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Oystercat Fishing Trip
Saturday 28 December 2019
Skipper Dean Gifford
Long range trip to Minehead. Bait taken was black lug, squid and mackerel.
In  preparation for the trip I made turkey curry and Indian snacks. Jayson Pouch Whitehouse wasn’t going so decided to push the boat out... so to speak.
Roger Davidge said we should be okay then, bacon rolls for breakfast and curry for dinner. We won't have time to fish.
Fish catches were Fairly poor today; we had lots of congers, a few whiting, 1 huss, 1 thornback, a few dogs but only 2 codling.
Wind was a lot stronger than expected but it was comfortable enough. The turkey curry was well received though!
Good day on board today Dean, curry was a bonus.
Allan Walters
Nigel Danies - conger
Nigel Davies - bullhuss
Lunch is served
Mark Thomas - thornback
Mark Thomas - codling
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Wednesday 4 December 2019
Skipper John Elvins
Tempted to head deep with reports of big toothy catches mid channel. We summed up our baits of 8 mackerel, lug, rag and a few squid and decided to fish local.
with a broadside slop all day. plenty of balancing done on board.
Loadsa small whiting and dogs with the odd keeper whiting and a few dabs gave those who wanted a fish supper enough for tea.
One near double Huss por moir but no photo as I realise they are all starting to look the same on each trip anyway.
Till next time
Skipper John Elvins
PS get well soon Vic
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Sunday 1 December 2019
Skippers Mark Thomas & Dean Gifford
With the wind blowing NE I was anticipating a cold and bumpy day ahead of us, also having a E in the wind direction i wasn't expecting great catches either.
But saying that it turned out to be a reasonable day's fishing , nothing special caught but lots of pin Whiting and loads of good sized Dabs 30 or more landed , 1 spurdog and the usual bait stealing dogs. Not much to photograph except sunrise and sunset .
Skipper  MarkThomas reporting
Had a few jumbo whiting, huss, spur and dogs on the night shift too.  
Skipper Dean Gifford


Night trip and huss for Jayson Whitehouse
and a spurdog
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Sunday 23 November 2019
Skipper Dean Gifford
Very slow day aboard the Oystercat today; the day started poorly with both Richie and I turning up to the boat with no terminal gear at all, lucky I keep a bit on board or we would have been stuck.
The brisk north easterly with fairly constant rain had us all wondering why we’d left our houses! We started the day of Sker where we only had dog fish.
Early afternoon we head closer to home where we had a little flurry of fish to finish the day: more dogs, whiting, dabs and a lone thornback ray.
Not a red letter day, but hay ho!
Skipper Dean Gifford
Richie Pearce with the thornback ray
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Sunday 17 November 2019
Skipper Dean Gifford
Frustratingly slow day today aboard the Oystercat, went up to Aberthaw which was slow, dropped back to Porthcawl in the afternoon, which was slower!!
We ended the day with a dozen or so conger to 25lb, 2 blondes, a few huss, a couple of whiting and some dogs.
Weather was great, fish just didn’t want to feed. Maybe I should have gone wrecking for pollack instead!!
Skipper Dean Gifford
A blonde ray for Terry Dakin

Conger for Jayson Whitehouse

Blonde ray for dean Gifford
Mumbles Belle Fishing Trip
Wenesday 16 November 2019
Skipper Vic Lilygreen
Very good day afloat

Suprised that there were not many boats out today, weather was perfect, before low water it went from calm to dead flat, even had the sun for a while.
Fishing was very good we had literally hundreds of whiting, with plenty of "keepers", we also had a huss, a ray, & a single pouting but no dabs.
We also decided to hold a "Belle Barmy Army Xmas P*** Up" at a date yet to be decidied, I wouldn't mind betting we get a full boat for that trip lol
Skipper Vic
Lock sandwich
Helping hand - towing
Shore Fishing Weekend
9-10 November 2019
Mike Cooze & Matthew Sargeant
Great weekend fishing with Matthew Sargeant and Paul Holmes well overdue

Caught a couple of fish too:-

Whiting,bass,and a few codling
Biggest 5lb for Paul
Mike Cooze reporting
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Sunday 10 November 2019
Skipper Dean Gifford
We took advantage of the small weather window to get out on the Oystercat today.
We stayed fairly local finding whiting (mostly small), a few dabs, pouting, bull huss, conger, loads of dogs (3 at a time!!) and a Dover sole!
For once the weather forecast was spot on, it was windy and cold first thing but was pleasant in the afternoon / early evening.
Dean Gifford
Richie Pearce - Nice plaice
Mumbles Belle Fishing Trip
Wenesday 6 November 2019
Skipper Vic Lilygreen
LOTS of fish but only 2 species!!!!!!
We went out this morning into a SE wind much stronger than forecast, so we made our way to the Mid Fairway Buoys & headed across to Mumbles to look for some shelter. We found some shelter & it was quite comfortable but all we caught was dogfish, small whiting and the Barmy Army were "moisiling". After a couple of hours the wind dropped and it became quite calm, so I checked with a boat on the Green Grounds who said it was comfortable, so we made out way out there.
It was comfortable for a while and we had some bigger whiting and many more dogfish, then the wind started to rise from the SSW and it got miserable so we headed back to Mumbles, with me moaning about using another pint of diesel. We got back to Mumbles and I said "thats it we dont move again, change your methods not your location", so all manner of rigs went on, muppets, rubber eels, beads, sequins and sure enough the bigger whiting obliged but so did the dogfish the only thing they never took today was a dry fly!
Everybody who wanted had a good feed but it was only whiting, we never saw hide nor hair of a dab, maybe next time ????????
Skipper Vic lilygreen
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Sunday 3 November 2019
Skipper Dean Gifford
A very comfortable day aboard the Oystercat today; after yesterday’s blow we knew the swell wouldn’t allow us to go too far so opted to just fish the ebb.
Fishing inshore was fairly productive, lots of whiting (mixture of sizes), dabs, bass, pouting and dogs.
Richy even got the Swansea Bay super slam: a whiting, dab and doggie all on the same trace at the same time!
Weather was kind all day, we even got back to the cars before the heavens opened in the evening!
A wonderful way to spend a Sunday!
Skiper Dean Gifford
Richie Pearce - Super Slam
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Saturday 27 October 2019
Skipper Dean Gifford
Only 2 of us onboard the oystercat today so we stayed local; we had loads of dogs, whiting (mostly small), pouting and a few bull huss, not much to write home about fish wise. Weather was spot on, I think I should have organised a bassing trip instead!
Mumbles Belle Fishing Trip
Saturday 27 October 2019
Skipper Vic Lilygreen
It was such a lovely day it seemed a shame not to go, weather conditons were great but water conditions were awful,
We had lots of fish today.
But not what we wanted! We put back loads of undersized whiting & only had a few jumbos, we had 4 big huss, 3 rays, & I had a tug of war with a conger & ! of course loads of growlers. We came inside at LW & picked up a reasonable amount of dabs along with small whiting, bass, & the inevitable growlers.
The water was dirty brown & full of trees & rubbish & it must have been almost fresh with the rain we have had. Still everybody caught fish & everybody had some to take home. Lets hope next time we have less run & clean water.
The weather was great & even after the high winds the sea was quite calm, so all in all a good day.
Skipper Vic Lilygteen
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Tuesday 22 October 2019
Skipper John Elvins
At last a gap in the weather and no baby-sitting so I took the chance to get out. Looked like most of you wanted to stay warm as could only get 3 others to join me.
The Belle was off to the green grounds so I gave the ledges a try. Early bites saw two whiting, a couple of Huss and more than our fair share of Dogs.
Vic hailed us at 10.30 saying he was catching plenty of whiting so we had our sausages and came back in to join him.
We all had some whiting, I had 3 more nice double Huss, Richie had the best whiting.
Nice photo showing that even when I fish for whiting the Huss seem to think I am after them.
Skipper John Elvins
That is a horse of a whiting Richie, we had a couple of jumbo's but not as jumbo as that one, we also had some big huss (but we dont count them) they are bi-catch. Glad you had a good day as you say its been a while since we could get out, glad we both had a good day.
Skipper Vic Lilygreen

