 Attention turn to rear deck Ballast box removal
When cleaned the batteries an ballast wil be located below the deck
Stage of the initial conversion of the lifeboat to fishing boat
From oil rig unused lifeboat...
Mumbles Belle started life in 1992 as a totally enclosed and unsinkable Norse 7.52m lifeboat on an oil-rig in the
North Sea. She had never been used when the Club
acquired her.
The lifeboat came complete with compass, sea anchor, ropes
and other parts.  It has a beam of 2,82m, a draft of 1m, a
29hp Lister diesel engine, 35 gallon fuel tank and constructed
in fire resistant GRP.
 The availability of the lifeboat was brought to the attention of the
Committee by a Committee Member (Jeff Roberts) who had the
vision that it could be economically converted into a small
fishing boat and when converted it would provide another form
of boat fishing for Club members who had a preference for a
smaller boat than the Oystercat..
Arriving on the back of the road transporter
Positioned in the boat yard ready for the conversion
Inside view under the top cover
 Inside view of the boat's wheel and other controls
 Seat belts and seating positions
Doug Derrick helping to remove the seat belts
Steve Bryant helping to remove the seat belts
Derek Wright carrying out some inspection work
Top section removed and workstarted on the new wheelhouse

 2019 Refit
We need Mumbles Belle Barmy Army members to step up to the plate now, and start to train to run the boat when I cant, its not rocket science and if you want to keep the boat, you are going to have to become more involved in its running. Keep watching this page & the club's Facebook page for details of what is involved. 
2017 Deck Modifications
Dismantling pallets and removing nails
 Oak boards cut to size and laid in position
Battery box removal
Temporary laying the oak boarding while support rail and boxes for batteries and ballast are sorted out.
To MMBFC fishing boat...
 A small team of members including, Jeff Roberts, Derek Wright, Steve Bryant, Dough Derrick and others set about removing the top covering, the original 50 seat belts and other unwanted equipment. 
 Early work on the new wheelhouse

View of what will be the angler positions

Work progressing very well, view of prop and rudder


External finish of wheelhouse, gunwale and rod holder bars. Anti-fouling being applied


 2019 Refit
To register your willingness to help please contact Vic on 07814528082
2017 Deck Modifications
Pallet boards cut to size and laid
Boarding complete - excellent job. Stll requires sanding, sealing and preservative treat ment.
 Bilges ready for cleaning out
Construction notes

The built a new wheel house, modified other parts of the boat, glass fibred to seal every thing in and fitted a gunwale all around the boat.  The gunwales stiffen, strengthen and protect the edges of the hull and help to hold the shape of the boat under all foreseeable  uses and abuses.  They are strong enough to rigidly mount  the fishing rod supports and other fittings.  The out side of the gunwale protects the edge of hull and deflects water from entering the boat when waves splash against the sides.  They also make the boat look nice, tidy and finished.


A marine electrician was employed to install all the electrical and electronic equipment. The Belle has good quality navigation and fish finding equipment, and safety equipment for up to 6 people on board.


Following the completion of the deck work, a good coating of anti-fouling was applied to the outside  of the hull that would be under water and an appropriate amount of ballast was fitted to give stability and then sealed in.


On completion of the conversion work a craft inspection survey was carried out by Ben Sutcliffe a qualified marine engineer.  His report stated:

'The lifeboat was clearly built to a high specification with heavy hull lamination and  foam filled buoyancy tanks… Deck mouldings are laminated in white GRP gel coat and resin with suitable non slip work areas.  The working areas of the deck are suitably supported...The rubbing strake is of heavy duty dense rubber ‘D’ section.  It is in good order and secure. The rubber is fitted to cover the flange joint of the deck to hull moulding; this is in good order and well secured...The hull is fit for purpose… The wheelhouse is finished to a high standard of fit out and finished in a white flow coat...The cockpit area is well designed...The engine has been professionally maintained by the previous owner...The craft’s wiring has been completely rewired, the electrics are to a good standard...The craft has a satisfactory fit out of new safety equipment including, a new inshore flare pack 6 buoyancy aids, first aid kit and fire extinguisher… In conclusion I consider the boat to be in very good order'.


When all the out of water work had been done it was time for the Mumbles Belle to be put to the test on the water.  Once on the water the marine engineer came back to carry out a heal, stability and float test.


Ben Sutcliffe's report stated 'I can confirm that I carried out a heal test as laid out by the code of practice for an open boat.  The test was carried out with persons over 75kg each rather than using sand bags.  From the beam calculations taken with 6 persons on board moved to the extreme gunwale positions the craft did not exceed the maximum heal permitted of 7 degrees7'.

Mumbles Belle is fully insured, berthed in the marina at P29 and ready for use by members to go sea fishing in Swansea Bay.  So come down on a Thursday Club Night and book your place or use the on-line booking form.
Running costs & donations
The running cots for the Belle are recovered through donation from the anglers.
For the Mumbles Belle the donations are £10 per angler + the cost of the fuel used, i.e. from £1 per angler depending on mileage.
Mumbles Belle at at her Marina berth during sea trials
View of the off-set wheelhouse and angler fishing positions
At berth (P), sea trials completed now ready to take members fishing
The superb Lister engine in very good condition
All done now we can go fishing

Skipper Vic Lilygreen Gone fishing