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19 October 2020

Today the Welsh Govt announced a 17 day lockdown starting on Friday the 23rd October at 6pm and running for 17 days ending at the start of Monday 9th November.
So far as MMBFC are concerned, this means that we shall not be able to use the club boats in any way for that period.

Also all bars and restaurants in Wales are closed during this period, so there will be no club meetings.

New rules covering how people can meet will apply after this lockdown, but as yet the details have not been released. We will keep you advised.


25 September 2020

There are new local lockdowns this weekend for Swansea, Llanelli & Cardiff. People are not able to travel into or out of the lockdown area without a "reasonable excuse".

This applies from 6pm on Saturday 26th September for Llanelli, and from 6pm on Sunday 27th September for Swansea & Cardiff.

Therefore to comply with the latest restrictions, trips on the club boats can still proceed with social distancing, but only with club members from the Swansea area whilst the local lockdown is in place.


14 September 2020

The current restrictions on outdoor gatherings issues by the Welsh Government allow up to 30 people to meet outdoors whilst maintaining social distancing.

The executive committee have determined that the club boats will need run with reduced numbers during this period to allow social distancing. The cabin area is restricted to skipper & crew during this period. 


Oystercat - Max of 6 people in total

Whilst the Oystercat has sufficient deck space for 9 people to fish and maintain distancing when at anchor or drifting, the difficulty is the comfort of those on board whilst the boat is travelling. 

The Oystercat does kick up spray at speed, and with the cabin unavailable, this means anglers will need to shelter between the rear of the cabin and the livewells, and it is this area that limits the numbers on board to 4 plus skipper & crew – a total of 6 people.

At the skipper’s discretion additional anglers may be permitted, but this would depend on the weather and may mean some anglers getting wet whilst travelling. 
The weather may be good at the start of the day but can deteriorate later.

Mumbles Belle - Max of 4 people in total

Due to its smaller size, numbers on the Belle are limited to the skipper plus 3 anglers


Bookings for trips are via email to or the online forms.

When the Corona Virus restrictions are relaxed, we will be able to resume trips with more anglers onboard.