Oystercat Fishing Trip
Sunday 20 October 2019
Skipper Dean Gifford
Fishing marks off Aberthaw
Fairly stop start day aboard the oystercat today, no activity for a hour or so then 4 fish on at the same time!
With that said, the fishing was pretty good: Lots of blondes to 18lb, conger to 19lb, small eye, thornback, spotted ray, a few whiting, huss and dogs.
Weather was glorious all day! A great day all round!
Skipper Dean Gifford


Oystercat Fishing Trip
Sunday 6 October 2019
Skipper Dean Gifford
A fairly slow day aboard the oystercat today, large residual swell and strong wind kept us inshore. We found plenty of mackerel first thing but they were small and there weren’t any bass under them.
We settled down at anchor where we found a few reasonable thornbacks and dogs but not too much else. A bit of searching around saw us add dabs, whiting, huss, conger, bass and tub gurnard to our tally. Worse ways to spend the day though! 
Fishing Cullivoe, Shetland
23-27 September 2019
Dean Gifford
Had a great week in Cullivoe Shetland aboard Oberon. Unfortunately, the cod didn’t show in the numbers or size expected but fishing was still pretty good.
I had Coalfish to 23lb, pollack to 18lb, haddock to 7lb, cod to 16lb, ling to 25lb and some of the biggest mackerel I’ve ever seen.
Biggest cod on the boat was 25lb, biggest Coalfish was 29lb and biggest ling was 31lb.
Journeys both ways were fairly uneventful until I got 1 mile from home and needed to abandon the car and wade through thigh high water in Birchgrove near Heol las, there was flooding everywhere around there on Saturday night (28th September).
Dean Gifford
Allan Walters
Llangennith Beach
26 September 2019
A good days fishing at Llangennith today. A 1lbs 11oz flounder on the first cast at low water, then some fantastic sport on the golden greys, six caught and returned, and a few came off in the strong surf. This is a great venue for golden greys. All caught on king rag.
The weather was south westerly right into your face, but great to be out fishing. Surprised no bass turned up, not even small ones that have been there recently.There were loads of queen cockles and butterfish washed up.
Allan's set up on Llangennith Beach
Mumbles Belle Fishing Trip
Tuesday 17 September 2019
Skipper Vic Lilygreen
Species Rich Mumbles Belle
Went out today & had a very good day, catching small tope, small huss, growlers, plaice, sole, dabs, red mullet, red gurnard, tub gurnard, grey gurnard, dragonet, bass, bream quite a little species hunt but we never managed a trigger fish which was our "target species".
The weather was like summer & my face & bald spot caught the sun, I will feel that now when I go in the shower.
Skipper Vic
Yes a good day indeed, Vic. Not to mention the lack of lunatic fish. Great when a cunning plan shows results.  Allan Walters  
Bloody marvellous, up the Barmy Army. Keith James  
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Saturday 14 September 2019
Skipper Dean Gifford
Today’s Lundy trip started a little bumpier than expected, 2 hrs after leaving Swansea, we arrived at the island a little more shaken than stirred.  After settling down in some quiet water to have a cuppa and sausage sandwich we started hitting the more productive reefs, finding reasonable numbers of pollack (mostly small), ballen wrasse, cuckoo wrasse, codling, scad and mackerel.
A little while after lunch we picked up some launce and mackerel then headed for a few bass, which we found in ok numbers along with a few more pollack and loads of monster scad!
The weather came perfect by the end of the day, as forecast! A very long, but enjoyable day!
Skipper Dean Gifford
Neil Wilson
Keith Chapman
Dean Gifford
Steve Chapman
Keith Chapman
Dean Gifford
Steve Chapman
Neil Wilson
Mumbles Belle Fishing Trip
Friday 13 September 2019
Skipper Vic Lilygreen
It's got teeth!

Will Walker assisted by Phil Cryer, with a big old huss he caught today on Belle, along with small tope, smoothounds, growlers, pouting, pollack, red mullet, tub gurnard, red gurnard, mackerel, scad, dabs, bass.

Great weather but I forgot to take my 10" tablet with the Navionics App, so I was stuck with the "house" plotter which is like an AA map compared to the Navionics. However it put us close enough to get a nice selection of species with the exception of bream (which I think will have largely left by now).

So we will need a brand new "cunning plan" for Tuesday seeing as bream are off the menu, & whiting haven't come on yet, its going to be a lean month I reckon.
Skipper Vic Lilygreen

Ouch!! Its got teeth Phil Cryer (left) and Will Walker who caught the big old huss
Mumbles Belle Fishing Trip
Sunday 8 September 2019
Skipper Vic Lilygreen
Mumbles Belle" angler Peter James landed his first ever trigger fish this afternoon, a fine specimen of 4.66lb. Caught on the Strombus fishing mark. Well done Pete. Our seaarch for bream was less successful.
The Belle's "Barmy Army" keep soldiering on.
Skipper Viv Lilygreen
Peter James 4.66lb Trigger Fish
 Oystercat Fishing Trip
Saturday 7 September 2019
Skipper Dean Gifford
A reasonable day on the oystercat today just Colin Albert and I but we still managed to have a tangle that wiped out 3 rods! We stayed fairly local and had ok numbers of bream, a few small tope, huss, red & tub gurnard, pouting, scad, mackerel, a hand full of dogs and loads of small eye rays! In all a lovely day on the water!
Skipper Dean Gifford
One of many small eyed ray
Ashley Hayley Boat fishing out of Weymouth
Weekend 31 August - 1 September 2019
Ashley Haylely went boat fishing out of Weymouth aboard Flamer IV. The fishing party had a great time on day 1.
Species caught where mackerel, scad, bass, launce, pouting, smalleyed, undulate, red gurnard, cuttlefish, black bream & the fish they were all hoping to catch the turbot.

