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Mumbles Belle fishing trip - 4 November 2015 - skipper Vic Lilygreen
Dropped my rods over the side, put the kettle on, turned around in time to see one of them give a knock, & I pulled in a nice fat dab, then another, then another & in the end I had about 8 & a good gurnard, so that went into my "remember" brain.
Sat over this little feature, & once again the kettle went on (not to interfere with tradition). Sure enough the young lad's (Daniel Jenkins) rod rattled & he landed his first fish from a boat, albeit a growler he was delighted, & with his uncle (Roger Jenkins)  letting him land his as well he was in his oils. Then somebody had the first keeper whiting, followed by another & another so I made the measuring board prominent for all to use & fair enough they stuck rigidly to the MLS. Then we had a couple of nice fat dabs followed by a few more & a few more keeper whiting & an in size tub gurnard.
In the end we had more than a dozen in size dabs (& returned a few) same with the whiting, we retained the keepers & returned the undersized fish even though their only ambition seems to be to die once they have been touched, one good sized tub, & 3 wheelie bins full of growlers!  But it was comfortable, the rods kept on nodding, the youngster caught his first, growlers, whiting, & dabs on board Mumbles Belle, & no doubt he will come back, & so will his uncle. 

We packed up at 3.15pm & got back to the berth by 4.15pm right on time for his mother & father & sister waiting for him in the marina (fully expecting him to be green & miserable) instead they found him fit & well with a bag of fish for the frying pan.

Oystercat fishing trip - Oyster Ledges - 4 November 2015-Skipper John Elvins
               Nigel Davies 8lb Bull Huss                                  Tom Sullivan 12lb Bull Huss
John Elvins two Bull Huss each 11lb
Oystercat fishing trip to the marks of Nash, Aberthaw and Stout Point - Skipper Dean Gifford on 1st November 2015
Oystercat fishing trip to the marks of Nash, Aberthaw and Stout Point - Skipper Dean Gifford
Three blondes in a boat
         John Bevan caught his 1st Spurdog (17lb)                    John Elvins doing the conger
                      Nigel Davies blonde ray           John Elvins blonde ray, Nigel small conger
Three more blondes
Mumbles Belle fishing trip 20 October 2015 - Skipper Vic Lilygreen
Phil Cryer decided to join Mal Davies and I for a day of drifting, and it went well for us (despite Phil being stabbed by a Dragonet & bleeding all over the place). A good haul of plaice & dabs, and quite a few went back as they were "borderline", we will have them next year! :D

I have arranged to move Mumbles Belle from berth P29 to P18 (right on the end of the pontoon). We can motor in up the main channel turn around in a circle & come straight in onto the berth on out starboard side, facing ready to go out, avoiding the dreaded reversing in any wind. The only problem will be, that the prevailing wind & rain will be blowing into the stern, so I will make some sort of curtain to keep the worst of the weather out, yet ANOTHER project lol. 

What a catch - need I say anymore

Oystercat fishing trip 20 October 2015 - Skipper John Elvis
Three members went for a short trip to the east Oyster ledge marks
fished for 4 1/2 hrs in the last of the sunshine for October.
Photos to the right:
Nigel Davies caught his first double figure Bull Huss at 10lb
Nigel managed to get this one on to the boat which he caught on the ledges using a fresh fish head as bait.
Richard Pincott caught a Bull Huss weighing just short of 10lb using lug worm bait.
All three caught plenty of gurnard and small whiting.
                  Nigel Davies 10lb Bullhuss            Richard Pincott Bullhuss just under 10lb
Oystercay fishing trip 18 October 2015 - Skipper Dean Gifford
Fishing Nash Island
                         Mal Ruff Small-eyed Ray                       Dean Gifford Small-eyed Ray
Oystercay fishing trip 18 October 2015 - Skipper Dean Gifford
Fishing Aberthaw
              Dean Gifford Blonde Ray 11lb                          Mal Ruff Blonde Ray 11lb
Oystercay fishing trip 18 October 2015 - Skipper Dean Gifford
Fishing Aberthaw
                   Mal Ruff Blonde Ray               Pete Jordan Blonde Ray      Pete Jordan Conger 23lb
Oystercay fishing trip 18 October 2015 - Skipper Dean Gifford
Cod caught at Aberthaw                                       Bullhuss 6lb caught Aberthaw
                Mal Ruff cod of 5lb                                       Dean with 6lb BullHuss
John France fishing for catfish out in Ebro, Spain. Just 3 of his catches out of 72 he caught. [Eat your heart out Keith Rolfe]
                        63lb catfish                                                          90lb catfish
100lb catfish
Oystercat Fishing trip  Saturday 3 October 2015 - Skipper Dean Gifford
Dean Gifford 5lb+ Bass                                       John Bevan 5lb+ Bass
Richie Pearce 5lb+ Bass
Oystercat Fishing trip  Saturday 3 October 2015 - Skipper Dean Gifford
Dean Gifford and Colin Albert with small eyed rays
Nathaniel James with small eyed ray
Oystercat Lundy 26 September 2015. Skipper Dean Gifford
              Medium size pollack for Dean, John B & John E           Nathanial James
       Dean Gifford 6lb bass
Oystercat 27 September 2015 - Swansea Bay East. Skipper Dean Gifford
         Dean Gifford - small eyed ray                     Dean Gifford - smoothhound
               Dean Gifford - smoothhound                                        Nat. James smal eyed
Malcolm Ruff - Red Gurnard
Oystercat 31 August 2015 - Skipper Dean Gifford
                  Richie Pearce - Bass                                       Nathaniel James Gurnard
Dean Gifford - very nice bass
Oystercat 20 September 2015 - Skipper Dean Gifford
Kayak coming on-board      Colin Albert - Bullhuss                Pete Jordan - Bullhuss
        Dean Gifford - Bullhuss Pete Jordan                     Colin Albert - Thornback

