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Oystercat fishing trip
Sunday 18 February 2018
Skipper Dean Gifford
Fairly slow day aboard the Oystercat today, a few whiting, dabs and dogs in the morning. A few whiting and strap congers in the afternoon.
Culinary catch - garlic bread went down well, but the first batch of frozen sausages all stuck to the pan causing the skins to split.  The second batch was much better - all tastethe same in a sandwich though! 
Skipper Dean Gifford.
Conger for Jamie Breen
Bad cook - burnt offering
Good cook - sizzeling sausages

Conger fot Tate Lloyd
Oystercat fishing trip
Monday 5 February 2018
Skipper John Elvins
Seems no one really wants to go out in the cold.
However 3 of us ventured out today to find some new marks off Port Talbot. After sonar checking back and for we assumed that someone had salvaged the Wrecks for scrap in PT steel works.
With only one small whiting (promptly released attached to a hook) producing two thornbacks we had what could be called a very Dogged day.
Crisp fresh and plenty of fresh air only thing missing......FISH
Skipper John

John Elvins - thornback ray 1

John Elvins - thornback ray 2
Oystercat fishing trip
Sunday 4 February 2018
Skipper Dean Gifford
A fairly slow day on the Oystercat today, lots of pin whiting, couple of spurs, couple of huss, dab and dogs.
Came in before the lock closure so we could make it home before the rugby kicked off.
Skipper Dean. 
Dean Spurdog
Belle fishing trip
Tuesday 30 January 2018
Skipper Vic Lilygreen
Poorish day on Mumbles Belle today, plenty of undersize whiting & dabs, with keepers of both species few & far between. We chased the calm water from Green Grounds, to the "Blin Hole" & then into the moorings catching much the same everywhere.
Peter Mansell was bad before we started, & got worse as the day progressed, how he vomited that often I dont know.
George Brincatt recorded a "Personal best" (seeing as it was only his second ever boat trip that wasn't too difficult) but he was delighted, & that pleases me.
Looking for the next decent day to go again.

Skipper Vic 

Oystercat fishing trip
Saturday 20 January 2018
Skipper Dean Gifford
Slow start to the day aboard the Oystercat today, maybe not helped by the seal feeding close to our chosen mark; once he left the fish came on the feed, only whiting (some nice ones) and dogs.

We headed off shore for low water, first drop we had a nice spur, followed by a couple dropped ones but the wind went from nothing to 20+mph in a few mins over slack water, which forced us back inshore.

Not much in there so called it a day early!

Nice to be out, saw a few pods of porpoises feeding which is always great to watch!

Skipper Dean.
Jon West Great expectation
Nigel Davies with nice spurdog
Oystercat fishing trip
Saturday 20 January 2018
Skipper Dean Gifford.
We didn't have anything big all day, a few 20lb+ biggest 28lb. but no monsters, I've never had any over 30lbs. Normally get eels between 15 & 25lbs. It's a very big wreck so I'm sure there are some big fish on it, but more of a numbers game. We had one eel around 15lb that had 5-6 bite marks on its tail where another eel had him on the way up.
We rarely  fish this wreck, only when the wind is from the south east and the tide is tiny. So the catch is usually eels, spurs and huss. Ther must be other species there like a few pollack in the summer when the water is clear, which is not often.
We had an hour on the Welsh side on the way back, it was rough as hell. One of our anglers was spewing up within 10min, having been fine all day. So we kicked it on the head and came in.

Skipper Dean Gifford
Large conger for Colin Albert
Spur dog for Alan Jones
Spur dog for Paul Eaton
Conger for Alan Jones

Conger for Colin Breen
Bull Huss for Alan Jones
Conger for Colin Albert
Coger for Dean Gifford
Paul Eaton gonger
Colin Albert Bullhuss
 Oystercat fishing trip
Friday 12 January 2018
Skipper John Elvins
Great trip ...if you want to show people how different the world is 4 miles off the pierheads!
Went out just before slack low water so thought we could hover over Strombus wreck to pick up anything that was there. No chance a SE slop every 1.5 seconds kept the boat rolling side to side. Reverted to plan, anchored just off the SWIG with the incoming tide and the SE wind hitting the port side/bow. This was ok for a couple of hours and some Dabs dogs and whiting were taken.
By then we were sitting nicely broadside into the SE swell with a bigger ground swell from the west every now and then slopping the sea all over the place. With one angler *never been seasick* and one turning grey we called it a day.
Came back into the Marina on the 11.30 lock, conditions great there. We had fresh air at least and as I say different world ....
Skipper John
Fishing West Pier
Sunday Night 7 January
Member Jon West
Jon caught a couple of whiting like the one in the photo below

Oystercat fishing trip
Sunday 7 January
Skipper Dean Gifford

Poor day aboard the Oystercat today, a few strap congers and dogs up east this morning

Lots of pin whiting, dogs and a few dabs closer to home; we finally managed a few insize whiting at the end of the day.

The wind kept it chilly all day but the sea state was comfortable enough inshore.

Sorry again to the guys who were originally booked in but couldn’t make it after the change of plan; it was poor planning on my part, that said you didn’t miss much of note, other than fried spam sandwiches!

Skipper Dean
Jayson Whitehouse - whiting