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 Membership Application Forms
To enquire about or apply for membership on-line please complete the appropriate form on this page.
Our Membership Secretary will take action on receipt of the form and contact you as soon as possible, to progress your membership. At some stage you will be asked to provide a passport type photograph(s) and a cheque for the fees due.  Cheques to be made payable to Mumbles Motor Boat & Fishing Club.
Photo ID
The Club issues a Membership Card with your photograph printed on it.
You will need to show this card when boarding the Club boats for fishing trips,
and to obtain discounts from the participating tackle shops.
Please Note:
The information you provide will not be shared with any other party.  Personal data obtained from you is held and processed in accordance with all applicable laws and consistently for use only within the administration of the Club.  Details of all members are stored on an electronic database and a membership list is produced with the details provided.  A photo membership card is issued for ID purposes when using the Club facilities and concessions.
Temporary Membership Application Form
Temporary Membership is available for a period 14 days only. This could be used by visitors or members' guests to be able to accompany them on a fishing trip or guests using the Chalet could be temporary member should they want to go fishing on the Club boats.  Temporary Members should comply with the Club Rules at all times.  The application will be considered by the Club and the Club reserves the right to refuse an applicant.  Fishing trips on the Club boats will only be possible if there are places available, as priority is given to Full Members.

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>Before submitting please sign and date the form<

  Full Membership Application Form

Please complete the following details to apply for membership of the Club.
If a boat owner please provide details of your boat:
Please check the radio button that states your prefered type of fishing.

Please email your ID photo to if paying by bank transfer (phone 01792232843 for bank details). You can also pay by cheque and post with photo to MMBFC, 23 Hilland Drive, Bishopston, Swansea SA3 3AJ. Membership cannot be completed until the form, ID photo and fees have been received by the Club.
Please put your name in and date your application. Then click SUBMIT. (Please do not print this form) If you wish to use the paper application form go to the Membership Page and download the form.
See membership page for current fees
Why do we collect your data?

We process personal data for the following purposes: -

a. To provide our services to you.
b. Administering our membership records.
c. Maintaining our membership and fishing activities records.
d. Promoting the sport of boating and fishing.