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Last Oystercat fishing trip of 2018
Monday 31 December 2018
Skipper Joh Elvins
SA1 members annual Chrustmas fish
We had a far better day than we had last year. 9 members from the SA1 Club  fished their rods off and only got one whiting(2lb) two strap conger and 3 dabs to talk of. Probably near 100 dogs though and one baby huss amongst them.
A good hearted trip with Mr Mainwaring top catch.
Shipper John Elvins
Oystercat fishing trip
Sunday 30 December 2018
Skipper Dean Gifford
Finally, the Oystercat got out today - with the weather and illness it’s been a while since we’ve been able to get out!

A varied day with 10 or so spurs, the same number of conger to 20lb or so, huss, thornbacks, small eye ray, lots of whiting, lots of dabs and dogs!

Lovely pork and cranberry sausage rolls for breakfast and bacon and sausage for lunch; can’t be bad!!

Skipper Dean Gifford

Pete Jordon Spurdog
Phil Bowen S E Ray
Phil Bowen Thornback Ray

     Sean Potter - Conger                      Phil Bowen - Conger
Pete Jordan - Spurdog
Shore fishing trip
Amroth 28 October 2018
Organiser Keith Stephens

Amroth beach
Oystercat fishing trip
Saturday 27 October 2018
Skipper Dean Gifford
Fairly busy day aboard the Oystercat today; loads of whiting, tub & grey gurnard, dabs, good numbers of mackerel (joeys and a few jumbos), thornback, huss and dogs.
A weather warning of an imminent gale force 8 for our sea area wasn’t the mid day weather report we’d hoped for but the inshore waters were very comfortable all day.
Skipper Dean

Bait fish
Ray for Dean
Oystercat fishing trip
Saturday 20 October 2018
Skipper Mark Thomas
I think it's safe to say that everyone had a great day's fishing.
Headed east to a well known spot for ray fishing, flat smooth seas and from the off we were into good fish. Blonde rays were the target for the day and we managed 22 landed ranging from a couple of lb to 14lb,16.10, 17.0 and the biggest of 17lb 2oz to Nigel.
Other fish caught spotted rays 2 of, thornbacks 3 of, conger 8 of and a huss 10lb , not to mention the hounds and some early season whiting. Ritchie excelled himself with the cuisine, loads to go around.
Cheers  Skipper Mark
Early morning sail to the fishing marks
Good start Nigel Davies reeling them in
Good early catches for Andrew Charles, Mark Thomas
& John Bevan
Something to smaile about from Mark Thomas
Nice ray for Richie Pearce

Close up of Richie ray
David Snelling - hanging on to his ray

Stephen Chapman - blonde ray

Andrew Charles - with ray

John Bevan in bullhuss mood
Young Rod Joe Snelling with a bite

And this what Joe caught
And this what Joe caught
Rays for Nigel Davies & Steve Chapman

The three rays - Nigel Davies, David Snelling, Steve Chapman
Oystercat fishing trip
Friday 19 October 2018
Skipper John Elvins
Rather a poor Day, but with a plan in place we started to look for some fresh baits - but things did not not go to plan. We had a couple of small Bass, one whiting and a pout.
Cooker would not come up to temp so our cuppa was delayed also.
Then off to a mark which after a good few anchor resets was not that clever, due to a stronger than forecast easterly wind slopping the boat around. Back to the ledges where a number of boats were Bassing we joined in and found one.
So anchored up just off the Mixon for two hour to finish and we were tormented by dogs and a few nice huss over 10lb were caught. These were very feisty fish when landed.  Colin Breen did have a Gurnard for Steve Cullen to take home for supper .
Skipper John

John Elvins in for the huss
John Elvins -that's how you catch bullhuss
Nigel Davies - bull huss
Oystercat fishing trip
Sunday 7 October 2018
Skipper Dean Gifford
A good day aboard the Oystercat today; after the recent poor weather it was nice to get out. 
We had plenty of variety: whiting, pouting, poor cod, corkwing wrasse, dabs, dogs, bull huss and the belle of the ball - a 14lb 9oz thornback for Les. The tucker was good also.

Dean Gifford - bass

Dean Gifford - Bull Huss

Les Chapman - 14lb 9oz Thornback
Nigel Ellerton -bass
Mumbles Belle fishing trip
Tuesday 9 October 2018
Skipper Vic Lilygreen
Well we went out today as planned, very lumpy going out between the piers and going across to Mumbles, but kept the revs down and pushed ahead at 3knots which kept us dry all the way over. Dropped the pick off the inshore lifeboat station and fished the strong ebb catching dogfish, dabs and little bass, and all the time the weather was moderating as forecast, eventually at low water it went almost flat (I bet loads of guys in the marina wished they had read the forecast correctly) :p 
We moved out alongside the Strombus & caught pouting, a couple more dabs and loads more dogfish, but my "wreck anchor" wouldn't hold us & we moved a couple of times to reposition but kept dragging anchor. So I said to the lads on board, "we are going uptide of the wreck, and the anchor can catch into the wreck & hold us, and if we lose it then it is a sacrificial folding anchor anyway!" So uptide we go and back we drift, and hold it did, then drifted, then held again, then drifted again and again until we came out the other side unscathed and the anchor never even tripped!:eek: Yet last week a decent Fisherman got stuck along with about 40ft of galv chain, you couldn't make it up!  So with the lock closure over due we headed home and being the only boat out all day locking in was a formality, why can't it be like that all the time?
John Jones went home with a bagfull of dogfish & a number of dabs, Mal Davies went home with depression after catching 95% of the dogfish in Swansea Bay, Alan and I pleaded insanity and went home with nothing, next time Strombus I will have a cunning plan! 
Oystercat fishing trip
Sunday 7 October 2018
Skipper Dean Gifford
Slow day (relatively speaking) aboard the Oystercat today.
With a tiny weather window, we seized the chance to head to some distant wrecks.
We ended the day with 15 or so pollack, half a dozen ling, jumbo pouting, whiting, scad, mackerel and a small tope on a ling bait!
As is often the case down there we were treated to some awesome sights, one of today’s being a fairly large feeding frenzy, involving lots of gannets, skuas, gulls and dolphins happening just of our bow, while different groups of dolphins and gannets were feeding in any direction you looked! Lovely day to be on the water!
Skipper Dean Gifford


