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Fishing Mono Line Knots
Fishing Knots - Basics
Fishing knots are designed to be tied in monofilament line and to run through the eyes and rings of a fishing rod or rig. Fishing line is cheap. The emphasis, therefore, is on compactness and reliability with no interest in being able to untie them.

Choosing Your Fishing Knots

Some Knots are much better than others for joining lines of different materials or sizes. The following provides a short list of recommendations.
Better for joining mono line to braided
  • Albright. 
  • Nail Knot.  
  • Uni knot.   
  • Double surgeons.
Not recommended  for joining mono line to braided
  • Blood knot
Better for attaching braided line to lures
  • Palomar
  • Uni knot

Similar Knots

Many fishing knots serve almost identical purposes and are interchangeable. 
Attaching line to hook or swivel
  • The Improved Clinch.
  • Trilene.
  • Uni knot
Joining lines
  • Albright.
  • Blodd knot.
  • Nail knot.
  • Double surgeons
Attaching line to lure
  • Rapela.
  • Paloma.
  • Surgeons loop
Lubricating and Tightening

Fishing knots are intended to be pulled extremely tight before use. To ensure the knot tightens smoothly, and to avoid generating heat, the knot should be moistened with water first. The most conveniently available source of water is saliva - which is probably used more than anything else! When available, a better lubricant is vegetable oil.

 Trimming the Knots

The ends of most fishing knots can, and should, be trimmed closely against the knot. The best tool for the purpose is a set of nail clippers.

Breaking Strain:

Knots weaken a fishing line, be careful with the claimed breaking strength for some fishing knots can be suspiciously high. Supposedly, it varies with the number of turns used, and the number of turns is supposed to be adjusted to accord with the line diameter. It is worth remembering, testing shows that monofilament with a knot in its length breaks at about 50% of its ideal strength.

Ideal breaking strength is tested by winding each end around very large diameter drums. However, this is not the typical situation; in most cases fishing knots subject the line to sharp bends and kinks, which greatly reduces the breaking strain.

Therefore, in any knot where the line passes round itself, performance figures in excess of the 50 - 70 % range are best treated with critical scepticism. Testing your own line and your own knot with your own spring balance still provides you with the only data you can truly trust.

The only well-documented method of tying knots in monofilament and maintaining its strength involves threading the monofilament inside a dacron braid. The report claims that with this technique breaking strains of 90% of the ideal were achieved

Selection of knots you can use to get the best performance from your fishing line

Rapala Loop Knot

A non-slip loop knot intended to be tied directly to the lure. Provides a loop which allows the lure to move freely and natural.
y.Rapala Knot
Improved Clinch Knot
One of the most widely used fishing knots. It provides a good method of securing a fishing line to a hook, lure or swivel.
Improved Clinch Knot
Palomar Knot
A simple knot for attaching a line to a hook, or a fly to a leader or tippet. It is regarded as one of the strongest and most reliable fishing knots.
Palomar Knot
Double Uni Knot
The best knot for joining together two fishing lines of approximately the same diameter. This knot can be used with braided lines and mono-braided combinations.

Double Uni Knot
Animation of tying fishing knots.  There are more animation of knot tying at Grogs Click here

Tying Fishing UNI - KNOT Fishing Knot Knots

Fishing Knots  Doulble Swivel Fishing Knots Knot

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Plastic Coated Wire Leader Knot

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