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Oystercat Fishing Trip 31 December 2016
Skipper Dean Gifford
It was a very early start for this fishing trip to the North Devon fishing marks, We we got off the Devon coast at 9am, it was gorgeous, calm and no wind.
Nice change for the Oystercat today, with a trip over the other side. We didn't find the big cod we were hoping for, but had some nice blonde rays, thornback ray, lovely big whiting, dogs and a few strap conger which did very good impressions of cod staying deep at the back of the boat which got the old heart racing! John Bevan had a couple of thornbacks.
Had a great day out today over by Devon - really chuffed with my 13.5 lb blonde ray- my lucky Guinness hat obviously !!
Goes without saying- the fish was gently released unharmed.

Dean Gifford and Nigel Ellerton reporting.

Early start, time to catch up on some sleep
Arriving off the North Devon Coast - steam train out early as well
Nigel Davies - Whiting
Nigel Ellerton with new 13.5 lb blonde. Note the lucky Guinness hat
Paul Eaton - Ray
Dean Gifford - Ray
Roger Davidge - Ray
John Bevan - Thornback
Ian Gabe - Whiting
Oystercat fishing trip 27 December 2016

Skipper Dean Gifford

Testing day today aboard the Oystercat today. Doggies were out in force, but a run of big whiting in the afternoon saved the day. Better than a day watching Christmas tv and eating left over turkey!

Skipper Dean.  
Whitings for Roger Davidge
Whiting for Dean Gifford
Oystercat fishing trip Sunday, 18 December 2016
Skipper Dean Gifford
Today's trip to Aberthaw was much less productive than Saturday's trip. We managed a few nice blondes, a couple of strap conger, a lone spur dog, a few whiting and millions of dogs.

Lots of better fish were lost but that's how it goes some days. Sea state was great, food was great, fishing was poor... you can't have it all ways!

Skipper Dean.
Anf its a ray for ??
Dean Gifford - Spur Dog
Conger eel Nigel Ellerton
Nigel Davies - Ray
Oystercat fishing trip Saturday, 17 December 2016
Skipper Dean Gifford
Reasonable day aboard the Oystercat today.  The fishing started a bit slow but after searching around we found a few tidy fish. We ended the day with plenty of nice whiting, a few dabs, pouting, bull huss, spurdogs, congers, dogs and a lone codling.
Bob Christie with the lone codling
Whiting for Richie Pearce
Cyril Hughes with one of his whiting
Conger eel for Dean Gifford
Stan John caught this conger eel
Been a hard day's fishing for Ashley and to end up with no fish and a sore neck
Mumbles Belle fishing trip 11 December 2016
Skipper Vic Lilygreen
Steady day on Mumbles Belle, boat started & run no problem, weather was calm all day but some big swells came rolling off the Mixon Bank, & rolled across the Green Grounds, but they were big & not breaking. We caught an AWFUL LOT of growlers, but we also had quite a few nice whiting & dabs. Steve Jenkins served his apprenticeship on dogfish today so he is allowed to move on to bigger & better from now on. Richie Pearce made a rare guest appearance on Belle today, & rediscovered his affection for "critters without teeth", & between us we managed to catch a bucket of good whiting & dabs for him to share with Ray our Commodore who is unable to fish himself.

Richie's catch of the day - whiting and dab
Oystercat fishing trip to Lundy 30 November 2016
Skipper Dean Gifford
Good day aboard the Oystercat today, we had to break through the ice in the marina to get out. We went down to Lundy Island where we had 50-60 pollack to 6lb, Ballan wrasse, mackerel and a lone pouting. We were treated to the company of a pod of very playful dolphin; unfortunately my video didn't record, hopefully one of the other members of the trip will have a video to put up.