 1 We are sailing for distant marks

2 We are sailing for distant marks

3 We are sailing for distant marks

We are catching pollack - Richie Pearce

We are catching pollack - Stephen Chapman

We are catching pollack - Mark Thomas

We are catching pollack - John Elvins

We are catching pollack - Richie Pearce & Colin Albert

We are catching ling - Jayson White Whitehous & John Elvins
We are catching pollack - John Elvins & Mark Thomas

We are catching Ling - Dean Gifford

We are catching tope - Dean Gifford
Mumbles Belle fishing trip
Friday 5 October2018
Skipper Vic Lilygreen
Not a bad day for fishing. Keith (Sam) James did well landing a 5.5lb lobster and a plaice weighing in at 2+lb! I managed a slightly smaller lobster but it was a berried female so was returned unharmed, (after it crunched my finger)
I also landed a 2lb plaice.
Happy Day's fishing.
skipper Vic Lilygreen
Keith James 5.5lb lobster
keith James 2lb+ plaice
Oystercat fishing trip
Sunday  30 September 2018
Skipper Dean Gifford
We tried something a little different aboard the Oystercat today. We had a little species comp which kept thing interesting.
17 species won the day and the pool - great day and plenty of healthy banter.
Skipper Dean Gifford


Keith Chapman

Jamie Breen

Dean Gifford

Keith Chapman

Colin Breen

Stve Cullen - Dragonette

Stephen Chapman

Steve Cullen
Steve's Gurnard
Colin Breen
 Wrasse for species competition
Oystercat fishing trip
Saturday  29 September 2018
Skipper Mark Thomas
Today was my 1st opportunity to take a fishing trip up east to Rest Bay, this is new territory for me as a skipper and fishing for rays is something I've done very little of.
With stunning weather and flat calm sea things could not have been better, once anchored up it wasn't long before the bites started.
For the duration we spent there we caught 35 rays up to 10lb, mostly smalleyed and a few thronbacks. Also in the mix were all 3 types of gurnard, conger, whiting (Ritchie insisted whiting went on the was 4 inches long) and a baby tope.
As usual a good day was had by all with lots of laughs, nice food and new experiences.
Cheers MarkThomas
Just wanna say thanks to skipper Mark and all the boys for today, Had a blast on my first trip on the boat, friendly and helpful bunch of gents, At one point I was the only angler that hadn't landed a ray, then a few on the point tips from Mark saw me land 2 in quick succession. Great! Lovely day & thoroughly enjoyed! Cheers fellas!  
Rest Bay here we come
Fishing mark at Rest bay

Small eyed ray for Ron Phillips

Small eyed ray for Brian White

And anothe small eyed ray for Ron Phillips
Nice gurnard doe someone

Another ray for Brian White
Mark Moorma andhis ray

Richie Pearce's whiting

Nice fish for Richie
Oystercat fishing trip
Monday  24 September 2018
Skipper John Elvins
Oystercat fishing trip with just half a boat full of members who ventured out following the rough weather of the weekend. Conditions were fantastic, a 30 min run down to Oxwich in a chilly breeze saw us sitting in the moorings catching the odd dogfish and a couple of dabs.
So off to Langland for slack water where a scad, Gurnard, Smoothy, baby Tope, a 5" red crab, pout and small whiting were caught.  Then a few Bream and lots more Dogs and small huss.
Great weather , nice sea but not much fish. Plenty of debris floating about, the marina full of the stuff. But we all enjoyed a day on the water.
No photos, did not even get the camera out!
Skipper John Elvins
Oystercat fishing trip
Thursday  13 September 2018
Skipper Dean Gifford
A nice relaxing day aboard the Oystercat today. Trip stolen before the poor weather comes in tonight.
Started the day with lots of bass, mostly small but good fun on spinning gear. We then spent the day scratching around looking for different species, finishing up with: bass, conger, millions of pouting, corkwing wrasse, rock gobies, scorpion fish, dogs, a very angry tompot blenny that wouldn’t let go of a rag and a lobster!
Nice to get out and use up the leftover bait from Thursday night.
Skipper Dean Gifford.

Dean - Bass
Craig Barnes - Bass
Dean with lobster
Cork wing wrasse for Craig Barnes
Tompot Blenny
Lobster for Dean
Oystercat fishing trip
Thursday  13 September 2018
Skipper Dean Gifford
A nice evening trip aboard the Oystercat.  Bassing was poor, probably down to poor water clarity, we only managed one small bass.
Anchored up in the Bay where we had lots of pout, a few dogs, rock gobies, small bream, conger, and John Bevan showed us how it’s done with a nice red mullet.
Skipper Dean Gifford

Nice catch for John Bevan

John's catch included this red mullet
Conger for Pete Jordan
Oystercat fishing trip

Saturday  8 September 2018
Skipper Dean Gifford
Day of the dragonettes aboard the Oystercat today, we had loads of them, a few big ones too! Along with reasonable numbers of jumbo mackerel, bass, pollack, ballen wrasse, pouting, tub gurnard, smooth hound, baby tope, tompot blenny, some nice dabs, dogs, a couple of guilt head bream and the belle of the ball - an octopus.
We were severely hampered by the weather, with wind speeds coming in almost double what was forecast (15-17mph gusting 20-25mph). At Mumbles Head the wind speed was (26-30mph gusting 35-40mph) which made for a slow and ‘interesting’ ride back to the bay.
Skipper Dean Gifford.

