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 Choosing soft plastic lures
A fishing lure is a type of artificial fishing bait which is designed to attract a fish's attention. The lure uses movement, vibration, flash and color to bait fish.  So which to choose.
Tip #1 - Talk to the skipper
S/He might be able to point you in the right direction for that area at that time of year.
Tip #2 - Sidewinders vs Redgills, when to use each which? 
  • TideSidewinders tend to need a less tide to get them working, so if the drift speed is over 1.5kts knots switch to a redgils, Tsunami Tazers are also a good option for when the tide is over 1.5knots. 
  • Damage to lure: If there are a lot of fish there and feeding well it's worth changing to a redgil as they're tougher and will last longer.  Again, Tsunami Tazers are tougher than redgils, so can be a good option if your sidewinders are getting trashed; with that said, they're not as supple as the sidewinders so the action isn't as fluid at low speeds.
  • Bait size:  If the fish are being finicky - switching to a small redgil can sometimes get a few fish, not always small fish too, big fish can take tiny lures.
Tip #3 - Size:  4inch lures will normally out fish the 6inch version; unless you're going on the wrecks and expecting big fish stick to the smaller lures.
Tip #4 - Colour:  Colour is very much species dependent.
  • Bass:  Colour pallet - Light & natural colours. Regils: Pearl white, blue and white.  Sidewinders:  White, blood head white, mackerel pattern. Tasers:  Cutthroat pearl - with the black spot.
  • Pollack: Colour pallet - Dark or Dark + Light tail.  Redgils:  Solid black, Black and Red afterburners
  • Cod: Colour pallet - Bright. Redgils: Bubblegum pink, orange. Sidewinders: Bubblegum pink, orange, Rhubarb and Custard
Tip #5 - Amount: When buying lures, always get 2 packs; you never know when you'll find a colour or size that's working better than anything else - nothing worse than running out of them just as the fish switch on!
  • Check with the skipper first!
  • For pollack - Red and Black redgils in 4inch
  • For Cod - Bubblegum Pink redgils in 4inch. pink sidewinders, rhubarb and custard sidewinders 
  • For bass - white or bloodhead white sidewinders, pearl or blue and white redgils. Cutthroat pearl tazers.
Just get 4inch lures.
Regill - sandeels originals
Redgill bubblegum pink
Sidewinder sandeel rhubarb & custard
Redgill Rig