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Oystercat Fishing Trip
Sunday 27 February 2019
Skipper John Elvins
Oystercat trip trip was on;y half full, no juniors. With willing anglers on board we set of out on the 8.000 lock, to fish for 3hr.  2.5 hr out on our first mark found dogfish then a shout of "this is better" from Nigel. The rest of us were spurred on with some level of enthusiasm from then. Slow but steady we landed 10 spurs and lost 4 to bite offs 3 conger and a 5 inch whiting on the bank saw the day out.
Conditions were great and the company also enjoyable. Best fish Howard 24lb conger, I had a 14.5lb spur.
Skipper John Elvins reporting
Jphn elvins doing the conger
Up the spurs - Niel Wilson and John Elvins
Les Chapman earning his spurs
Howard Griffiths 24lb conger
John Elvins 14.5lb spur
Howard Griffiths nice spurdog
 Nigel Davies with a nice conger
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Sunday 24 February 2019
Skipper Dean Gifford
Really poor day on the oystercat today, beam on swell or chop seemed to follow us from mark to mark.
Had a few whiting, couple of small codling, dabs and dogs. Ended up coming in before the lock closures, which is only the 2nd time I’ve ever done that; the first time my Mrs threatened to kill me if I was late to a party!
On the plus side, I got to sit in the sun and shell the 2kg of mussels I had left, blow down the yellow tails and black lug ready for freezing and sort my tackle ‘bucket’ as I’ve been just dropping rigs in there for a few weeks thinking ‘I’ll sort it when I get home’... which I never do; every cloud has a silver lining I guess.
Skipper Dean Gifford
Shore fishing Session
Allan Walters
18 February 2019
Fished Llangennith today in a big surf. Caught my first bass of 2019. The fish was 54cm in length approx 4.5 lbs. The fish swam away strongly.

All set to catch fish
My first bass of 2019 - 54cm - 4.5lb
Swam away strongly after the photo and measuring
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Saturday 16 February 2019
Skipper Mark Thomas
It was a very hard day aboard the oystercat today. The weather forecast was borderline for cancelling but decided to have ago and went east 1st to try and find some spurs and ray .
Unfortunately failed and only managed to find dogfish a couple of dabs, small whiting and a strap. The weather held back so a pleasant day in the end.
Skipper Mark Thomas

Marina at 7 in the morning
 fishermen from Skewen
EELy good catch!! for John Spanner
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Friday 15 February 2019
Skipper Simon Clark

Started on the kidney bank where the wind resulted in quite a chop and made it a bit uncomfortable. Fishing was slow with only a single spurdog to Adrian, two whiting and the inevitable dogs (and not a lot of them ). Moved into the moorings later for a few dabs and a solitary thornback.
However, the company was as good as the weather and a good day was had by all.
Thanks to Nigel Davies and Huw Jones for crewing.
Skipper Simon Clark.
Well done Simon great to have you "back" good to see the skippers is still out front with the thornbacks. those southerlys play havoc at anchor and should be banned ...
 John Elvins
Thanks Skip, bit choppy in the beginning, not a lot of fish but the company and weather made up for it.
Shout of the day was Adrian pulling in a Spur Dog “ I ain’t touching that”
John Martin
Thanks for an entertaining day and good banter looking forward to trips great skipper would go out with you any time ,
Albert Harris

Mumbles through the looking net

Adrian Morris - spurdog
Thornback for skipper Si Clark
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Sunday 3 February 2019
Skipper Mark Thomas
Oystercat trip today turned into quite a reasonable day, started off with a lovely sunrise and calm sea.
1st stop produced 4hrs of entertaining fishing with lots of small whiting and dabs, mixed in with 11 spurdogs up to 13lb, mainly to the terrible two Phill Bowen and Nigel Davies!
When the tide turned the wind picked up and made it uncomfortable but we stuck it out for a while as the fish continued to feed.
Then decided to head inshore and get a bit of shelter where we caught more dabs, included a picture of the Belle to say thanks to Victor for letting me anchor next to him as i had no GPS unit today.
Cheers skipper Mark Thomas

Sunrise at the start of the fishing trip
Rods set just waiting
Feels like a very big one
Oh no its not!! just a new species
Phil Bowen wrestling hold one

Phil Bowen wrestling hold two

Phil Bowen wrestling hold three

Ready for the photo

Spurdog for ??