Oystercat Fishing Trip 11 August 2015
      Nigel Davies 2.9lb Black Bream                       Nigel Davies 2 more Black Bream
             John Bevan 2.9lb Black Bream                        Ruben Harvey 5lb Smooth hound
Oystercat Fishing Trip 18 August 2015
        Josh Rosser 7.5lb Thornback Ray    Ray Bennett 2,5lb Black Bream
Fishing marks around Three Cliffs Bay
Evening fishing trip 12 August 2015 (Deep Purple boat)
                      Dean Gifford                                           Nathaniel James 
What a bass act 
Oystercat fishing trip 16 August (Dean Gifford skipper)
                 Jon Golding 5.5lb bass                             John Bevan 4.5lb bass
 Dean Gifford 6lb bass
Oystercat evening fishing trip 11 August 2015 (Skipper Dean Gifford)
                Luke Hayward with a nice 5lb bass            Skipper Dean Gifford in on the bass (3lb) act
Matt Taylor drinks to his 3lb bass catches

Oystercat evening fishing trip 11 August 2015 (Skipper Dean Gifford)
Luke Hayward 3lb bass, Lester Fulcher 4lb bass
Lee Kilbuern 3lb bass
We had fairly steady fishing over a 2 hours with 20-25 bass. All bar 4 were caught on sandeel, either live or dead reused ones. All but one bass was over 46 cm - most were between 50 and 62cm. 
Oystercat Fishing Trip to Lundy Saturday, 8 August 2015
(Skipper Dean Gifford and crewman Richie Pearce)
                     Lee Kilbuern Pollack                                      Richie Pearce Pollack
       Lewis Pearce Ballan Wrasse                                 Lewis Pearce Bream
Leee Kilbuern Cuckoo Wrasse
Colin Albert Cuckoo Wrasse and 4lb Ballen Wrasse

                   Stan John Pollack                                      John Bevan 2 Pollacks
Oystercat Fishing Trip 25 July 2015
(Skipper Dean Gifford and Crew John Elvins)
Skippers Dean Gifford and John Elvins took out 5 new members on a fishing trip while the weather was fairly good, the anglers included some members new to sea fishing. The trip was very educational, all the juniors and new members caught fish including, Junior Thomas Avo a nice 5lb thornback ray as his fist fish,  Spencer Avo a 6lb bull huss, Kevin Nicholls a nice 10.5 lb thornback ray to whet his appetite and Emma Squires had a few nice dabs to make her day.
 Spencer Avo (left) 6lb bull huss and skipper Dean Gifford        Kevin Nicholls 10.5lbthornback ray

                Thomas Avo (left) 5lb tornback ray and skipper Dean giving a helping hand
John France caught these on a charter boat trip out of Weymouth at the end of June 2015
                    Bull Huss at 13lb                                               Plaice at 4lb 4oz


