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Skippers are club members and volunteer to take members out fishing. They do not get paid. The boats are club members boats so please treat them as your own, helping out and keeping the clean.
Every skipper must be suitably qualified before setting sail, unsupervised, with anglers. All MMBFC skippers are qualified to the requirements as laid down by the Club and experience by the boats' insurance company.   Qualifications gained and skipper approvals must also have been sanctioned by the Club's Executive Committee.
All our skippers are experienced with an abundance of knowledge for keeping everyone happy and most of the time on the fish of all kinds,e.g. black bream, bull huss, cod, codling, coalfish, gurnard, mullet, plaice, pollack, pouting, blonde ray, spotted ray, thornback ray, smothhound, spurdog, tope wrasse, whiting.  The skippers provide plenty help with the fishing, if required, and will help to catch and land the fish. The skippers offer plenty of choices from full (12 anglers) boat fishing trips to small parties (4-6 anglers) and on most trips there is plenty of banter between the anglers, usually plenty fish and to boot an enjoyable day out.
 Dean Gifford (07817035735)
John Elvins (07840417875)
Richie Pearch (07763632989)
Vic Lilygreen (07814528082)
Phil Gavey (07860167478)
Mark Thomas(07808164019)
Simon Clark (07796275216)
Phil Hixson (07773330061)
Gerald Collier (07789274537)
Steve Bryant (07719997430)