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MMBFC is a Recreational Boating and Fishing Club

Originally established in 1952 utilising half a boat on the Mumbles promenade.  In 2007 it was designated a Community Amateur Sorts Club (CASC) with the purpose of promoting and facilitating the sport of angling from motor boats, the shore and inland waters of Mumbles and the surrounding area, and involving community participation in the same.

Hopefully, the following pages will be your guide to a good day's fishing in the sea at Mumbles and the surrounding areas.  As well as on-line news for local fishing we offer hints, tips and guides to help you with your fishing, along with advice from some of the Club's top sea anglers. We’ve got links to some great web sites and on-line fishing resources dictated to fulfilling the angling needs of our members. Before moving on here's what we mean by recreational/pleasure fishing.
Recreational Sea Fishing
Recreational angling is one of Britain's largest participant sports in which more than a million men, women, boys and girls take part. It has a long and interesting history from the ice age cave dwellers catching fish with a type of rod and line for food and sport, to today where the purpose is the same and the tackle a sophisticated version of the very old.
Fishing can be:
                 Exciting sport                         Very relaxing pleasure
                                Skill Full                        Very rewarding

Catch and Release your fish
We all know that our fish stocks are depleting at an alarming rate . So we recommend that, even though this is down to the individual fisherman, Catch and Release is adopted by all anglers . A freshly caught fish is wonderfully tasty but only take what you will eat . Protect the future for your kids, you know it make sense, take a picture and release it.

Leave it as you found it when fishing

There is nothing worse than rubbish and litter. We go angling to experience the great outdoors so always remove rubbish and take it home with you, even if its not yours. It makes sense - leave it litter and tackle free.
Anglers today have space age technology, navigation and weather aids, a great knowledge of where to fish, which local natural or artificial baits to use and electronic fish finders. It is a diverse sport and many local anglers have joined the Mumbles Motorboat and Fishing Club, they fish alone or with family and friends, from sand or shingle beaches, from rocks, piers, river estuaries and lots of fresh water venues. Many own boats or take the Club boats to anchor, drift or troll close to the shore or miles off the coast over wrecks. To all anglers fishing is a recreation, though some like the added spice of competing in Club events or open matches.

Angling is a fascinating sport. It is limitless in the variety that it offers, both in the number of species that can be caught and the methods that can be used. It is about understanding the way of the tides and species that swim beneath its waters. It is also an endless learning curve, as each day something will change. No two trips, either on shore or in a boat out at sea, are ever the same, and that above all makes it continuously challenging.

Everyone can learn to fish, it is also a great way to experience the out-of-doors.  The Club is here to ensure that the local angling community can enjoy their fishing and the full benefit that their activities can bring.  The Club its part in helping the local angling community enjoy their sport be it salt water or fresh water fishing.
Fishing competitions and events
The Club takes a less serious approach to its competitions which makes these events very popular with Club members. The fishing events at the Club can be very different, with the winning fish decided on weight, others by measure and return, specimens or biggest fish. Most events are not too formal, allowing anglers to fish where they like, but also together in group of friends or with a buddy. This more casual approach is less serious than the pegged events usually associated with serious open match fishing events. Members wishing to take part in these more serious fishing competition, many for charity, may do so in the PAKA events of which the Club is a member. Some events have limits or boundaries imposed within which to fish, but the great thing about our Club fishing is you can fish your chosen spot. As with all types of sport the reward for effort is success. Even in casual Club events some members will compete and make an extra effort to win. But, don't forget it is the element of luck that makes fishing a great sport for many, especially when the pensioner, junior or women can on occasions beat the hot shots. To try and keep everyone interested the Club provides a few optional prizes, such as for the largest fish, biggest dab, biggest species, lowest weight, and others which are more determined by chance. PAKA fishing competitions can be found by clicking here

Fishy  Poetry  (by Averil Owen)
  • The forecast is 'good' we set out in the boat

  • Warm Clothes are a 'must' and a waterproof coat.

  • We've all settled down - no better pastime

  • Out on the seas with an old rod and line.

  • The sleek mackerel shimmer - that's what they do

  • Their colour green-purple or is that a blue.

  • Thrown into the box along with the rest

  • The catch has been good - we really are blessed.

  • The skipper then shouts "there are rocks up ahead.

  • We'll have to change course - go westward instead!"

  • The rods are still bending, the haul has been big

  • The sea's getting choppy "grab hold of that rig!".

  • The chat and the laughter have somewhat died down

  • As we head for the shore and the lights of the town.

  • Our thoughts are of home and the treat that's in store

  • Lightly grilled mackerel - could we ask for more?