I Hope Phil, Andrew and Les had fish also looks like a good day yet again. john
Everyone caught fish. Dean  
Some lovely pollack & wrasse there weather looked great too, looks like a good trip well done all. Vic
Lundy Island
John Bevan - whiting
3 amigos with more whiting, Dean Gifford, John Bevan and Richie Pearce
One more whiting for Dean
Whiting forBob Christie
Only two this time for Nigel Davies and Dean
Ballan wrasse for Nigel Davies
Another ballan wrasse for Bob Christie
Mumble Belle fishing trip 30 November 2016
Skipper Vic Lilygreen
Nothing as sexy as a Lundy trip for Mumbles Belle (would take us 2 weeks there & back), just a routine run out to the Green Grounds for a freezer top up of whiting & dabs. Well there were plenty of whiting about, but a lot of them were undersize & went back, but we had a good bag over sizeable fish too, enough for everybody to take a decent amount home. We also hit a lot of dabs & luckily theses were all in size, some of them were probably specimen size, but with their heads & tails removed they were merely frying pan fuel. It started off a bit grey & lumpy & cold, but as the day went on it got flatter & warmer (I dont know where they guy on "The Wave" got his "Bitterly Cold" from) it was gorgeous. VHF chatter that we were catching some decent pan fish soon assembled a small flotilla around us, which is comforting when the water is cold, but the nearest rescue boat is about 100yds away.
Thanks Vic for a very enjoyable day with the hospitality 1st class as always ! And don't forget the new name for that annoying (growler) double ! Ant and Dec. Carl Isaac.
Green Grounds fishing marks
Flotilla of small boats joined in the harvest
Oystercat fishing trip 29 November 2016
Skipper Dean Gifford
Chilly day aboard the Oystercat today. Low numbers so we stayed local and kept to a leisurely lock in and out time of 9am - 3:30pm. We had 2 new members, Vicky and Dave on-board (Richyie's daughter Victoria Williams and son in law David Williams). Dave caught his first ever fish! Then proceeded to catch more than his fair share! We ended the day having had 70-80 whiting (most small but enough to make sure everyone had some fish to take), dabs, mackerel, pouting, poor cod, weaver fish, dogs and bull huss.

Mike Jones
Mike Jones
Damian Evans

Dean Gifford fishing CBYC Cod Comp 27 November 2016

I had a nice 9lb cod today aboard Lady Jue 5, which got me 16th place (I think) in Cardiff Bay Yacht Club's cod comp.
We had 7 more, but none met the 2kg min weight so this was the only one weighed.
Quiet a large contrast in fishing for me over the last 2 days. From following feeding birds and feathering for bass and mackerel in the baking sun; wearing just a shirt to uptiding in chocolate coloured water with large lug and squid baits for cod. To being wrapped up in a floatation suit wishing I'd worn more layers!
Variety is the spice of life!
Dean Gifford - 9lb Cod
Sunday 27 November 2016

Nice day's fishing on Pendine beach, 10 of us had around 30 flounders all nice fish the best went to Geoffrey Collier 17'' long about 2.1/2lb, fish of the day won him a bottle of bells whiskey. Gerald Collier

Oystercat fishing trip 26 November 2016
Late addition
Peter Elliott with a huge whiting  
Oystercat fishing trip 26 November 2016
Skipper Dean Gifford 
Richie Pearce was meant to do this trip but his eye was playing up so I took it out instead. We intended staying localish, Morfa or Sker.

I spent a few hours tying rigs in front of TV the evening before, getting ready for the trip.

We had a great day aboard the Oystercat today. Weather was much better than forecast. Fishing started slow but finished strong, 40+ school bass, 15-20 mackerel (some jumbos!!), 70+ whiting to 1lb 12oz, 10 or so dabs, pouting, poor cod, grey gurnard, tub gurnard, codling, dogs and bull huss. Good mix of species for the end of November!!

Whiting, Gurnard, Bass, Mackerel ?? - end of November ?