Turbot at 10lb 4oz

Oystercat fishing trip Monday, 29 June 2015
29th June saw a chance after a wild Sunday for the Oystercat to get out with members old and new.
New members Lynn Rees had a personal best Bull Huss at 5lb and Nigel Davies had a thrill with a smooth hound of nearly 10lb.
               Lynn Rees 5lb Bull Huss                                     Nigel Davies 10lb Smoothhound
Whilst John Bevan had a nice 1.75lb bream which was topped by Fish of the Day a 2.6lb bream to one of the Oystercat Skippers Richie Pearce.
      John Bevan 1.75 Black Bream                                      Richie Pearce 2.6lb Black Bream
Oystercat fishing trip Saturday, 20 June 2015
Ben Mordecai (left) with the first tope                          Skipper Dean Gifford and tope
Oystercat fishing trip Saturday, 20 June 2015
John  Golding and Bass weighing about 5lb
Oystercat fishing trip with skipper Dean Gifford 13 & 14 June 2015
Dean Gifford (left) and  John Bevan

Nathaniel James (left) first ever tope  and with John Golding
Nathaniel James (8lber) and Nigel Ellerton (right) just bassing around
50 to 60 bass 4 to 8 lb were caught. 3 bag take limit was observed
John Golding and Lee Kilbuern 

Sean Evans with his first ever tope, 36lb
12 tope caught 15 to 20 lb and Sean's 36lb whopper.  All returned alive and well
Oystercat fishing trip 7 June 2015
Skipper dean trying to have a photo taken to show off the blue colourings of this male bream
Peter Jordan caught a very nice bass
Nathaniel James bagged a cool lobster
Nigel Ellerton in with the bass
Oystercat fishing trip to Sker Point Sunday,22 March 2015

The very big tides restricted where we could go, but I had a plan to make the most of the tides. We left early at 7am and used the last of the flood to take us up to Sker. On the last trip there we didn't have too many dogs, but the slight increase in water temp has seen them move back inshore.
A couple of hours fishing saw 3 codling, 1 little conger and lots of dogs coming aboard. I did loose what I'm 90% sure was a bigger cod but there's always the one that got away!!

As the tide reduced in strength we moved offshore to a wreck, after re-charting the wreck we dropped the anchor but we were a little too close, so reset again but found our selves over a plate or something. The main body of the wreck was 45-50ft back in 30ft of water but we still hooked a load of eels that found the plate and snapped us off.

Conger were in the wreck but wouldn't budge them. I had one to the surface but it decided it wanted another run and made it back to the bottom.

As soon as I could I shorten up by 20-25ft and this saw us managing to get a few of them in the boat. This was really fun fishing as we were in such shallow water. Plenty of eels were coming up, most between 12-25lb. I got one on each rod at one point. I was lucky the 2nd one just swam around rather than heading back for the wreck - tried to get a good photo of them together but couldn't get them to behave.
When we swung off the wreck we moved back inshore to a deeper area of mixed ground to finish the day. Here we found tons of dogs and bull huss, but also a few thornbacks to 10lb, codling, a few more congers to 17lb or so and a single whiting.

We called it a day at 4:30pm and back in the locks for 5pm, John was doing the catering so we were well feed all day!! Conditions were lovely also!


Dean Gifford, Nigel Ellerton fishing on board Lady Jue 15 March 2015

The locks in Swansea Marina were closed for maintenance so I took the chance of heading up to Cardiff aboard Lady Jue. The trip was just my self and Nigel Ellerton along with boat skipper Rob, the weather forecast as poor with ENE winds gusting 20mph plus. The main objective was to get out there and have a few hours relaxing fishing. We boarded The Lady at 7am and headed straight over to Aberthaw as the shore offered plenty of shelter, even so we had plenty of wind chill so Rob kept our spirits high with plenty of hot tea and sausage sandwiches.

Dogs were first to show, followed by a ray that found a whiting that got hung up on my black lug and squid bait. The whiting came off 2nd best!!
Nigel was missing a lot of bites on the back of the boat, but once he got his eye in he nailed a few nice codling, all on sandeel.

As the day progressed we headed up to finish the day off Sully. I thought I'd had a nice big blonde ray but turned out it was another thornback which was punching above its weight.