Pete Jordan - dragonnett

Pete Jordan - yet another dragonnett

John Bevan - tub gurnard
raig Barnes - baby tope

Pete Jordan - tompot blenny

Pete Jordan - bream

Dean Gifford - gilthead bream

Pete Jordan - octopus
Pete Jordan - octopus
Oystercat fishing trip

Tuesday 4 September 2018
Skipper John Elvins
Oystercat with 7 anglers on board I decided to keep fuel donations low and headed just off Langland to see what was there. Just after dropping anchor we started to catch some Bream. This turned into a steady nod of rods for the rest of the day. By the end of which we all had our bag limit to take home .
Ralph said he was going to try for mackerel and sure enough 5 mins later had a massive string of three. A good day out with a baby tope, small smoothy, one codling, a lace conger, lots of Huss - one near double,
pouting and nice quantity of bream well above the limit. Many of which were returned to fight another day.
A great day all round was the consensus.
Skipper John Elvins
A great day all round and thanks to Big John E for taking us to the fishing mark. We all had superb fun, safe, sound and successful fishing. What more could you ask.....lovely sausages too.
Jon West

Jamie Breen - Bream
Jon West - Bream X 2

Ralf Bettany - Bream

Steve Cullen - Bream

Phil Bowen - Bream

Nigel Davies - couole of bream
John Elvins - Breaming
Howard Griffiths - Bream
Phil Bowen - Bull Huss
Oystercat fishing trip

Saturday 1 September 2018
Skipper Dean Gifford
Great day out on the Oystercat today;.
We started out looking for some fresh bait, hoping for mackerel but we found strings of scad and school bass under the feeding birds. Fresh bait secured, we went up east for a bit of comfort.
Fishing was steady, catching 30 or so small eyed ray, a few open ground conger, baby tope, dogs and a lovely tub gurnard.
We came back across the bay to finish off and had some black bream, mackerel, bull huss and dogs. We also had a shoal of mackerel surface right next to the boat at the end of the day.
A really nice day to be on the water. There was only 4 of us onboard, so I did the deluxe menu of chilli bacon sandwiches (Aldi’s really nice), lamb koftas and Cornish pasties with chocolate chip muffins for desert.
Skipper Dean Gifford
Birds on the fish
Ray for Nigel Ellerton
Ray for Nigel might be the same one
Small Eyed Rays for Dean Gifford & Craig Barnes
Small eyed rays for Craig Barnes & John Bevan

Nigel Ellerton - conger eel
Nigel Ellerton with multi catch
John Bevan - baby tope
Very nice Tub Gurnard for Craig Barnes

Fish on the finder
Haul them in
Bucket load of fish
Oystercat fishing trip

Saturday 25 August 2018
Skipper Mark Thomas
Oystercat trip today went well considering a very lumpy sea, headed to Oxwich first to get some cover while the tide was racing through Langland.
Moved around a bit there but no fish to speak about, so decision made to head for a bank and try for some Bass.... this was a very good move and a total of 18 Bass landed and all returned.

As tide slowed down we moved to Langland and had a few productive hrs, amongst the carpet of hounds 23 bream came aboard . So everyone caught fish and were well fed on bacon sarnies .

Thanks to John Bevan and Nigel for being my crew today and being as entertaining as usual.

I'm off on hols tonight and look forward to the next trip when I return.

Cheers Mark

Early morning start througn the marina
Ron Phillips with bass Steve absalom with bream

Colten Jones with bass
Colten Jones with another bass
Oystercat fishing trip

Tuesday 21 August 2018
Skipper John Evins

Ater a dismal ride through the mist and murk, we fished Langland for fresh mackerel, other than 15 dolphins playing around the boat, we had only 10 to keep for our Tope trip.
So our plan changed and we went to the secret mark 2 Peter Pan's Nemesis" and anchored down for the day.
Jon West had a good start with a PB 13.5lb huss followed by his first tope . Phil Bowen had a good tope and some huss to keep him smiling.
Nigel Davis is back to his "Hook and let go " after 5 mins with some sort of lump. Jamie had the catch of the Day and Phil G just wanted to get something that matched his jumper!!!.
Skipper John Elvins

Phil Bowen tope
Phil Bowen - huss
Jamie Breen - catch of the day
Jon west - personal best huss at 12.5lb
Jon West - first tope
Phil Gavey - Red Gurnard
Belle fishing trip

Monday 20 August 2018
Skipper Vic Lilygreen
Just returned from my first trip on the belle. A great days fishing, plenty of fish including a 1 lbs 3 ounce red mullet.VIc was very helpful skipper,giving advice,and of course plenty of hot drinks. Met up with George ,
Allan Walters

Oystercat fishing trip

Sunday 12 August 2018
Skipper Dean Gifford
Fairly poor day aboard the Oystercat today; weather kept us penned in the bay (more accurately penned in the cabin) until the afternoon. We tried a number of different marks but had very little to show for it: a few small tope, small smooth hounds, small huss, small bass, congers, pouting, a big rock goby and a few dogs. At least the weather brightened up in the evening and the grub wasn’t too bad - cajun chicken and onion bhaji baguette, lovely!!
Skipper Dean
Conger - Dean Gifford
Rock Goby
Oystercat fishing trip

Tuesday 7 August 2018
Skipper John Elvins
Oystercat went fishing on a wind forecast of 14mph tops. We were greeted with much stronger winds, rising to 21mph around midday and onwards. After a short stay at Langland we ventured out to ledges to see if any mackerel were there. NO they were not.  However, with some nice chunks of fresh scad we attracted a tope and some others also came on the feed. I landed this tiddler and Les Chapman still failed a photo shoot when a tope of 26 -28lb bit him off just as it was coming through the door, but boy did he enjoy the chase.
A steady day with bream, scad, dab, smoothhound, bullhuss, dogfish, a thornback, and two tope.
Catering was also a good standard.
Skipper John Elvins
John Elvins' lttle tiddler
John Elvins - bull huss
Oystercat fishing trip

Saturday 5 August 2018
Skipper Dean Gifford
Productive day Lundy wreck fishing aboard the Oystercat today; we left Swansea at first light, the first wreck was suspiciously quiet, though we were catching fish, none of them wanted to follow the lures up in the water - the reason for this became apparent as a medium sized porbeagle was charging after Richie’s red gill at the end of the drift, turning only as it got to the surface.
We left him to it and moved to the next wreck, where we had plenty of pollack, pout and a few ling over slack water along with a few other species.
As we had enough for the table we ended the day with a bit of bassing closer to home.
We finished the day having had: pollack, pouting, poor cod, ling, whiting, grey and red gurnard, bass, mackerel, weaverfish, ballen and cuckoo wrasse and the belle of the ball was a lovely John Dory.
We saw a few interesting sights along with the shark, a sun fish, hundreds of shearwaters, artic skuas and lots of dolphins everywhere.
Skipper Dean Gifford reporting.
Species of the day (John Dory) for Michael Cooze
Ballan Wrasse for Paul Eaton
Cuckoo Wrasse for Richie Pearce
Paul Eaton lands a Ling
Dean in for the Ling
Paul Eaton & Dean Gifford comparing Ling sizes
Dean and pollack
Ryan and Rhys Aubrey-Cooze all set to go fishing
Michael Cooze and Rhys Audrey-Cooze with Pollack
Helping hand from Dean for Rhys
Ryan Aubry-Cooze - Pollack
Rhys Aubre- Cooze - Red Gurnard
'Skipper training' on the way back to Swansea for Ryan Aubrey-Cooze
Oystercat fishing trip