The boat and skipper were great and highly recommend a trip out. With the big tides and the wind being so strong they thought it was going to struggle but the skipper pulled it out the bag and put them on the fish.

Ashley caught mackerel, bream and turbot, but missed out on the trophy for angler of the day.

MMBFC reporting
Black Bream

Mike and Ryan Cooze
31 August 2019

No joy on the lures today so we picked some crab and gave them a go. 

Ryan did well catching 4 bass up to 4lb and he also had a big common eel,well done son

Ryan Cooze on the bass
Ryan Cooze Bassing it again
 Oystercat Fishing Trip
Sunday 1 September 2019
Skipper Dean Gifford
An ok day aboard the Oystercat today; we spent the day inshore keeping out of the swell and fierce tide.
Loads of scad and mackerel including a few jumbos, red and tub gurnard, dogs, hounds, small tope, thornbacks to 12lb, a few dabs and a dragonette.
Lovely day to be in the water!

Deand Gifford - 12lb Thornback Ray
Little and large mackerel             Dragonette
Oystercat Get Into Fishing Trip
Sunday 25 August 2019
Skipper Mark Thomas
The mission of the Club is to get people into fishing and participate in the amazing sports of boating and fishing. So we held a 'Try Fishing Morning' on the Oystercat today to introduce them to the amazing sport of fishing and the excitement of catching fish. 
After a few cancelled get into fishing trips due to bad weather, we finally managed to get some young people out on the Cat to have a go at fishing for the 1st time. 
With a brief talk on safety and life jackets on, we made way to the middle of Swansea Bay. The sea was nice, flat calm, ideal for the juniors. 
On the way out we showed the young ones how to drive the boat and all the electronics . 
Once anchored, some one to one lessons on how to bait up hooks and use of the reels they were off. With in minutes they are catching fish. In the two and a half hours we were out, the boys caught loads of dogfish, pin Bream , young Huss and Mackerel. 
As you can see by the smiles they had a great session and we hope to see them again as new members. 
Only a small turn out this time, but that was due to a Bank holiday and change of dates. We hope to get all the others, that signed up to try out fishing, out there as soon as possible.
Skipper Mark Thomas and all the crew Dean Gifford, Ritchie Pearce and Colin Albert.

All set to get some fish

Where are the fish dad?

Here they are, nice bream

Jon West and juniors

And another bream

Bullhuss this time

Now I have a mackerel
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Friday 23 August 2019
Skipper John Elvins
With the weather at last settling down and no babies to sit on I (John) thought a trip before the weekend rush worthwhile. A grim wet morning greeted our set off and a stronger that forecast SSW greeted us past the swig.
But with a dozen or so fresh mackerel for baits we ventured to Langland. Conditions improved throughout the day and a bag of bream ended in all taking a brace for tea. One double Huss and very few dogs mean't a reasonable day's fishing was had.
At one time some of us stopped fishing when a shoal of Skad was under the boat and every hook was coming up with one on.
Apologies to Captain Hixon, no photos, as he was hiding up front and I missed the opportunities.
Skipper John E
Bream for Chris Faulkner

Bream for Terry Pugh
Bream for Phil Carroll
Bream for Colin Edwards
Breams for Nigel Davies and Peter Mansell

Bullhuss for John Elvins
Mumbles Belle Fishing Trip
Monday 20 August 2019
Skipper Vic Lilygreen
Tope, hounds, dogs, gurnard (red & tub), dabs, bass, red mullet. Not an outstanding day but we were kept entertained.
Allan Walters caught the biggest hound I have ever seenn, I thought it was a tope. When he hooked it it jumped clear out of the water 4 times like a marlin, then run to Mumbles then Port Talbot.
Unfortuneately he blotted his copybook, when measuring George Brincatts'
With the weather at last settling down and no babies to sit on I (John) thought a trip before the weekend rush worthwhile. A grim wet morning greeted our set off and a stronger that forecast SSW greeted us past the swig.
But with a dozen or so fresh mackerel for baits we ventured to Langland. Conditions improved throughout the day and a bag of bream ended in all taking a brace for tea.
One double Huss and very few dogs mean't a reasonable day's fishing was had. At one time some of us stopped fishing when a shoal of Skad was under the boat and every hook was coming up with one on.
Apologies to Captain Hixon, no photo, as he was hiding up front and I missed the opportunities torecord his catches.
Skiper John E
"personal best" dab, he allowed it to slip out of his hands and fall back into the sea. Some said it was sour grapes but George took it well (despite the tears).
We had fun on the Belle, we caught some fish, and we got back safely, so today was a good day for the "Barmy Army".
Skipper Vic reporting
Video under development
Members Mike Cooze and Colin Breen
boat fishing out of Plymouth
22 August 2019
Club members Mike Cooze and Colin Breen, for a change, went wreck fishing on “Sizematters” out of Plymouth.
Mike had 1 ling 19lb and 8 conger eels around 40lb.  Colin had fewer eels but beat Mike on the ling with a 24lber.
Other anglers on the boat also had some good eels and ling.
They gave big thanks to skipper Kevin McKie for his knowledge and for the use of his gear and for the boxes and boxes of fresh iced mackerel and cuttlefish !!





Allan Walters
Llangenith Beach - 11 August 2019

A good days fishing for golden greys at Llangennith, today. Eight gg,s caught, four returned, the heaviest kept was 2 lbs 9 oz, great fishing. Four school bass also caught and returned.

Allan Walters

From Vic Lilygreen: Great session Allan some very nice gg's there, they do pull well & are great sport on the kind of light gear you use. Pity no bigger bass put in an appearance.

Reply from Allan: Yes Vic, they do fight well, my best day for gig,s , A heavy weight in my box to carry back to the car.