After a few more dogs and thornbacks we called it a day around 4:30pm - Really enjoyable day and that night was the first night in about 6 weeks where I'd slept more than a couple of hours!! Could have had something to do with digesting a seemingly endless supply sausage and bacon sandwiches, minted lamb chops and cream cakes!!
Oystercat fishing trip Sunday, 15 February 2015
Skippers: John Elvins & Dean Gifford
Fishing was very slow when fishing around the inshore mark at Sker. We then moved to deeper waters where 4 small conger were caught and 8 different species, if we include Mashal's catch of a "J cloth". These included, pouting, whiting, codling, conger, spur dog, rockling and Swansea trout.
The photos show Marshal and the three bearded rockling, Adrian 'the cod' Rippon, four others were caught, Daron Lawry with a small cod he seems to be strangling, and John Elvins with a nice spur dog caught in between kitchen duties.
        Adrian Rippon showing off his nice cod                                       Daron's lively cod
Skipper John Elvins on his escape from the cooker caught this spur dog
Marshal Mainwaring delicately handling his 3 bearded rockling

Oystercat fishing trip 2 February 2015 - Skipper John Elvins/Richie Pearce
                          Richie Pearce caught a coding around 3lb and a whiting at 2lb 8oz

Oystercat fishing trip 2 February 2015 - Skipper John Elvins/Richie Pearce

Victor Lilygreen caught a 3lb 12oz codling
  Oystercat 24 Jan. 2015 Photos
Codling on display
Oystercat 24 Jan.2015 – Skipper Dean Gifford

In winter big tides are always earmarked for cod fishing. Normally I prefer to run off a little way and sit behind the sand and rock banks outside the swigg but unfortunately the residual swell looked as if it would make things a little uncomfortable.
7 of us boarded around 8:15am - lazy lock as High Water at 8:50am would have had us swinging on the anchor if we'd gone any earlier. Also getting the boat ready was a far less rushed affair - engines running and cooker fired up before anyone arrived.
We started the day on an inshore wreck - other than a few dogs and pin whiting not a lot happened in here, some really violent takes were just not hooked, I'm guessing these were wrasse tearing at the baits.
I'd planned to go around the corner to Langland - but the Cherry Stones were 'lively' so dropped in on the base of a fairly gradual slope. The tide was ripping here and fishing was quiet until the tide began to ease.
We had a few codling to 3lb 8oz, whiting to 2lb, some very well conditioned dabs and not too many dogfish. I also had a conger on a size 6 hook with a little bit of frozen black lug fishing for dabs.
Don't get me wrong, we didn't set the world alight but far worse ways to spend a Saturday. 
Nice to see the big whiting are still about - still thick across the back, would appear feeding is reasonably good for them at the moment.

Oystercat 19 January 2015 Photos
                             Richie Pearce with 3lb whiting                               Stan John with 3lb whiting
Oystercat 19 January 2015 Photos
                                      Ray Bennett with whiting around 3lb
Cod Comp Photos:
 Paul Eaton (left) 3lb 8oz codling for 18th position prize & Nigel Ellerton with nice codling

Cod comp 4 Jan 2015

Along with many other Swansea based boat fishermen, the week or so running up to the cod comp was spent watching pressure charts and differing forecasts trying to predict if the comp was likely to go ahead or not, so the necessary bait and tackle can be sorted.

Thankfully the forecast was good enough for the comp to go ahead, 6:40am Sunday saw me arrive at the boat to find everyone had already arrived and set up, all that was left was to slip the ropes and join the flotilla of boats ready to exit the Tawe lock. 

Still dark we crept up through the pier heads and followed the stream of 'Running Lights' heading South East towards Sker. I'd hoped to fish on top of a lump of rock that often yields a few codling and large numbers of smooth hounds in the summer, but found it was already occupied. I searched around to try and get on another feature further up the line but that was also taken.

I had to fall back on fishing a little way off the rock in a small gully that runs along with the tide. After a few dog fish we Saw the first few codling of the day, mainly small but a good sign. Paul and Nigel picked up a few fish that were over 3lb so at least we had something worth weighing.

As the tide strength weakened the fishing slowed up with only doggies taking the worm baits. Unfortunately we'd had problems with the cooker all morning, I finally got it working around slack water, teas were welcomed and sausage sandwiches more so by the near frozen crew on the port side of the boat.

When the tide turned, my side got the cold easterly wind - with not many fish of any type coming on the flood, the cooker again giving up the ghost and swell and chop combining making it pretty sloppy. The next few hours were pretty bleak.

I decided we'd call it a day around 4pm, which was welcomed by all; this meant we'd make it back with plenty of time to clean down and make the weigh in also would mean we'd be able to travel at 17-18kts in day light instead of 10 or so once it got dark.

A few of us attended the weigh in, it was nice to see all the prizes satisfied. From talking to a few people it was clear most fared fairly similarly to us with a few codling in the morning, then a pretty slow afternoon. We ended the day with 10 codling, biggest being 3lb 8oz caught by Paul Eaton, this got him 18th place. Not exactly the nicest day to be afloat but glad we got something in the prizes!