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 Shore fishing trip
Sunday 28 December 2014
PAKA Christmas Cracker
Fishing for Pleasure
18 anglers fished from SA1 fishing club, MMBFC, and Cwavon SAC. 70 fish were caught  including Turbot, Flounder Dabs and Whiting. Stan John MMBFC won the £50 pot with a 39cm Flounder. 2nd was Junior James Bibb with a 36cms Flounder and joint 3rd were Martyn Wilde and Martin Bibb with 35 cm Flounder.

James Bibb caught a 36cm Flounder
Alan Duthie Floundering on Aberavon Beach
Boat fishing trip
Monday, 29 December 2014
Oystercat skipper John Elvins took members boat fishing off  Morfa beach to try for Cod but the Dogfish were in abundance.  So skipper John moved Oystercat over to Sker point.  This proved a good move as Daron Lawry and Clive Jones hit cod straight away, Daron caught a conger but new member Paul Applegee won the day with a 7.5lb Conger. All the anglers thanked skipper John for the wonderful day and the copious amounts of tea and coffee as well as breakfast rolls he provided.
Awaiting photos
Oystercat fishing reports for 15 & 16 December 2014
Report by skipper Dean Gifford
Weather, work commitments and being in the process of buying a house has meant I’ve not had a massive amount of free time for fishing recently, and when I do have a spare few hours often the weathers pants!
I’ve got this week off, luckily Monday and Tuesday both gave reasonable forecasts so I put my name down to take out a trip on Monday and put my name down to join another trip on Tuesday, as it turned out I ended up skippering that one too which was fine with me.
Forecast was for a reasonable residual swell and moderate wind dropping off as the day went on. We made our way through the marina out through the pier heads out to a mark that often provides good mixed general fishing at this time of year.
Just after sunrise Paul Eaton had a nice chunky codling of around 3lb followed by another about at 4lb.
Reasonable numbers of small whiting, dabs, dogs, pouting and poor cod coming to everyone else on-board. As high water approached we moved out to a deep water trench where often we find more larger fish like eels, spurs, cod and rays as well as very big whiting but all we found here were dogs, and with a beam on swell of a few foot it wasn’t the most comfortable fishing.
The ebb had gained enough strength to warrant moving to the final mark of the day, again a mark that provides good general fishing but is most noted for its large whiting, within a few minutes of being on this mark the whiting began showing themselves, often coming to baits presented well above the sea bed; many of them were small but we had a few over 1lb 8oz which is a nice table fish.

Victor Lilygreen and a nice whiting


Oystercat fishing reports for 15 & 16 December 2014 Cont...
John Bevan fishing a large squid bait attracted a nice 9lb thornback, while going to get the scales to weigh that fish my rod arched over.  I expected it would be the little male that often goes around with the larger female thornback but turns out it was a little strap of around 7lb – interestingly taken on an inch or so of frozen black lug on a size 4 hook fishing for dabs.
As the afternoon got towards early evening the wind dropped and sea state was lovely and flat, it really was a pleasure to be out there.
Clive Skidmore finished the day with a lovely small eye ray of 4-5lb.
We got back to the marina for the 4:30pm lock, quick wash down and ready for another trip in the morning.
With the sea state forecast to be better than the day before I planned on heading straight to where we finished the day before as it would be nice to see a few more big whiting. We weren’t disappointed with a few smaller whiting coming in first eclipsed by Stan's (John) 2lb 2oz whiting, quickly followed by a codling a couple of ounces smaller.
The day continued with plenty of whiting many small but reasonable numbers between 1lb and 2lb along with dabs, dogs, pouting and poor cod.
Oystercat fishing reports for 15 & 16 December 2014 Cont...
Often the mark fishes best on the ebb so really I was waiting for the ebb to start – unfortunately with the wind increasing and a very small tide it took us an age to turn on the anchor. Finally around 2:20pm we were able to get the anchor up and sit on the steep slope where I expected to find a few more whiting. Unfortunately we only had a couple of bigger whiting here – if I'm honest i expected a lot more but that's fishing.
Richy Pearce lost a nice eel on the surface of around 15-17lb.
Stan John soon after boated one of around 5lb.
That concluded the fishing for the day – again we got in for around 4:30pm, after cleaning down we tied the boat up nice and snug ready for the bad weather that's going to come the rest of this week.

In all a nice couple of days fishing, looking forward to getting out on some bigger tides to get the big whiting in larger numbers.


Oystercat 7-9-14 Skipper Dean Gifford

The tides very much jumping up in size at the moment as I was planning another Sunday trip out on the Oystercat for bass. I had a wedding to go to Saturday so spend the day fueling up and getting all the gear ready before leaving the boat late giving my self only 30mins to get ready before having to head out.

On Sunday morning we picked up 4lb of live eel from Swansea Tackle and Bait, managed to just catch the first out lock at 7am and made our way on the Oystercat down to the first bank of the day.
Our first drift saw a nice fish coming to John Golding, we had a few here most of which were a good size, but the shoal seemed to be moving around a lot so we only picked up one fish per drift.