Just the two of us Phil Bowen and Nigel Davies - top anglers of the day
Mumble Belle full of fihersmen
Mumbles Belle Fishing Trip
Sunday 3 Febuary 2019
Skipper Vic lilygreen

Poor day generally dabs were mostly of a good size, but the whiting were like goldfish!
We moved out to the area of the Strombus at the start of the fllood & it was useless, & choppy, decided to move back inshore only to find that the anchor had caught another anchor rope (or a lost pot or pots.
Our anchor brought a birds nest tangle of what looked like 13mm coarse yellow rope with a length of blue rope attached like a dropper.
We were unable to get it above the surface to get it on our winch,  only managed with great difficulty to cut our anchor free, & made our way back to Mumbles to carry on "dabbing".
Made our way back in at 3.30pm.
Is that it until the bream come back in April? Will have to make  do with photos of the sun taken by Allan Walters.
Skipper Vic


Sun settled over Swansea


Oystercat Fishing Trip
Saturday 19 January 2019
Skipper Richie Pearce
Conditions were wet and damp as skipper Richies took the Oystercat out into Swansea Bay. On board were 8 senior members of the Club from STSCC, out on their first trip of the yesar. The seas were moderate and calm annd the rain did not dampen their spirits.
On the mooring the fishing was slow with no outrages shouts for net net!! However we caught a couple of small dabs, whiting and the dogfish were a bit of a nuisance. 
Come midday skipper Richie toook out his crystal ball, upped the anchor and headed a further 2 mile west of Swansea. Dropped the anchor and within minutes Andy Charles struck gold and was rewarded with a 12lb spurdog, this was followed by a franzy of 25 spurdogs weighing 5 to 11lbs plus. Two anglers qualified for a Mission Acomplished Award.
What srated as a quiet day turned into a manic afternoon. Bait of the day was fresh mackerel.
Richie and Nigel Davies gave outstanding support and help with their fishing and safety skills. Not to mention their exceptional culinary skills, providing hot and cold food and drink that would put Cunard and P&O to shame.  Well done MMBFC
Bob Christie reporting
Andy Charles - Spurdog  
John Thorne - Spurdog
Ron Phillips - Spurdog
Robert James - Spurdog
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Sunday 20 January 2019
Skipper Dean Gifford
A great day aboard the Oystercat today; lots of conger to 30lb, loads of spurdog to low teens, few whiting, dabs, small Huss and dogs. Weather was very kind all day, allowing us to stay offshore until the tide forced us back in. 
Skipper Dean Gifford
Morning has broken
1 Conger - Phil Carroll
2 Congers - Ronnie Willams & Nigel Davies
The 3 Congers
Just a pactice spur for Paul Eaton
Paul Eaton & Nigel Davies - get their spurs
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Saturday 5 January 2019
Skipper Dean Gifford
Very chilli start to the day over in minehead today!
Didn’t find the bigger cod we hoped for but had a few small ones, lots of tiny ones, whiting, lots of strap eels, few thornbacks and dogs.
We added dabs to our catch tally when we got back in swansea bay.
A long but enjoyable day.
Due to the limited cod interest I now have about 3lb of black and yellow tail lug to blow and freeze down!
Skipper Dean Gifford
Early start to Minehead
Dave Snelling - Thornback
Nigel Davies - Conger
Mark Thomas - Thornback
Colin Albert - Cod for his species hunt collection
Dean Giffford - with Cod
Merk Thomas - Conger
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Tuesday 1 January 2019
Skipper Dean Gifford
Good start to 2019 aboard the Oystercat today; started the day down Oxwich.
Where the fishing was steady through the morning, headed closer to home where the fishing picked up in the afternoo.
We ended the day with plenty of nice whiting, dabs, dogs, bull huss, pouting, cod(let) and a little spoted ray.
Weather was very kind, everyone had enough fish to take home and there was plenty of friendly competition in the Pearce-Williams family! 
Mark Thomas - spotted ray
Nathan Williams -whiting
Nathan Williams - ???
Dean Gifford- Dab