Saturday 4 August 2018
Skipper Richie Pearce
Skipper (Richie) and crew (Nigel) were down the marina at 06:30 for the pre boat checks.  Weather very overcast, but already quite warm. Full boat of anglers this morning and everyone was chomping at the bit to get out.
Safety brief completed, off we went. Thought we would be the first boat out, wrong !! Mumbles Belle was already in the locks. Father Christmas (John), the Tonyrefail Triads and Livio all with cheesy grins !
Oystercat bimbled around the usual places for what are becoming the elusive mackerel with no success at all. Then went over to a spot in the bay and had some surprising results, small bream, couple of keepers, then a great catch for Peter May,  a bream of 2lb 13oz !! This was followed up with an absolutely wonderful bass of just under 5lb for Steve Absalom (fish photographed and released alive and unharmed).
Then we had a couple of small bass, small tope, bullhuss, dog fish, scad, star fish ! 
Great crowd, been a pleasure to take them all out fishling.

Nigel Ellerton 

Early boat Mumbles Belle
Peter May 2lb 13oz bream

Steve Absalom - 5lb bass (returned)
Daper Colin Albert - no fish
Oystercat fishing trip

Wedesday 25 July 2018
Skipper John Elvins
Welcome back mike and Janet after two year.  Mike in first catch showed that some mackerel were around with a string of three, but that was that (mackerel) for the day.
Just after the turn of the tide we had a twenty minute surge of bream. Mike was the first to catch, then a few smooth hounds picking up the squid baits proved entertaining, and lots of small huss kept the rods nodding. 8 keeper Bream in all. Nice weather and good company.
Skipper John Elvins
Mike Hurst - Black Bream
Janet Hurst - smoothhound
Les Chapman - smoothhound
Oystercat fishing trip

Tuesday 24 July 2018
Skipper John Elvins
Tempted by the calm conditions we set of out into the bay. By the first fairway buoy the coffees and teas were all over the place . Not the calm conditions we were forecast at all, winds got up to 20mph SW and rain till 10.30.  We went to Langland to fish. In one 30 minute spell we had 10 bream and then they disappeared. However, Stephanie and Ruben showed the rest of us what we should be doing with a 8lb Thornback. Then we had skad, smooth hound, dogs, some small huss, a baby Tope, and 10 black bream in the days count.
Skipper John Elvins

The gangs all here, sorry about the headless fish

 Stephanie Drake bullhuss, Ruben Harvey ray
Ruben Harvey - 8lb Thornback ray

Alvin Drake - baby tope
Phil Gavey - two black beam
Oystercat fishing trip

Saturday 21 July 2018
Skipper Mark Thomas
Oystercat trip today was a big success for all on-board with lots of species caught including, bass, gurnard, scad, smooth hounds, dabs, baby pounting and 53 bream and of course the stupid amount of doggies.
I'm sure all have enjoyed their day.

Skipper Mark Thomas

Colin Albert - Red Gurnard
Colin Albert - Bream

Mumbles Belle fishing trip

Thursday 19 July 2018
Skipper Vic Lilygreen
Not a bad day on Belle today, had the "Tonyrefail Triad" aboard so there was bound to be banter, also they all fancy themselves as crooners (being very Working Men's Club oreintated) I am subjected to the odd burst of some 60's hit whenever one of them catches a fish.
We had a few bream & the usual huss & dogs & a lone scad? The wind increased about 12:00 coinciding with the start of the ebb, which made the crests start to break, so time to head for the Swansea side of the Cherrystones.
Fished the channel Swansea side of the lighthouse & had a gurnard & a few more dogs so headed home early, just in time to catch a flotilla of yachts trying to lock in, I SAY NO MORE! Looking forward to Sunday (except the lock in again)
Skipper Vic
Oystercat fishing trip

Wednesday 18 July 2018
Skipper Dean Gifford

Fairly slow start on this evening trip, but finished reasonably well with lots of different species:

Few bream, hounds, some nice huss (one on a pink sidewinder), poor cod, dab, conger, dogs, baby tope, scad, lots of bass and a nice codling which drop of when being lifted in.

Nice to have all the rods being hooked into bass at the same time... even if you have to put them back!

Skipper Dean.

Phil Bowen - Bass
Dorian Harris - Bass
John Crow - Bass
Dorian Harris -
John Crow - Hound
Oystercat fishing trip

Saturday 14 July 2018
Skipper Richie Pearce
Slow start to the day but had a few nice bream and smoothhound to 10lb.

Steve Absalom had a lovely thornback of 12lb 6oz. best fish of the day. Then we had 8 keeper bream, a few more smoothhounds.

Came back from Oxwich and in the afternoon searched for the elusive mackerel - none found.

Huge tide - huge tidal flow - wind picking up all afternoon.
Not the best of days but I think a happy group of fishermen - they were well fed and watered - sausage cooked together with onions cooked in butter - teas and coffees provided all day !!
Nigel Ellerton 
Steve Absalom - 12lb 6oz Thornback ray
Steve Absalom - Smoothound
Ron Phillips - Smoothhound
Ron Phillips - Smoothhound
Mumbles Belle fishing trip

Saturday 14 July 2018
Skipper Vic Lilygreen
Poor day for Belle by our standards, the current firstly put us off going to Langland, & the freshening wind added insult to injury. We fished Strombus on the ebb & caught LOADS of pouting, & 1 solitary keeper bream (the rest were undersize & returned) Livio caught an unidentified goby/blenny which went back by being shaken off. We headed into the shelter of the lighthouse out of the wind, & had a few dogs & a red gurnard & Mal caught another small bream. We decided to end the day with a drift across the bay for plaice/dabs, & within afew seconds John Jones caught a nice school bass which raised our hopes, but with wind/tide/water clarity/speed of drift being perfect we didn't have another bite? Better luck next time men.
Skipper: Vic Lilygreen
Oystercat fishing trip