Golden Grey Mullets
Mumbles Belle Fishing Trip
Monday 5 August 2019
Skipper Vic Lilygreen
Yet another poor day at the office.
Went out of an empty lock into an empty Swansea Bay, with swells rolling in from Mumbles Head which kept our nose FIRMLY inside the SWIGG,
Had a look at a couple of spots I had in mind, but at each one I had the "No thank you" look from the anglers, so we headed for the serenety of the Mumbles Moorings.
First cast I had a nice fat dab, then somebody else had a small gurnard, then we went down the gearbox with long periods of no bites "Quiet isn't it" said the crew, and I pointed out the whitecaps visible through the islands, as they came off the Mixon Bank & rolled towards Port Talbot.
Well the sun was out and the showers passed us by, we did catch a few fish; dabs, gurnard, mackerel, dogfish, small tope, smoothounds (Allan Walters had his PB) and the banter was good.
We came in as soon as the lock closure allowed and there wasn't much water under us and the sandbanks either side drew lots of attention from the crew who were uncommonly quiet until we got into the safety of the lock.
Another day of few fish, sunshine, mickey-taking, tales of yesteryear, and how it will be different next trip. Well what do you expect for £11 including 2-3 cups of coffee
Skipper Vic
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Saturday 3 August 2019
Skipper Dean Gifford

The South Easterly wind was a little stronger than expected so ‘Plan A’ was as going to be very uncomfortable.  Instead headed for a bit of shelter, which turned out to be a pretty good alternative.
We ended the day having had: loads of small bass (30 or so), lots of mackerel - including some jumbos, scad, a few small eye rays, smooth hounds, baby tope, a turbot and only a dozen or so dogs.
We had a very comfortable day but ended up bring home all the worm bait intended for bream, can’t complain too much though.
Skipper Dean Gifford
Small eyed ray for Paul Eaton
Paul Eaton - mackerel
Paul Eaton more mackerel
Then mackerel for lunch
.. and take away mackerel
Steve chapman on the bass
Small eyed ray for Keith Chapman
Small eyed ray for Steve Chapman
Mumbles Belle Fishing Trip
Monday 29 July 2019
Skipper Vic lilygreen

should have said Nooooooooo!
I knew going out today would be a waste of time & worms, & so it was! A few dogs, a few "lunatics", a few small tope (yes they were they had teeth!) a red gurnard, a bream & a small bass, & nothing else. Plus an easterly wind that increased in strength as the day went on, that made a bad day virtually impossible. We had to "tack" our way from Mumbles to well east of the SWIGG before heading for the Port Mid Fairway Buoy, then tacking again to the Inner Fairway Buoy, poor old Allan Walters was a lather of sweat & I decided that seeing as there was nobody else in the lock he could do his first lock through. He managed very well too he is an essential part of Mumbles Bell's crew now, but his fish finding skills need some honing

Skipper Vic
 Oystercat Fishing Trip
Sunday 28 July 2019
Skipper Dean Gifford
The original plan for today aboard the oystercat was to stay inshore and target bream, the fish unfortunately had other plans! The first few hours saw us only have a handful of bream, and a few other odds and sods, including some small scad and pouting, which were retained.
As we had a few live baits and bream didn’t want to play, we headed offshore to try for a few bass, which we found in good numbers, 60 in the 3 hours or so we fished.
By early afternoon everyone was starving, so we headed back to find some settled water for some more general fishing and some grub.
We ended the day with a dozen bream, around 60 bass, a few red mullet, red and grey gurnard, pollack, mackerel, scad, pouting, huss, smooth hounds and dogs.
In all, a good day, even if things didn’t go quite to plan.
Catch of the day for Matt Taylor
Dean Gifford - mackerel
Matt Taylor - small smoothhound
Red Gurnard
Red mullet
Nigel Davies - red gurnard
Matt Taylor - fish supper
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Saturday 27 July 2019
Skipper Mark Thomas
The plan today was to try to fish for Tope and Bream, but word was that the Tope had left. The plan was  then changed to just a general fishing day instead.

The morning started great with a calm sea and slight swell and a good start on the Bream , as the day progressed the wind built up and forced us back into the bay to finish.

Catch report - 24 Bream, Red Gurnard, 3 Red Mullet, 3 Codling , Bass , Mackerel and not so many hounds but plenty of dogs.

Cheers Mark Thomas
Expectant anglers at lock out
Ruchie Pearce - Brean
Colin Albert - Bream
On the fishing mark
Mark Thomas - red gurnard
Steve Absalom - codling

codling for John Bevan
Mumbles Belle Fishing Trip
Wednesday 24 July 2019
Skipper Vic Lilygreen

Big swells, new spot, cunning plan.

The idea was to fish a new spot midweek when nobody could see where we were. Well the swells were massive going across Swansea Bay, and not much better on the way to Langland, but we got there ok. However the fishing was pants and we did 4hrs without a bream only huss and dogs, so moved back to the old spot and picked up 2 bream, more dogs, and loads of pouting.
VHF gave a warning of strong wind coming from the east after a "flattening" so once it flattened I headed us for Swansea Bay post haste to avoid a force 6 easterly.
We intended to fish the Strombus but that was already being fished so we went to the "muddy stones" and caught an unknown number of small huss and dogs, until my sanity was tested and we headed home in bright sun and a flat sea.
What happened to the force 6 easterly Milford Haven Coastguard??????
Skipper Vic
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Wednesday 24 July 2019
Skipper John Elvins
Reasonable conditions but a poor day's fishing. With the ever elusive mackerel only showing in in low numbers. We went out to a Tope mark for high tide, they were even more elusive. 2 Huss and a few dogs were all we could find. On the way back Andrew chapman showed the way with a Bass of about 38cm, and that was at last knockings of trip.
Poor days fishing but great conditions.
Skipper John E
Phil Bowen-Bullhuss
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Sunday 21 July 2019
Skippers: The 3 Mullets
Fairly last minute trip on the Oystercat today.
Forecast was poor but we were able to get offshore for a few bass on the flood in the morning.
The ebb was spent inshore where we had a red mullet each, a few chunky dabs, mackerel, scad, codling, dogs and more bass.
Weather was a lot kinder than forecast for a change! 
Mark Thomas - Red Mullet
Mark's red mullet
Richie Pearce - Red Mullet
Dean Gifford - Red Mullet
Richie Pearce - codling
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Sunday 14 July 2019
Skipper Dean Gifford
A slower trip than yesterday on the Oystercat, fish were less obliging than the night before - maybe due to the bright-flat calm conditions, maybe any other of the excuses fishermen have.

We ended the day with 25 or so bream, 20 small bass, a few small pollack, codling, mackerel, strap congers, smooth hounds, lots of huss, dogs and a red mullet.
Conditions were great, if not a little warm.

Lovely day to be on the water!

Skipper Dean Gifford

Steve Chapman - Bass

John West - Bream
Dean Gifford - what a lovely smile
Craig Barnes - Red Mullet
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Saturday 13 July 2019
Skipper Dean Gifford

Very productive evening trip aboard the Oystercat. We had good bream fishing for the first 2.5 hours, having 35 or so, biggest being a whopping 4lb 2oz to Jason Dennis, along with mackerel, scad, dabs, hounds, dogs and Huss to 12lb.

The next couple of hours were spent drifting for bass, which we found in good numbers but of fairly small size; we had 25 in 2 hours before needing to dash for the last lock.

Skipper Dean Gifford

  Jason Dennis - Bullhuss
 Phil Carroll - Bream
 Jason Dennis with what looks like large bream 4lb 2oz

Mumbles Belle Fishing Trip
Saturday 13 July 2019
Skipper Vic Lilygreen
Steady day on Mumbles Belle.

