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John Dowling caught this 37lb anglerfish on 21 July 2016  off a wreck over in Guernsey. He was fishing with bait for ling on board Ryan Casey's Meerkat Charters out of Weymouth. Not sure if it made the table.
Angler: Ben Creaser
Weight: 13lb 12oz
Tackle used: Abu suveran uptider, Avex SX, 30lb Power Pro, Redgill Blue/White.
Caught: 16 July 2016 from boat Fish Ardour a private boar out of Sandown Isle of Wight.
Ben said 'I hit into a fish which felt half decent from the start - as it neared the surface, struggled to get it out from under the boat & had a feeling it was a big fish, but as it surfaced realised it was a special one! On board we sometimes have the "is it - or isn't it" discussion before weighing a bass on whether it goes 10lb... This one was "that's well over 12lb!" - bloody huge fish, bringing the scales to 13lb 12oz - PB ! After a few snaps she went back and needed a calm down with my vapouriser'.
462lb halibut caught and released 31 August 2016 off Lofoten, Norway.
Length 246cm
Weight 209.7kg
Company: Nordic Sea Angling
Guide: Martin Johansson
Photo: Johan Mickelsen
One mighty fish on the flip side.
Mark Turner hooked this porbeagle shark and played it for over half an hour before Simon Shaw had to take over. The guys got it to shore, but couldn't lift it out! Estimated at over 150lb in weight.

Caught from the shore down West Wales on 21 July 2016

Danny Fitch caught this monster 242lb blue shark 30 July 2016 off Milford Haven. He was fishing on board Andrew Alsop's boat 'White Water'.
Lenght: 110-inches to the fork
Girth: 42-inch
Weight: 242lb
British Blue Shark Record
Said to be a British Record for this Thresher Shark weighing in at 368lb.  Caught and released 31 July 2016 by Nick Lane and A Warren-Short. They were fishing on board Daniel Hawkins' boat 'Reel Deal' out of Ilfracombe.
(The weight is in the girth and the Shark Trust gave the weight, based on the measurements).