Monday 9 July 2018
Skipper Phil Gavey
The Oystercat trip today was very slow and not much to write home about about.  Lovely weather, good company, all the fishing marks were easy to access, but no fish to photo. With the exception of John France who struck again with a 17lb smooth hound..
Skipper Phil Gavey
John France - 17lb tope
So good we took twice
Oystercat fishing trip

Saturday 7 July 2018
Skipper John Elvins
For the Oystercat trip today the conditions could not be better, but after near 3 hour of trying to find the elusive mackerel (5) we ventured out to try for some tope.
Two was all we had for our efforts. Also huss and conger top man today was John France (he needs to get out more).
Skipper John Elvins
Nigel Davies - Tope

John France - Conger eel
John France - Bull Huss
John France - Tope
Oystercat fishing trip

Wednesday 4 July & Thursday 5 July 2018
Skipper Dean Gifford
With skipper Mark Thomas being out of action I moved some stuff around to take his trip Wednesday (4 July) evening; the weather was poor when we left the pier heads but as forecast it came good in the end!
Fishing was steady with 20 or so bream to 2lb, a few chunky codling, pollack, smooth hounds, bull huss, baby tope, mackerel and dogs.
Todays trip Thursday (5 July) was much of the same species wise but we also had a load of small bass, poor cod, dab and conger!
Wind picked up at lunch time so had an early finish.
Skipper Dean Gifford

John France - 5 fish
Carl Rosser - 2 fish

Dean Gifford - multiple catch of the day
Jon West - Bream

Neil Wilson - Tope

Dean Gifford - Bream

Carl Rosser - Smooth Hound
Phil Bowen -  Bream
Oystercat fishing trip

Wednesday 4 July 2018
Skipper John Elvins
John France - Bull Huss
Nigel Davies -
Oystercat fishing trip

Sunday 17 June 2018
Skipper Dean Gifford
Weather kept us inshore on the Oystercat today. We found a few fish but other than hounds the sport was bit slow.
We had small bass, black bream, lots of hounds, a few dogs and a gilthead bream, also we could see garfish around the boat at different times of the day but we didn’t fish for them.
As the fishing was just ok and weather was poor we came back in early before the lock closures.
Skipper Dean.

John France - (Gilthead Bream) breaming marvelous
John France Gilthead Bream-closeup
Richie Pearce breaming
Richie Pearce with bream2
 Smoothhound for Dean Gifford
Belle fishing trip

Friday 15 June 2018
Skipper Vic Lilygreen
Swells kept Belle this side of the Cherrystones this morning, even positioning on the Strombus was awkward with wind over tide. Managed to do it after a fashion ,but decided after a while to do a drift for flats & had the same problem with that! So we went to the "Blin Hole" where they marmalised the hounds, John France accounting for 10 plus, & most others getting enough to make them thoroughly sick of them by low water. We did also manage a conger about 8lb for a change, & the inevitable growlers. "New Start" Peter James managed a lovely male bream, & got dragged around the stern for ages without seeing the fish (obviously another big smoothie) before the hook snapped on the bend. Set off home at 16:30 after an "average day" for us, because of the few table fish landed, "Next time Rodney"
Skipper Vic
Champion hounds man - John France
Belle fishing trip

Saturday 9 June 2018
Skipper Vic Lilygreen
Lumpy day on Mumbles Belle.
It started off lumpy, & got lumpier as we rounded Mumbles Head, & when we passed the Tutt it got even lumpier lol. Brian on William James (our partner boat) got as far as Whiteshell before turning back, & we followed suit, it would have been too uncomfortable to sit it out at Langland.
We came back over the Cherrystones & it eased enough for us to anchor on "The Strombus" & we had a good selection of critters throughout the day, Hounds aplenty, wrasse, pouting, dogs, & a couple of very nice sized bream.
I decided we would have a few drifts when we tried to reposition on the Strombus,  a Warrior 165 got in behind us & spoiled it for us. We tried drifting with the tide but got pushed against it by the wind.
Livio caught a very nice dab & a few more were missed (when will they learn to give line when you have a bite on the drift) & we had a couple of dogs.
Set off for home at 4.30 after another very nice day afloat.
Attached is a photo of John Jones (aka Uncle Albert" with one of his several ballans, nicely done John.
Skipper Vic
Alfred John Jones with one of many ballan wrasse he caught
Oystercat fishing trip

Wednesday 6 June 2018
Skipper John Elvins
On this Oystercat trip we trotted off to Oxwich and tried for nearly 2 hours to catch some sort of bait fish.
One Gurnard and nought else was forthcoming at all. With plenty of frozen bait we set off for our tope target.
ONE was the result, well done Ron Phillips, a PB, and his first tope. Then a couple of nice huss and one thornback. After lunch we shot over to Langland.
More Huss and a 13.5lber for Ron again, 5 bream and a good few smoothies, dogs and a pollack.
Weather good sea state fair.  Where are those mackies eh.
Skipper John
First tope for Ron Phillips
Bull Huss forLes Chapman
Re gurnard for Nigel Davies

13.5 lb bull huss for Ron Phjillips
Smoothhound for Peter Elliott

Smmoothhound for Ron Phillips

Smoothhound for Les Chapman
Bream for Peter Elliott

Smoothhound for Phil Bowen
Bull huss for Phil Bowen
Bull huss for Ron Phillips
Belle fishing trip

Saturday 2 June 2018
Skipper Vic Lilygreen
Poor day on Belle today
Diffusers nothing, Green Grounds only dogs, drifting for plaice nothing (except George catching his first ever smoothound which turned out to be a bass lol).
Drifted off Rams Tor nothing, anchored off Bobs Cave only dogs so came home.
Skipper Vic
bass for George Brincatt
Oystercat fishing trip

Sunday 3 June 2018
Skipper Dean Gifford
Good day aboard the Oystercat, our original plan was to head up east but as there was just 4 of us onboard we decided to save a bit on the fuel and stayed local.
We had 20 or so black bream, 6 bass to 5lb 10oz, loads of hounds to 15lb 8oz, huss, pouting, pollack, garfish, scad and a couple of dogs.
Weather was great, if not a bit hot! Still no mackerel though!
Skipper Dean.