We moved to a near by bank and found some smaller fish shoaled up but again they quickly moved off, not sure if they're skittish as that bank has a lot of activity or they were following bait. As it was getting late in the ebb so we made our way south west offshore to a large bank that can fish well, we arrived at the same time as a local commercial boat but neither of us had anything there.

Low water slack saw us sitting on top of the Helwick Bank catching lots of weavers, the odd dab and doggie. This gave a chance for us to have a cup of tea and some lunch before heading back offshore to try the bank I'd earmarked for the flood.

Once the tide had built enough we joined the 2 commercials already working the offshore bank and were quickly into fish. Fishing was pretty steady for the next few hours with a fish or two coming on most drifts. By 3:30pm we'd ran out of eels, we tried one last bank on the way home using shads where we found a couple of fish but no where near as effective as we were with the live eels.

We arrived back at the lock at around 6pm. In total we had about 45+ bass up to 4lb+ mainly in the 3lb bracket though. Interestingly a number of these fish had baby whiting still in their mouths alive so that's obviously what their feeding on at the moment.


Bassing the banks
Good tide and good weather saw me organising a half day in work today. Oystercat was out in the day with another skipper, so 7 of us huddled eagerly around the berth waiting for the big blue bus to come through the swing bridges so we could load up and head out. After picking up 4lb of eel from Swansea Tackle and Bait we pushed down the Gower coast to the bank I wanted to fish. We got there and joined 2 boats already there.
We were bang on high water so had to contend with the battle between wind and tide for the drift of the boat. Only a few doggies were picked up over this period, as soon as the tide built enough to give a straight drift we picked up the first few bass, but we were only getting 1 per drift. So I moved us over to another part of the bank about 0.4miles away. Luckily the other 2 boats had long gone so I slowly motored over the spot I wanted to drift and saw 3 reasonable shoals of fish on top of the peak so hopes were high. The first drift saw 3 bass landed and a couple of stolen eels and missed bites.
This rate of fishing continued until the last drift around 8:40pm (so we could make it back for the last lock). I was tempted to stay out on the outer pontoon and shoot off for first light but with a forecast of winds up to 20mph and wind over tide I decided against it. Unfortunately, the forecast didn't come to being and it would have been reasonable conditions out there. Oh well, can only go on the forecast.
We had 20 or so bass in about 2hrs so not all bad, most between 40 and 44cm but a few bigger ones also, so everyone had a few fish to take home. Sorry for the lack of pictures but as it was such a short session we couldn't waste any time on the drift.
Skipper Dean Gifford
Dean Gifford - Lundy Cuckoo Wrasse
Richard Pincott - Luindy Pollack 4lb
Dean Gifford - Lundy Pollack 6lb 8oz
John Bevan - Lundy Pollack 5lb 8oz
John Elvins _ Lundy Pollack 4lb 8oz
The bass family - Dean Gifford, Luke Hayward, Carl Hayward
Carl Hayward- Bass
Nathaniel James- Bass
Ty Scott- Bass


Richie Pearce
Luke Hayward - Bass
Dean Gifford Ballan Wrasse

Tight lines from 5 June 2014
Daron Lawry
Tight lines from 5 June 2014
John Hart
Tight lines from 5 June 2014
Marley Covelli
Oystercat fishing off Oxwich 29 May 2014
Huw Jones 2lb black bream
Oystercat fishing off Oxwich 29 May 2014
Ray Bennett 4.5lb small eyed ray
Oystercat fishing off Oxwich 29 May 2014
Lewis Pearce 1lb plaice
Oystercat fishing off Oxwich 29 May 2014
Gwyn Thomas with a 1lb 15oz nice plaice for the table
Oystercat fishing off Oxwich 29 May 2014
Oystercat fishing off Oxwich 29 May 2014
Lewis Pearce in again with a 2lb 8oz black bream
Oystercat fishing to Oxwich 29 May 2014 - Photos above

Pick of the photos from this Oystercat fishing trip, we had a great day. 
We caught dabs, dogfish, bull huss,whiting, codling, smoothhound,
spur dog, plaice, grey gurnard , red gurnard, black bream, spider crab,
star fish and Ray caught a ray.

Gwyn Thomas

Low water fishing off Owich Marks

Gwyn Thomas - 2lb 2oz black bream
 Off-shore wreck fishing catches 4 May 2014

Ben Mordecai (L) 11lb spurdog. Carl Rosser (R)
14lb spurdog
Wreck Fishing 4 May 2014

Ben Mordecai assisted by skipper
Dean Gofford with another spurdog for Ben
Wreck Fishing 4 May 2014

Stephen Haynes 10lb spurdog

Wreck Fishing 4 May 2014
John Elvins 19.5lb spurdog
1 April - Sker Marks
Steve Jenkins (R) caught this 30lb conger
Caught 1 April 2014 down Sker way
Howard Griffiths
19lb conger caught off Kenfig
14 April 2014 -Off Oxwich
Harry Lawson - 13oz plaice