We had some very nice bream (releasing the large males to tend the nests), we also had loads of small huss but only 1 biggish one? Once the tide started to push and the wind got behind it then  was time to head back to the bay, shelter, and dabs. We had a good few nice dabs and quite a few over ambitious undersized ones.

Once again I prevailed on Allan Walters to do more than his share of time on the wheel, and he is increasing in confidence with every trip,  today he even had a masterclass on how to apply a plaster.

A very enjoyable day with the usual good natured banter, and a few fish thrown in for good measure.
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Friday 12 July 2019
Skipper John Elvins

With the forecast not quite as good as when trip first booked we set off across bay to Swig and had about 9 mackerel when we spotted a lot of bird action on the Mixon. So off we went. When we got nearer we could see about 30 gannets diving for food and dolphins rising also .  We spent a good 40 minutes chasing birds but only one mackerel for our trouble. By then we had turned “the corner” and a steady swell was coming from the West with a chop from North. So settled for rest of the day to fish Langland and ledges. No great catch but steady fishing.

2 Thornbacks 5 bass (all returned), 8 bream, some Pollack, Scad, Mackerel, Pout, Huss, Smoothy and some dogfish.

Paul Canning showed the way to do bass fishing catching 4 of the 5. best fish. Double figure thorny for Les Chapman.

Fresh air a plenty and tea flowed all day.

SkipperJohn Elvins

Phil Bowen - Thornback
Nigel davies - Bull Huss
Les Chapman - Thornback
Mumbles Belle Fishing Trip
Tuesday 2 July 2019
Skipper Vic Lilygreen

Had a reasonable day on Mumbles Belle today.
Drifted for plaice initially, we caught 3 (all undersize), a small gurnard, and then anchored up at our usual dab mark waiting for the tide to drop, but didn't do as well as normal.
We moved to Langland to catch the last couple of hours of the ebb and were heavily attacked by "lunatic fish" and small huss. We did manage a few of our "target species" (bream) the best one going 2lb 3ozs. Tried for mackerel on the way back but no luck although others seemed to be having them. We had another drift in the bay for plaice waiting for the lock to open but no luck this time, but we had a good selection of species, and some lovely table fish to take home.
When we got back, another boat owner gave us 3 drums of diesel (He had drained his tank to carry out work on his fuel lines) and decided to dump his old fuel. Knowing that Mumbles Belle has run on chip fat, and central heating oil in the past, I grabbed it with both hands, filtered through the funnel.

That 15Galls will last us the summer. Don't say we aren't doing our bit for the planet, recycled diesel, bring it on.

Oystercat Fishing Trip
Saturday 6 July 2019
Skipper Dean Gifford
A very long but enjoyable day aboard the oystercat today.
To avoid the air show traffic, both cars and boats, we left very early and returned late.
In the 14 hours we were out, we covered a lot of miles but ended the day having had 140-160 bass to 4lb 8oz mostly 30-42cm, pollack, codling, smooth hound (on a skerries sandeel!) spotted ray, tub gurnard, mackerel, scad and dogs.
All fish were released unharmed.
We saw plenty of dolphins, a group of 100s of shearwaters feeding on bait pushed up by bass and gannets actively feeding everywhere.
Iin all a lovely fishing day out.
Skipper Dean Gifford
Skipper Dean, give him an Oscar, can smell a Bass from a 10000 paces ,a good day out with close to 200 catches, 2 of 5 lbs and rest returned.
No Spec Savers for Dean.
Till next time.
Bob Christie
All aboard
Off we go - Skipper Dean Gifford at the wheel
3.6lb Smooth hound Ron Phillips

John Thorne - 4lb 8oz bass
Ron Phillips with a 4.6lb bass
Colten Jones not just 1 but 4 small bass
Mumbles Belle Fishing Trip
Tuesday 2 July 2019
Skipper Vic Lilygreen

Had a reasonable day on Mumbles Belle today
Drifted for plaice intitially and we caught 3 (all undersize) and a small gurnard. Then anchored up at our usual dab mark waiting for the tide to drop, but didn't do as well as normal.
We moved to Langland to catch the last couple of hours of the ebb and were heavily attacked by "lunatic fish" and small huss. We did manage a few of our "target species" (bream) the best one going 2lb 3ozs.
Tried for mackerel on the way back but no luck although, others seemed to be having them. We had another drift in the bay for plaice waiting for the lock to open but no luck this time, but we had a good selection of species, and some lovely table fish to take home.
When we got back, another boat owner gave us 3 drums of diesel (He had drained his tank to carry out work on his fuel lines) & decided to dump his old fuel. Knowing that Mumbles Belle has run on chip fat, & central heating oil in the past, I grabbed it with both hands, filtered through the funnel that 15galls will last us the summer. Dont say we aren't doing our bit for the planet, recycled diesel, bring it on.
Skipper Vic
Allan Walters - 2 bream over 2lb each
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Saturday 29 June 2019
Skipper Mark Thomas
Weather better than expected and no wind. We went straight to Langland for the bream. Fishing wasn't the best for the last of the ebb and start of flood, only a couple of bream and a million hounds.
Nigel had psycho fish of a good size 11lb, which destroyed 5 traces and the loss of my new sunglasses grrrrr .
So off to Oxwich and not much there, best was my thornback. Than back to Langland for last of flood where we did manage a good catch of bream to finish the day !
CheersSkipper  Mark Thomas
All aboard and off we go - fantastic weather
Smoothhound for Nigel Ellerton
Mark Thomas - Thornback
Could this be the troublesome hound
Three's company
Roger Davidge - Bream
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Wednesday 26 June 2019
Skipper John Elvins 
With babysitting suddenly postponed, I was hoping to get on board for Tuesday trip but boat was quite full.
So with forecast deteriorating I went for a “cheeky trip” on the wed. Major surprise when reaching the swig to find sea conditions very good, so set off to fish the flood at Langland.
Not an exhilarating days fishing, but steady nods of rods all day. Small codling, pout, gurnard and bream, 5 for the pan and one plate size Dab. One Huss of 12lb who did not want her picture taken.
Never seen so many small Huss come to the boat, the sea must have been thick with them.
Some mackerel caught but still sparse.
Till next time skipper John E
Carl Rosser - bream for dinner
Another bream take away
I know you'r only 12lb - but smile for the comera
Mumbles Belle Fishing Trip
Tuesday 24 June 2019
Skipper Vic Lilygreen
Not such a cunning plan!
Eventully found our way to Langland in the fog, but by then the run had died, and we drifted over the anchor rope and the drogue for ages. Picked up "lunatic fish" growlers and huss but not a sign of any bream, when the tide picked up a bit I moved our position hopefully to where we would find some, but not a touch from a bream, more "lunatics" growlers and huss so we abandoned Langland and came back into the bay for dabs. We had a few nice ones but not as many as we normally get. Allan Walters picked up a nice plaice with his last cast to cheer us up.
Good to see "SamBass" and Kerry back after a long ansence (try to be more careful Sam)
Allan brought us back from Mumbles to the lock gates before handing over to me to bring us through, he will soon be confident enough to do it on his own.
Skipper Vic Lilygreen reporting
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Monday 22 June 2019
Skipper John Elvins 
Morning trip with a full boat of anglers including 4 new members. We went for a short trip to see what was around, did a bit of feathering to start with and had a dozen or so mackerel. Then a bit further and  anchored, caught  6 nice sized bream and a few smaller ones came to look, Alex Bradshaw seemed to have the knack of letting them drop off the hook before he could reach them. Saved him getting them off the hook I suppose.
Quite a few smoothounds and a few Huss were also caught.
Dogfish were there but not a major pest which was a welcome change.
Skipper John Elvins reporting.
Breaming Terry Pugh
Steve Chapman - smoothhound