Jason Dennis - Bass

Paul Eaton - Smoothhound

Paul Eaton - Bream

Richie Pearce - Bream
Jason Dennis - Garfish
Dean Gifforb - Bream
Richie Pearce - smoothhound
Jason Dennis - Bream
Dean Gifford - Bass
Paul Eaton - Smoothhound
Oystercat fishing trip

Monday 28 May 2018
Skipper Dean Gifford
A productive day at Lundy today.
We had a few bass on the way down, then reasonable numbers of pollack (biggest 8lb 12oz to Richie Pearce) along with a few whiting, pouting, haddock, launce and grey gurnard thrown in too.
Hundreds of dolphin west of the island; they stuck with us all day!
Skipper Dean.
Pollack for Livio Apajee ?
Pollack for Colin Breen

2 Pollacks - Richie Pearce, John Bevan
Three Pollacks - John Bevan, Nigel Davies, Colin Breen
Four pollacks - Brian Mason, Colin Breen, John Bevan, Nigel Davies
Oystercat fishing trip

Wednesday 23 May 2018
Skipper John Elvins/Mark Thomas
Today's target was early tope but the South Easterly wind put the kybosch on that plan, so, we headed into Oxwich to fish calmer waters and positioned ourselves right on top of the wreck.
Fishing was very slow with just a handful of tiny pollock and wrasse, until Brian White, who is now known as the silent assassin, landed a monster ballen wrasse weighing in at 4lb 6oz and striking colours!

We then try to get out to the tope Mark but it was just too uncomfortable so we headed for Langland as a rumour was going around that the bream had landed... but only a few bream type bites were felt.
The tide turned and some better fish came on the feed, we had some big huss and some nice smooth hiounds. The wind dropped away and the temperature rose nicely.

Unfortunately, no target fish but a nice day had by all; you can see by the pics Phil Bowenl had a great day! and Nigel Davies not too bad.
Skipper John Elvins
From Brian White: Thanks for the day's fishing, great job and all the guys on the boat made me feel part of the club family again. Thanks all.
From skipper Mark Thomas: Pleasure having you on board Brian, a lot of jealous people in the club after that lovely wrasse.
Brian White - 4lb 6oz bllan wrasse

Nigel Davies - nice smoothhound

Nigel Davies - bullhuss
Phil Bowen - bullhuss

Phil Bowen - smoothhound
Phil Bowen - bullhuss

Phil Bowen - smoothhound
Oystercat fishing trip

Monday 20 May 2018
Skipper Richie Pearce

Well at least we got them out !!
Alltwen members have tried to get fishing for a while - today's weather was great and off we went.

Fished a number of marks with a slow return.

Couple of dabs
Grey Gurnard 
Dogs !

We saw 8 boats on the reef in Langland so thought we'd give it a go (maybe the bream were around)
Fished the ebb - quite a few bullhuss - no Bream !
Weather couldn't have been better but a quiet day fishing wise.

We had to come in early due to lock closures and the road around us was closed 4-8pm due to a triathlon 
I'm sure everyone enjoyed getting out



Billy Frazer with a bullhuss -  a shade under 7lb
Joe Lewis on his first trip on a boat catches his first Swansea Salmon
Oystercat fishing trip

Monday 14 May 2018
Skipper Richie Pearce

Skipper Richie and crew Simon Clark took the Cat to the SWIGG and Mixon fishing grounds searching for early mackerel, but nothing doing.
Then out to the Knoll and caught some decent dabs. Went to a couple of other marks in the bay didn't really make much of a catch.  Then into the moorings in Mumbles, did reasonably well caught dabs - wrasse - bullhuss and a thornback ray. The ray was  caught on a small hook with a tiny piece of lug worm.
Richie was the top angler.
Not a brilliant day but fish were caught and everyone had a great day 
Commodore Nigel Ellerton
Mumbles Belle fishing trip

Monday 14 May 2018
Skipper Vic Lilygreen
"Dogged to death"
caught hundreds between us, along with some hounds, pouting, a Ballan wrasse, a couple of dabs, but catch of the day went to me, with a 3.5lb lobster.
Phil Cryer did most of the catching (& the crewing), without hime it would have been a difficult day, thanks Phil, accept the lobster as a goodwill gesture.
Unfortunately, the boat was left in a bit of a state after the trip. Dirty bait boards, discarded bait containers, dirty rags & empty plastic bait bags tucked into buckets, discarded mono & braid left where it was dropped! 
If it continues, I will have to keep the anglers back until I am satisfied the boat is clean.
Skipper Vic
From the club
This your boat and not cleaning up after a trip is unacceptable. How would you feel if you arrived on board for a fishing trip and found it in such a state. The skippers are volunteers and it is not their job to clean up after a trip. No volunteer skippers no fishing trips for members. There is plenty of time to clean up on the way back to the marina, so we would appreaciate your co-operation in cleaning up after your fishing trip.
Club Secretary
Catch of the day - 3.5lb lobster
Phil Cryer - Smooth Hound
Phil Cryer - Smooth Hound
Phil Cryer - Ballan Wrasse
Oystercat fishing trip

Saturday 12 May 2018
Skipper Dean Gifford
Productive morning but afternoon was a bit slow. We ended the day with blondes to 12lb 4oz, hounds to 13lb 8oz, bullhuss to 12lb 8oz, thornbacks, spotted ray, pouting and a ton of dogs. Conditions up off aberthaw were good but it was a tad interesting coming back through the nash passage on the way back.
Skipper Dean.
Dean Gifford - Ray
John Bevan - Bull Huss

What a Smoothie Colton Jones

Mark Thomas - Ray

John Bevan Ray

John Bevan Ray

Pete Jordan& Dean Gifford with hounds
John Bevan- Huss, Dean Gifford - Ray

Dean Gifford - Ray
Oystercat fishing trip

Monday 7 May 2018
Skipper Dean Gifford
Few rays this morning, lots of dogs too; caught before lunch!

Skipper Dean.

Dean Gifford - Ray

Peter Mansell - Ray

Richie Pearce

David Gazzard ?