Glad to see some nice pan fish about, makes me feel confident about our trip on Wednesday, & a good forecast too. Vic
Top skipper does it again! Grant Evans
Dean tackling up in front of TV
Still more work to do
Absolutely lovely morning on Oystercat
Very pleasant early morning cruise
Early morning whiting for Rob James
and a nice dab for Nigel Ellerton
Moved further East early afternoon.
Then it all happened when Dean saw birds working and followed them in. Big mackerel and nice bass coming in two and three at a time.
3 at a time
Dean 2 at time
Can't believe the weather
Looks like a nice bass for Nigel
John Thorne 2 whiting at a time
Rob James 3 more whiting
What just a single fish
Oystercat Fishing Trip 22 November 2016
Skipper John Elvins
Despite the poor forecast skipper John decided to get some fresh air at least. Conditions were good enough to allow a trip off Port Talbot where whiting were prolific a fortnight ago. A good start that got slower was what greeted the crew. Two keeper whiting for Jon West and Andrew Hutchings were first fish aboard.

We had a total of seven conger eel to the boat with Phil Bowen getting his brace in early the biggest only about 6lb and Jon West not to be beaten landed one too. Debate was had as to if they we Conger or silver eel.

John Elvins did manage two bull huss of about 6lb and Phil Gavey showed he did not know how to hold a fish to photo.

Peter Watkins joined in the conger catch (we think) and Phil Gavey ended the day with a nice 3 beard rockling.
A slowish day with good company, food provided by Slicer Wizard (PW) and Tuckers of Penclawdd with plenty of tea and banter. Enjoyed by all.
Andrew Hutchings - Whiting
Jon West - Whiting
Guess Who!! - Conger Eel
Jon West - Conger eel ??
Phil Gavey - don't shoot!!
John Elvins - Bull Huss
Phil Gavey - 3 Bearded rockling
Peter Watkins -Conger eel
Oystercat fishing trip 19 November 2016
Skipper Dean Gifford
Poor day on the Oystercat; we had a few dabs, pin whiting, school bass and dogs. Weather kept us in the bay all day but had the chance to try a new mark which is always good!

Bab hand Lewis Pearce
Mumbles Belle !9 November 2016
Skipper Vic Lilygreen
Naff day today on Mumbles Belle, not many fish worth catching, couple of sizeable whiting, & couple of nice big dabs, a couple of basslets, & a horde of growlers!
The forecast SW wind blew increasingly strongly from the SE????? resulting in one angler suffering from the "Jolly Green Giant" so I deemed it sensible to head in before the lock closure.

Skipper Vic reporting
 Oystercat fishing trip Sunday, 12 November 2016
Skipper Dean Gifford

Another early start on OYSTERCAT- but what a lovely morning.

First catch was for Dean with a nice double of dabs followed Jayson Whitehouse with his first ever dab. Then some time later Nigel had a nice bass, Then Dean and Jayson were into the bass (a first for Jayson). Nigel E reporting.
Varied day aboard the Oystercat today. We had lots of dabs, whiting (most small, a few topping 1lb 8oz) pouting, poor cod, strap conger, bull huss, mackerel, tub gurnard, 7 bass to 4lb and dogs. Not hectic sport but every one had some fish to take home. Dean.  
Early morning Swansea Marina 
Beautiful sunrise over the bay
2 Dabs for Dean Gifford

Jayson Whitehouse first dab
Nigel with first bass of the day

Steve Jenkins and Carl Rosser with their bass catch
More bass for Jayson and Dean
The fishing trip ended with a very nice sunset for the return to the marina
Mumbles Belle Fishing trip 8 November 2016
Skipper Vic Lilygreen
We had some nice big dabs, I had a lovely big plaice, & a good pollack, and Jonathon West landed a very nice ballan wrasse (his first ever).
Then - Don't Panic Capt Mainwaring!!!