Greater spotted dogfish (Bull huss) for Richard Cliffe

Keith Chapman - Smoothhound
Phil Eastment - Smoothhound
Smoothhound this time for Richard Cliffe
Hayden Northey and Phil Easment
Mumbles Belle Fishing Trip
Tuesday 18 June 2019
Skipper Vic Lilygreen

Whent out to do a bit of crew training. Then dropped the baited hooks. Caught a few  undersize fish, plaice, bream and bass. Caught a good size dabs. There were loads of lunatic fish (hounds), some of the biggest I've seen. Also quite a few growlers.
Skipper Vic.
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Monday 10 June 2019
Skipper John Elvins 
Took advantage of a small gap in weather for this fishing trip. Not many members on board but enough for a trip.
We had a few mackerel on our way out. So decided to go Oxwich for tope. No more baitfish to be seen. We anchored 1 hr before high tide. The water from lighthouse down was full of Mayweed Bloom. We had a couple of runs with John and Phil losing fish at the boat, but Howard "lucky "Hopkins managed to land 3 to 25lb.

Skipper John Elvins
Lucky Howard 25lb tope
 Howard Hopkins - tope 2
Howard Hopkins tope 3
Allan Walters boat fishing out of Milford
Sunday 9 June 2019
A superb days fishing today out of Milford aboard the Celtic Wildcat . Weather was great and plenty of Pollock to 6lbs and a couple of Codling to 5 lbs. Happy days.

Off we go at high speed

At the fishing mark - fantastic weather
One of the many fish caught
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Monday 27 May 2019
Skipper John Elvins
Oystercat fishing trip on yet another great Neap tide looking like it was "blown off". I thought I would give it a go if for no other reason than to show how bad it can be just past the SWIG and how nice along the Swansea foreshore. I was not proved wrong.
Thought we were in for a good day with a thornback 3 minutes after dropping anchor. Fishing went downhill from there on. Very few doggies, three small huss some big scad, baby tope, one small bream and a small bass. The wind was by this time above 30 mph, so we came back in at 12.00 noon to fish just off the strombus.  Les had a few smoothie to 8lb. Very windy and was not going to be nice once tide turned so back on the 1.30 lock in. Plenty of fresh air and empty pegs but not a great catch.
Skipper John Elvins

John Elvins - Thornback Ray
Les Chapman - Smoothhound
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Sunday 19 May 2019
Skipper John Elvins
For today's Oystercat fishing trip the conditions were good. A big tide running running down to Langland for our first stop, we had a few bream, scad, small whiting and a pollack. As the  bream were spawning they were  returned unharmed. t was then off to Oxwich for shelter from the tide run. There we had loads of smoothies to1.5lb, dabs, a few plaice, one thornback ray. a small bullhuss  and plenty of dogs. Some pf the other boats fishing out there had a few mackerel but not us.
Reasonable day out, dry and comfy all onboard seemed to enjoy the day and fishing.
Skipper John Elvins
P,S. been asked to mention that sitting down on to a hot cup of tea is not recommended !!!

Les Chapman - Smoothound
Peter Mansell - Smoothhound
John Elvins - Smoothhound
Phill Carroll - Smoothhound
Phil Bowen = Thornback ray
Jon West - Smoothhound
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Saturday 18 May 2019
Skipper Dean Gifford
Fairly slow start to today’s wrecking trip to Lundy. We did find a few fish in the end. The catch included pollack up to 8lb 8oz, a ballan wrasse, coalfish and a pouting.
Only saw 2 dolphins all day, one of which was dead and being eaten by gulls. Very little bird life, no seals and just a few porpoise closer to home. Most sad, everywhere seemed a little barren / devoid of life today.
Skipper: Dean Gifford
Alun Jones - Pollack
Mark Thomas - Pollack
Richie Pearce - Pollack
Paul Thomas - Pollack
Brian Mason - Coalfish
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Sunday 12 May 2019
Skipper Dean Gifford
Poor day on the Oystercat. Only 3 onboard so we did a bit of prospecting.
Spent the morning and early afternoon drifting for flat fish, we caugth one plaice, a few dabs, grey gurnard, smooth hound, mackerel and dogfish.
We came back into the bay in the afternoon where we added a thornback ray and whiting to our day's tally.
Easterly wind made drifting with the tide very difficult in the morning, but can’t complain too much as it was gloriously sunny all day.
Skipper Dean Gifford.
John Bevan - just the one plaice
Mumbles Belle Fishing Trip
Sunday 12 May 2019
Skipper Vic Lilygreen
Not a bad day today on Mumbles Belle, we caught a few fish for the pan, & a lot of dogs & smoothhounds that were only good for tangling our fishing lines. We had some very nice dabs (which Livio seemed to end up with). I was happy with the boat & the way it handled, & apart from a backache from not using the proper seat, all was well.
I look forward to the next one, when we will have more of a "cunning plan" than we had today, which was very much a shakedown trip for boat & skipper.
Crewman Nigel (Ellerton) was saddled with most of the driving, whilst I mingled with the anglers, & pointedly gave much advise on the many errors in their boat fishing techniques and duties.
Skipper Vic Lilygreen
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Saturday 11 May 2019
Skipper Richie Pearce
Skipper Ritchie Pierce and chief mate Nigel Ellerton took 8 members from Skewn out on the Oystercat and the weather and sea condition conditions were near perfect.
In the morning session we caught a mixture of species and the usual Mumbles trout topping the list.
Come midday skipper Ritchie looked into his crystal ball, weighed anchor and  repositioned the Oystercat  off Langland. To our delight we were rewarded with a catch of 22 bream, the biggest was 3lb 4 oz. All 22 bream caught were safely returned.
Nigel Ellerton's Bream Dream record was smashed by Marine Biologist Colton Jones' stunning 3 lb 4 oz Bream.

A big thnak you to Richie and Nigel for their patience, their culinary skills,  having a happy ship and giving us a fishing experience is second to none.