Phil Carroll with planted ray

Asun Nad Tom Sheterline - Nice rays
Oystercat fishing trip

Sunday 6 May 2018
Skipper John Elvins
Setting out from the 8.00am lockout we left the river in what was not so much a pea souper but a play doh. With only 40/50 meters visibility, it was time for Me to remember how to get the Radar to work. After a slow chug up the channel we opted to just sit out past the SWIG and wait for mist to lift. This we did and had 2hrs of dogfish for our trouble. so with the Radar working and the bratwurst gone we "went for it". The radar was showing something large sitting between the Mixon and Oyster ledges and there was a nice Honnnk every two mins from that area. Anchored up on ledges and wondered what size ship was alongside. At full tide heard engines start and an anchor being retrieved. When the fog lifted at 12.30 there was nothing there. Oh and the fishing report! not much to say other than lots of dogfish. Three Huss couple of Dabs one conger two smoothy one plaice and a pout also a hermit crab and whelk. best fish 11.5lb huss and 1.5lb plaice. Rissoles and frikadellen all gone we followed Derek(rescue ranger) into the river and even gave a yacht a tow out of the mud ourselves.
Skipper John

John Elvine 11.5ib bullhuss
Conger for Colton Jones
Plaice at 1,5 lb
Oystercat fishing trip

Saturday 5 May 2018
Skipper Dean Gifford
We had good day at Lundy today on the Oystercat.
Started a bit slow but ended with plenty of pollack, a few ballen wrasse, pouting, whiting and a ling.
We also had the pleasure of the company of a pod of dolphins that stayed with us for 3-4hrs while we were fishing.
A really enjoyable day!
Skipper Dean.
Great day - brilliant to see you all and good fishing! Looking forward to a fish supper for tea!  Matt Taylor
Great day's fishing, thanks Dean. Colin Breen

Pollack for Matt Taylor

Small ling for Matt Taylor
Polck for Dean Gifford
Belle fishing trip

Saturday 5 May 2018
Skipper Vic Lilygreen
No bream for us, not a sniff, we had lots of huss & dogs, some small whiting & pouting. On Langland Reef  we all fished hard with Wessex rigs but got no bream, we must still be early, they haven't crossed the Gulf Stream yet, it is thought they travel with the trigger fish, catch one & you catch the other. 

George landed a small conger, Kerry landed a codling, but of the target species there was no sign.

We drifted on the way back for pollack but nothing & eventually anchored in the moorings where we had more dogs & a couple of small dabs.

Catch of the day was a "rockling" caught by Sam (Keith James) who claimed it weighed a "stone".

Lovely day, boat went well, we all caught the sun somewhere, hopefully we have more days like that.

Skipper Vic
Stone Rockling caught by Keith James
Oystercat fishing trip

Sunday 29 April 2018
Skipper Dean Gifford
Another productive day on the rays today; we had 50 or so all together, a mix of small eye, blonde and spotted along with the occasional doggie.
Dean Gifford
Tate Lloyd
Pete Jordan

Tate Lloyd & Steve Cullen
Steve Cullen
Colin Breen
Tate Lloyd
Ciolin Breen
Nigel Davies
Mumbles Belle fishing trip

Saturday 28 April 2018
Not as a spectacular a day as Oystercat's, but we caught enough dogfish to keep us on speaking terms with the whelkers.
We had a lot of dabs (some of which were keepers), small whiting & pouting, & George missed "something big" on his sprat bait (which we reckon was a smoothhound).
Boat performed as she was expected to, new wheelhouse serves its purpose, so good to be back on the water ready for the bream, plaice & anything else that fits into a frying pan.
Skipper Vic
Oystercat fishing trip

Saturday 28 April 2018
A very productive day's fishing on the Oystercat. Weather was good to us.

Lots of nice dabs, Dogfish galore, a lone whiting and Few Gurnard.

Commodore Nigel caught the catch of the day with a very nice turbot, not a bad size from the Oxwich marks.
Tight line all round
Turbot for Nigel
Oystercat fishing trip

Saturday 21 April 2018
Skipper Dean Gifford
Productive day on the Oystercat today. A few rays started to feed as we were about to have brunch too! 
Fishing slowed up a bit, but we finished up with 40 and 50 rays between the 4 of us.
Mostly small eyeds but a number of blondes, thornbacks and spotted rays too, along with s lone conger, a smooth hound and some dogs!
Weather was good, not a bad way to spend a sunny Saturday!
Skipper Dean.
The rays have it for Neil Wilson & Colin Albert
Dean Gifford
Colin Albert
Neilr Wilson
Dean Gifford
Peter Jordan

Neil Wilson

Neil Wilson
Dean Gifford
Neil Wilson
Colin Albert

Oystercat fishing trip

Saturday 31 March 2018
Skipper Dean Gifford
Not sure how 4 Anglers can tangle each other so much.
Plenty of dabs feeding at the moment, we’ve just polished of the first round of Morrison’s sausage roll. Bacon and sausage to go on next.
Blustery but busy day, lots of dabs (most small but enough insize for Richy and John to leave with a bag full each), a few dogs and a lone whiting!
We ate like gluttons sausage rolls for breakfast, sausage sandwiches for lunch, mega meat sandwich for afternoon tea 
(bacon, roast pork, roast chicken & stuffing and roast beef) punctuated by Mc vities gold bars and chocolate covered Swiss rolls as well as plenty of tea, coffee and cup-a-soups to keep the cold out!
Sea state was lovely, fishing was good, company was great - not a bad way to spend a Saturday.
Skipper Dean
Richie Pearce two timing dabs

Sauages for hot dog lunch

  John Bevan with double dabs
Meat feast - what a cook up
2 dabs Colin Albert
Mega neat sandwich afternoon tea

Oystercat fishing trip

Friday 30 March 2018
Skipper Dean Gifford
Another fairly unproductive day today. We tried a few wrecks west of Lundy; not too much seen in the way of marine mammals but lots of shearwaters, a few gannets and fulmars.
We had a dozen or so pollack to 7lb, a few pouring and 2 grey gurnard.
Hope the dabs play ball tomorrow!
Skipper Dean
Mark Thomas in on the Pollack
Richie Pearce top Pollack

