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MMBFC is a member of the Pleasure Anglers and Kayakers Association (PAKA).  
The benefits are:
  • Participation in their fishing competition, many of which are on the Swansea Breakwater and ABPs only allow fishing there through PAKA.
  • Sharing knowledge and experience with other anglers in a wider fishing community.
  • Comprehensive Public and Personal Liability Insurance at very competitive rates.

PAKA aims to promote angling and conservation, promote coaching and raise money for registered charities throughout South Wales.  PAKA will - help, develop and educate  members about fishing and marine conservation, coach and increase junior membership year on year, complete a number of beach clean-ups a year, coach and improve the skills of all members, and encourage anglers to fish safely.  Provide comprehensive liability insurance for clubs and individuals, including personal insurance, at a reasonable cost. 

Mead Sport and Leisure Limited: Specialist Angling Insurance Brokers

Our members public liability insurance is provide through our association with PAKA and arranged through the above broker. As an affiliated club member you get £5,000,000 third party liability cover or £1,000,000 personal third party liability cover every time you go out fishing - it's a real bargain of your membership.
 Mead is The Home of Angling Club insurance in the UK. For over a decade MEAD Sport and Leisure Limited has been providing customised high quality insurance products in to the angling community. Today MEAD is a leading provider of such products in the UK and has over 1200 Angling Clubs and Commercial Fisheries on its books.

These Clubs and Fisheries receive unrivaled personal service from a Company with an in depth knowledge of all facets of angling and possessing the flexibility to continue to expand and develop its products with the aid of one of the leading sports underwriting syndicates at Lloyd’s of London.

Lloyds carries a financial strength rating of ‘A’ from AM Best. This is of paramount importance as they regard our Risk Security to be absolutely essential especially when one considers the difficulties being experienced world wide by international insurance companies.

MEAD continues to expand and can now provide insurance cover for Boats, Plant and Machinery, Buildings, Lodges and other forms of Holiday Accommodation so please call if we can assist in this respect.
Please note: this is for public liability cover, it is not for personal accidents or tackle loss cover.

Public and Personal Liability Insurance
Simply Defined for The Ang
ling Community
This cover provides protection for The Club itself and, by definition, its Officers and
Committee Members. The cover would be operative in the event that a Court Award was made following a ruling that found The Club, or its officers, had been guilty of negligence that had led to Damage to a Third Party or their Property. Without this cover, in the event of an award, The Court could well pursue Officers of the Club on an individual basis.
Hypothetical Example:"The Club arranged pegs at a particular distance apart for a match and, subsequently, one angler blinded an adjacent angler. The Court could decide that The Club had been negligent as the pegs should have been twice as far apart which would have led to such an accident being avoided".
then there is
Personal Liability Cover - This cover provides protection should a similar finding be made but The Court decided that said Damage was the result of an individuals personal negligence. In other words this cover would be against the individual concerned operative in circumstances where The Club had no responsibility for the individual’s actions. This section of the insurance, by definition, also provides Member to Member cover.
Hypothetical Example: "An individual angler was fishing socially on Club waters and did not check before casting. In fact a member of the public was only 12 feet or so behind the casting angler and he or she was rendered blind in one eye after against the individual concerned catching a hook. Obviously The Club could not be held responsible. Any Court award would therefore be made personally against the individual concerned".
Without Personal Liability Cover in place there are certain circumstances in which officers/Committee members can become embroiled in an Award made against one of their individual members if that individual is unable to pay such an Award.
It is estimated that over 80% of accidents on or around fishing waters are due to the negligence of individual anglers and, as a consequence, are not covered by standard Public Liability insurance. The inclusion of Personal Liability cover in MEAD’s Club Liability insurance package is therefore regarded by many as essential.
(the latter to include Assault if required).
It is necessary to point out that all comments, statements and hypothetical examples above are just that and, as such, cannot be used as a benchmark in the context of any factual set of circumstances. Underwriters cannot be held responsible for any decisions made in a Court of Law. In certain circumstances, it may be that Underwriters would consider appealing against any such Ruling if they, and their advisers, considered it legally appropriate.


FREEPHONE 0800 0850 261  or visit at
Mead as an appointed representative of Golfguard Limited Sport and Leisure Limited have been authorised by The Financial Services Authority FSA to act as an appointed representative of Golfguard Limited - FSA firm reference number 310410.


The name of the insured is The  Offices for the time being of the Pleasure Anglers and Kayakers Association, its Member Clubs, Their Offices and Their Individual Members
The insurer is Faraday Underwriting Ltd Syndicate 435 at Lloyds.
Limits of Indemnity - The PUBLIC LIABILITY: any one occurrence, or series of occurrence arising from one event and unlimited in the aggregate in the Period of Insurance.
Additional Conditions:
Damage to Third Party Vessels Endorsement
Notwithdstanding any thing and to the contrary in Section Two Public Liability Exception (a) in respect of damage to any vessel not owned by the insured on which is carried out he business as described in the schedule, the Liability of the Company shall not exceed £100,000 (subject to a 10% Co-insurance clause or an excess of £1500, whichever is the greater).
Geographical Limits Extension
In respect of directly related sea angling activities the Geographical Limits are extended worldwide and not as otherwise stated. Provided that in respect of any activity carried on in the United States of America or Canada the following conditions and exclusions apply:
a) any action for damages in brought against the Insured within the Jurisdiction of a Court within Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Mann or the Channel Islands
b) cost and expenses are inclusive within the limit of indemnity
c) The Underwriters shall not indemnify the Insured under this extension against liability directly or indirectly caused by or arising out of pollution or contamination of buildings, or other structures, of of water or land of the atmosphere.

Section 2 of this Policy is extended to include PERSONAL LIABILITY incurred by any member albeit that junior members under 16 years of age must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult of a least 21 years of age at all times. The limit of indemnity under Section 2 shall be limited to £1,000,000 any one occurrence in respect of PERSONAL LIABILITY and is deemed to include cover for local inland angling in the UK.
L61 Abuse Exclusion
The COMPANY shall not indemnify the INSURED under Section 2 of this insurance against liability arising from abuse of any nature whether direct or indirect.
  • MMBFC does not accept any liability for personal accidental injury or the loss of or damage to any personal property (e.g fishing tackle), however caused whilst on/or fishing from Club Boats or in other Club fishing events.

  • The Membership Fees of Mumbles Motor Boat and Fishing Club (MMBFC) includes Third Party Personal Liability Insurance Cover whilst out fishing.

  • It does not provide Personal Accident or Property (e.g. Fishing Tackle) Insurance Cover. Neither does the Insurance Cover for the boats.

  • All Club Members are responsible for taking adequate precautions for the safety of themselves, their equipment/property, and of others who may be affected by their activity. Although the Club provides some basic guidelines on fishing and boat safety, it is no substitute for common sense, care and watchfulness.

  • Members must fully co-operate with the Club's officials, membership ID cards must be available for inspection when requested.

  • All MMBFC Committee decisions final and are subject to change without prior notice.

Note: Fishing tackle can be covered by household insurance.