Bob Christie reporting. 
Colton Jones - 3lb 40z bream
Mick Vernau - Thornback Ray

Peter May - Bullhusss


Steve Absalom dressed to thrill

Oystercat Fishing Trip
Sunday 5 May 2019
Skipper Dean Gifford

Very very cold. Slow start to the fishing today but came ok in the end. We had 15-20 small eye ray, 10 or so smooth hound (would have been more if we had more crab), thornback ray, bull huss, dabs, whiting and lots of dogs. Only 3 of us on board so lots of space and a nice easy tea round - needed lots to keep us warm in the chilly northerly breeze.

Skipper  Dean Gifford


Dean small eyed ray
Dean smoothhound

Hats off to Dean

Pete Jordan smoothhound
Pete Jordan small eyed ray

 Oliver Venus small eyed ray

Oliver Venus collects another SER

Smoothhound (Dean) and thornback ray (Pete)
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Saturday 4 May 2019
Skipper Mark Thomas
With a big tide today the plan was to go to Oxwich wrecks and moorings so as to stay out of the rip. It paid off with a total of 10 species and good quantities. 
Nice size dabs, loads of them, pin whiting, pouting, some type of blenny.... I'm sure someone will say which, small eye ray, smoothhound, grey gurnard, quite a few, red gurnard, conger, and of course everyone's favourite dogfish.
Strong wind from Northeast was the only downside but I'm sure everyone will agree it was a lovely day !
Skipper Mark Thomas

Oxwich fishing mark

Anglers selfie


Grey Gurnard
 Oliver Venus special catch

Oliver Venus - Grey Gurnard

Olliver Venus - Blenny thingy
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Sunday 28 April 2019
Skipper John Elvins
After waiting for the weather to subside a window was showing for a trip at last .
Waited 25 mins for two no show (not good guys) we then went to the piers to see what the sea state was like. Lyn Marie passed us off to Sker point. Not feeling that brave we headed past the Swig and a swell of 5 to 7 feet was running so we dropped anchor about 1/2 mile past Swig.
Not that an exciting day except for those with big baits. 20 plus Huss to 11.5lb, 2 dab and one small Bass. The bass was Paul's first time out and Oliver experienced the huss trying to bite back.
It was claimed that the huss were there due to Peter's diligent attempts to ground bait all day.
Not bad as we heard that Lyn Marie had three people doing the same. Nice to be out lets hope the mackerel turn up this year.
Skipper John Elvins

Phil Bowen - Huss
Oliver Venus - snappy huss

Paul Canning - small bass
Skipper John - huss and monkfish (swollowed by huss)

Oystercat Fishing Trip
Saturday 21 April 2019
Skipper Dean Gifford 
A far more relaxing trip today aboard the Oystercat, got to laze around in the sun, only moving to reel in fish or turn the sausages.
I didn’t even need to do much netting, only the 2 double figure huss on dab rigs.
We ended the day having loads of dabs, whiting, grey gurnard, bull huss and dogs as well as a spider crab and a hermit on consecutive casts.
Weather was glorious, again!
A great pleasure to be out.
Skipper Dean Gifford

All calm and relaxing start...
.. then the dabs started knockin to be caught - Livio Apajee
Roger Davidage
Dean Gifford
Dean - dab and spider crab
and just for a change - a whiting for Livio


Oystercat Fishing Trip
Saturday 20 April 2019
Skipper Dean Gifford
The fantastic forecast allowed us to head on the first long rang wrecking trip of the year.
We had plenty of pollack mostly small - between 2lb and 5lb, many of which still had sprats in their mouths, a few pout, mackerel, haddock and grey gurnard.
When moving between wrecks we were joined by loads of dolphins, some tagging along with us, others going about their business.
Was a great pleasure to be out.
Pete Jordan - 'Isee no bird or fish'
George Brincatt on the pollack
The Colin Albert show
Colin Albert showing his gurnard
Colin Albert showing his pollack
Dean Gifford & Richie Pearce with their pollacks on show
Brian Mason & George Brincatt a pair of pollacks
Peter Jordan's dolphin video
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Saturday 30 March 2019
Skipper Dean Gifford
Managed to squeeze in a last minute trip today aboard the Oystercat, didn’t get through the locks until about 11:30am. Fishing was tough, we had to be right on the wreckage to get any attention from eels managed a dozen to about 30lb on the flood. Ebb was difficult with wind over tide causing the boat to swing off the structure. We finished the day in the bay where we found tons of pin whiting, a few dogs and pouting.
We drop on a massive shoal of whiting, they were like mackerel! As soon as you hit the bottom you’d have 2 on. One of the anglers had about 10 on the same piece of mackerel skin before they ripped it off! 
Well done Dean, we finished off with a run of whiting and 2 codling  was a difficult day.
Paul Morgan

Dean Gifford & Craig Barnes - Congers
Nigel Davies - Conger
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Thursday 28 March 2019
Skipper Mark Thomas
Conditions for today's trip were perfect, calm seas, sunshine and small tide.
The Big plan was to go east and anchor off Aberthaw and target the Rays.  We did manage to find a couple but it was hard work fighting our  way through hundreds of dogfish.
We also had a early smoothie and 4 strap conger. Adrian took the biggest blonde ray of the day at 13lb.
Aall in all a pleasant day out.
Cheers Skipper Mark
Lock out, all set to go fishing
Adrian Morris with the catch of the day 13lb Blonde
Steve Rosser's turn for a ray
Nigel Davies and ray
Phil Gavey had a smoothhound
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Sunday 27 February 2019
Skipper John Elvins
Oystercat trip trip was on;y half full, no juniors. With willing anglers on board we set of out on the 8.000 lock, to fish for 3hr.  2.5 hr out on our first mark found dogfish then a shout of "this is better" from Nigel. The rest of us were spurred on with some level of enthusiasm from then. Slow but steady we landed 10 spurs and lost 4 to bite offs 3 conger and a 5 inch whiting on the bank saw the day out.
Conditions were great and the company also enjoyable. Best fish Howard 24lb conger, I had a 14.5lb spur.
Skipper John Elvins reporting
Jphn elvins doing the conger
Up the spurs - Niel Wilson and John Elvins
Les Chapman earning his spurs
Howard Griffiths 24lb conger
John Elvins 14.5lb spur
Howard Griffiths nice spurdog
 Nigel Davies with a nice conger
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Sunday 24 February 2019
Skipper Dean Gifford
Really poor day on the oystercat today, beam on swell or chop seemed to follow us from mark to mark.
Had a few whiting, couple of small codling, dabs and dogs. Ended up coming in before the lock closures, which is only the 2nd time I’ve ever done that; the first time my Mrs threatened to kill me if I was late to a party!
On the plus side, I got to sit in the sun and shell the 2kg of mussels I had left, blow down the yellow tails and black lug ready for freezing and sort my tackle ‘bucket’ as I’ve been just dropping rigs in there for a few weeks thinking ‘I’ll sort it when I get home’... which I never do; every cloud has a silver lining I guess.
Skipper Dean Gifford
Shore fishing Session
Allan Walters
18 February 2019
Fished Llangennith today in a big surf. Caught my first bass of 2019. The fish was 54cm in length approx 4.5 lbs. The fish swam away strongly.