Colin Breen -Pollack
Oystercat fishing trip

Sunday 25 March 2018
Skipper Dean Gifford
Really poor day aboard the Oystercat today, covered 50miles, fished 3 mid Channel wrecks for a grand total of 1 conger, 1 spurdog of 19lb 8oz and a dozen dogfish... conditions were just ok, food was good, thanks John E for catering but the heart burn is killing me! Ah well, there’s alway next time.
Skipper Dean
Jamie Breen 9lb 8oz spurdog
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Sunday 18 February 2018
Skipper Dean Gifford
Fairly sow day aboard the Oystercat today, a few whiting, dabs and dogs in the morning; a few whiting and strap congers in the afternoon - garlic bread went down well, but my first batch of frozen sausages all stuck to the pan causing the skins to split, all tastes the same in a sandwich though! The second batch faired much better.
Skipper Dean
Jamie Breen Conger and Tate lloyd Conger
Oystercat Fishing Trip
 Monday 18 February 2018
Skipper John Elvins

Seems no one really wants to go out in the cold. However 3 of us ventured out today to find some new marks off Port Talbot. after sonar checking back and for we assumed that someone had salvaged the Wrecks for scrap in PT steel works. with only one small whiting (promptly released attached to a hook) producing two thornbacks we had what could be called a very Dogged day. Crisp fresh and plenty of fresh air only thing missing......FISH
Skipper John
John Elvins Thornback 1
John Elvine Thornback 2
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Sunday 4 February 2018
Skipper Dean Gifford
A fairly slow day on the Oystercat today, lots of pin whiting, couple of spurs, couple of huss, dab and dogs. Came in before the lock closure so we could make it home before the rugby kicked off.
Skipper Dean.  
Dean Gifford got a Spurdog
Mumbles Belle Fishing Trip
Sunday 4 February 2018
Skipper Dean Gifford
Poorish day on Mumbles Belle today, plenty of undersize whiting & dabs, with keepers of both species few & far between. We chased the calm water from Green Grounds, to the "Blin Hole" & then into the moorings catching much the same everywhere. Peter Mansell was bad before we started, & got worse as the day progressed, how he vomited that often I dont know :DGeorge recorded a "Personal best" (seeing as it was only his second ever boat trip that wasn't too difficult) but he was delighted, & that pleases me. Looking for the next decent day to go again.
Skipper Vic
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Saturday 20 January 2018
Skipper Dean Gifford
Slow start to the day aboard the Oystercat today, maybe not helped by the seal feeding close to our chosen mark; once he left the fish came on the feed, only whiting (some nice ones) and dogs.
We headed off shore for low water, first drop we had a nice spur, followed by a couple dropped ones but the wind went from nothing to 20+mph in a few mins over slack water, which forced us back inshore.
Not much in there so called it a day early! Nice to be out, saw a few pods of porpoises feeding which is always great to watch!
Skipper Dean.
Nigel Davies - Spurdog
Jon West had few whiting
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Sunday 14 January 2018
Skipper Dean Gifford
Reasonable day aboard the Oystercat today; plenty of congers to 28lb 8oz, spurdogs to low teens, just a couple of dogs and a few huss approaching double figures - one that did a very impressive cod impression!
Skipper Dean.
Colin Albert doing the Conger
Alan Jones - spurdog
Congers for Dean Giffird and Colin Breen
Spurdog for Paul Eaton
Conger this time for Paul Eaton
New member Alan Jones caught a spurdog on first trip
Alan Jones having a good day - bullhuss now
Oystercat Fishing Trip
 Friday 12 January 2018
Skipper John Elvins
Great trip ...if you want to show people how different the world is 4 miles off pierheads!
Went out just before slack low water so thought we could hover over strombus to pick up anything that was there.
No chance a SE slop every 1.5 seconds kept the boat rolling side to side.
Reverted to plan, anchor just off the swig with the incoming tide and the SE should be hitting the port side/bow. This was ok for a couple of hours and some Dabs dogs and whiting were taken.
By then we were sitting nicely broadside into the SE swell with a bigger ground swell from the west every now and then slopping the sea all over the place.
With one *never been seasick* and one turning grey we called it a day. came back in Marina 11.30 lock conditions great there. Fresh air at least and as I say different world ....
Skipper John
Mumbles Belle Fishing Trip
Friday 12 January 2018
Skipper Vic Lilygreen
After the service the Belle was mechanically & electrically great, but the fishing was poor.
it must have been poor generally as most of the boats that were out were moving about, which is usually a bad sign.

We had keeper whiting but no jumbos, & plenty of dabs but no "dinner plate" specimens, weather was good until about 1200 then it lumped up so we went into Mumbles, where we had more of the same fishwise.

It was a very enjoyable day overall & I will be looking for another suitable day with a bigger tide next week.
One thing that was unusual was Peter Mansell's big toe sticking out of his orthopeadic boot? Is that his doctor taking the p**s? He claimed at one stage that he had frostbite in it .

Skipper  Vic
Oystercat Fishing Trip
 Sunday 7 January 2018
Skipper John Elvins
Poor day aboard the Oystercat today, a few strap congers and dogs up east this morning, lots of pin whiting, dogs and a few dabs closer to home; we finally managed a few insize whiting at the end of the day.

The wind kept it chilly all day but the sea state was comfortable enough inshore. Sorry again to the guys who were originally booked in but couldn’t make it after the change of plan; it was poor planning on my part, that said you didn’t miss much of note, other than fried spam sandwiches!

Skipper Dean
Jayson Whitehouse caught this whiting 7 January
Jon West caught this whiting from West Pier
Lovely morning in Southern Ireland 


Fishery Protection Unit out early
Some great fishing 3 miles out - however we are down to 8 two ill patients on board
Setting up
Commodore - I'm in charge
Going out to the fishing grounds
Dressed for action - Richie Pearce, John Bevan. Nigel Elleerton
Now for the catches - whiting
and crab
Doing It the Richie Pierce way 
Two whiting one dab and an edible crab on a three hook trace
The spoils of war ! - nice to take everyone's cash for the biggest fish of day !
Bella Vista at night
 Cobh at night
Sunrise day 2
A little bit more bumpy and wet today !

Forced back inside the bay - force 6-7 outside !
3 casualties before 11.  Not nice

Homeward bound - Wrexford
Wrexford Harbour
Hope that's not our ferry