All set to catch fish
My first bass of 2019 - 54cm - 4.5lb
Swam away strongly after the photo and measuring
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Saturday 16 February 2019
Skipper Mark Thomas
It was a very hard day aboard the oystercat today. The weather forecast was borderline for cancelling but decided to have ago and went east 1st to try and find some spurs and ray .
Unfortunately failed and only managed to find dogfish a couple of dabs, small whiting and a strap. The weather held back so a pleasant day in the end.
Skipper Mark Thomas

Marina at 7 in the morning
 fishermen from Skewen
EELy good catch!! for John Spanner
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Friday 15 February 2019
Skipper Simon Clark

Started on the kidney bank where the wind resulted in quite a chop and made it a bit uncomfortable. Fishing was slow with only a single spurdog to Adrian, two whiting and the inevitable dogs (and not a lot of them ). Moved into the moorings later for a few dabs and a solitary thornback.
However, the company was as good as the weather and a good day was had by all.
Thanks to Nigel Davies and Huw Jones for crewing.
Skipper Simon Clark.
Well done Simon great to have you "back" good to see the skippers is still out front with the thornbacks. those southerlys play havoc at anchor and should be banned ...
 John Elvins
Thanks Skip, bit choppy in the beginning, not a lot of fish but the company and weather made up for it.
Shout of the day was Adrian pulling in a Spur Dog “ I ain’t touching that”
John Martin
Thanks for an entertaining day and good banter looking forward to trips great skipper would go out with you any time ,
Albert Harris

Mumbles through the looking net

Adrian Morris - spurdog
Thornback for skipper Si Clark
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Sunday 3 February 2019
Skipper Mark Thomas
Oystercat trip today turned into quite a reasonable day, started off with a lovely sunrise and calm sea.
1st stop produced 4hrs of entertaining fishing with lots of small whiting and dabs, mixed in with 11 spurdogs up to 13lb, mainly to the terrible two Phill Bowen and Nigel Davies!
When the tide turned the wind picked up and made it uncomfortable but we stuck it out for a while as the fish continued to feed.
Then decided to head inshore and get a bit of shelter where we caught more dabs, included a picture of the Belle to say thanks to Victor for letting me anchor next to him as i had no GPS unit today.
Cheers skipper Mark Thomas

Sunrise at the start of the fishing trip
Rods set just waiting
Feels like a very big one
Oh no its not!! just a new species
Phil Bowen wrestling hold one

Phil Bowen wrestling hold two

Phil Bowen wrestling hold three

Ready for the photo

Spurdog for ??

Just the two of us Phil Bowen and Nigel Davies - top anglers of the day
Mumble Belle full of fihersmen
Mumbles Belle Fishing Trip
Sunday 3 Febuary 2019
Skipper Vic lilygreen

Poor day generally dabs were mostly of a good size, but the whiting were like goldfish!
We moved out to the area of the Strombus at the start of the fllood & it was useless, & choppy, decided to move back inshore only to find that the anchor had caught another anchor rope (or a lost pot or pots.
Our anchor brought a birds nest tangle of what looked like 13mm coarse yellow rope with a length of blue rope attached like a dropper.
We were unable to get it above the surface to get it on our winch,  only managed with great difficulty to cut our anchor free, & made our way back to Mumbles to carry on "dabbing".
Made our way back in at 3.30pm.
Is that it until the bream come back in April? Will have to make  do with photos of the sun taken by Allan Walters.
Skipper Vic


Sun settled over Swansea


Oystercat Fishing Trip
Saturday 19 January 2019
Skipper Richie Pearce
Conditions were wet and damp as skipper Richies took the Oystercat out into Swansea Bay. On board were 8 senior members of the Club from STSCC, out on their first trip of the yesar. The seas were moderate and calm annd the rain did not dampen their spirits.
On the mooring the fishing was slow with no outrages shouts for net net!! However we caught a couple of small dabs, whiting and the dogfish were a bit of a nuisance. 
Come midday skipper Richie toook out his crystal ball, upped the anchor and headed a further 2 mile west of Swansea. Dropped the anchor and within minutes Andy Charles struck gold and was rewarded with a 12lb spurdog, this was followed by a franzy of 25 spurdogs weighing 5 to 11lbs plus. Two anglers qualified for a Mission Acomplished Award.
What srated as a quiet day turned into a manic afternoon. Bait of the day was fresh mackerel.
Richie and Nigel Davies gave outstanding support and help with their fishing and safety skills. Not to mention their exceptional culinary skills, providing hot and cold food and drink that would put Cunard and P&O to shame.  Well done MMBFC
Bob Christie reporting
Andy Charles - Spurdog  
John Thorne - Spurdog
Ron Phillips - Spurdog
Robert James - Spurdog
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Sunday 20 January 2019
Skipper Dean Gifford
A great day aboard the Oystercat today; lots of conger to 30lb, loads of spurdog to low teens, few whiting, dabs, small Huss and dogs. Weather was very kind all day, allowing us to stay offshore until the tide forced us back in. 
Skipper Dean Gifford
Morning has broken
1 Conger - Phil Carroll
2 Congers - Ronnie Willams & Nigel Davies
The 3 Congers
Just a pactice spur for Paul Eaton
Paul Eaton & Nigel Davies - get their spurs
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Saturday 5 January 2019
Skipper Dean Gifford
Very chilli start to the day over in minehead today!
Didn’t find the bigger cod we hoped for but had a few small ones, lots of tiny ones, whiting, lots of strap eels, few thornbacks and dogs.
We added dabs to our catch tally when we got back in swansea bay.
A long but enjoyable day.
Due to the limited cod interest I now have about 3lb of black and yellow tail lug to blow and freeze down!
Skipper Dean Gifford
Early start to Minehead
Dave Snelling - Thornback
Nigel Davies - Conger
Mark Thomas - Thornback
Colin Albert - Cod for his species hunt collection
Dean Giffford - with Cod
Merk Thomas - Conger
Oystercat Fishing Trip
Tuesday 1 January 2019
Skipper Dean Gifford
Good start to 2019 aboard the Oystercat today; started the day down Oxwich.
Where the fishing was steady through the morning, headed closer to home where the fishing picked up in the afternoo.
We ended the day with plenty of nice whiting, dabs, dogs, bull huss, pouting, cod(let) and a little spoted ray.
Weather was very kind, everyone had enough fish to take home and there was plenty of friendly competition in the Pearce-Williams family! 
Mark Thomas - spotted ray
Nathan Williams -whiting
Nathan Williams - ???
Dean Gifford- Dab