Ironic on the day poor old Clive Dunn (Cpl Jones) passed away, that we had a "situation" on Belle. Went to start up over near the Mumbles lighthouse & click, click, click, press "Emergency Start" click, click click oops. Called Dereck on Katie Ann who was also out & he said he would stand by to assist if needed (Thank you Dereck). I carry a spare battery off my own old boat which I use to run the deck floodlights if needed, & I keep it topped up with a small solar panel onboard, anyway I swapped it for the main battery & she fired up straight away, so that eliminates the starter switch, or solenoid. or starter motor from being at fault, its either the alternator, or the batteries themselves at fault, so first job charge both batteries then test them to see if they hold their charge, if they do then its the alternator faulty.

We came in early as Katie Ann was going in so she covered our return (thanks again Dereck). So tomorrow its down the marina & put both batteries on charge & check alternator connections for any faults, we dont have mechanical failures on Belle so a solution WILL be found lol.


Report continued...
I went out on the Mumbles Belle today with Vic and John, a few dabs of nice size were caught, I had a nice ballan wrasse. However, too many dogs meant we had to move spots a couple of times, and the weather also made us return early.
I think Vic deserves to be congratulated- a breakdown at sea is a very frightening experience. Vic handled the matter with calm and professionalism- as skipper he has a big responsibility towards himself and if course all on board. Derek Wright deserves a mention many thanks Derek. Vic I I know everyone will join with me in thanking him for your great effort on board today's fishing trip.
John West
Absolutely,well done Vic, and Derek on standby.
Nigel Ellerton (Vice Commodore)

Oystercat fishing trip 8 November 2016
Skipper John Elvins

The planned toothy critter hunt a total flop on the cat today. There were so many whiting below us we could only get one small bull huss to the boat. Two bigger strikes were made but no fish from them. Best whiting went to Peter Watkins and a nice Red Gurnard for skipper John for all his troubles. However, new member Andrew Hutchings showed us all how to do it first with a three up then a foursome. With the weather getting worse we came in early and I thought we maybe should have waited for the next lock when confronted by a large tug boat.

A good very active day for all on board plenty of action on the smaller fish, with some nice grub from Tuckers to keep moral up.

Many thanks to all the guys on board for a great day out.

Andrew hope you enjoyed your first trip with us.

Nigel Ellerton
Red Gurnard John
Peter Watkins - Whiting
Andrew Hutchings - 3 up
Then four up
Oystercat fishing trip 5 November 2016
Skipper Dean Gifford
Another lovely morning on OYSTERCAT- early out to enjoy the sunrise.
Dean was into a Gurnard early on.
Next up 'brilliantly' caught was a nice brill for Richie Pearce.
Lone Ranger? one lone mackerel caught by Nige.
Followed by nice Small Eyed Ray for Dean.
Next up was Grey Gurnard for Nige.
The species count increases with a double dab for Richi and one each for Nigel and Stan. Then a gurnard and crab take Nigel's bite to finish the day.
Wind started to pick up as forecast and Dean invented a new word for freezing! - REFRESHING!!

Well I must say- we enjoyed that ! - we came home a little earlier than planned- the wind picking up to unrelentless proportion with nowhere to shelter

But a lovely sunny day apart from the wind.

Nigel Ellerton reporting
Nigel Ellerton - Gurnard and crab
More dabs for Nigel and John
Richie Pearce - Dabs by the double
Nigel Ellerton -  Gurnard
Dean Gifford - Small Eyed Ray
Nigel Ellerton - Mackerek
Richie Pearce - Brill
Dean Gifford - Gurnard
 Oystercat fishing trip 3 November 2016
Skipper Richie Pearce
Nothing much to write home about. A nice southerly breeze which increased to gusts of 29mph by midday. So the only way for comfort was back into the bay a little bit. Started about 1/2 mile past the SWIG Buoy, then inside the SWIG and then off the pier. Had plenty of fresh air. John Bevan's first fish was a grey gurnard, then he had a 2.5lb codling. Phil Bowen had his first conger (as such) but well happy at catching a new species. Stan John had the best fish of the day with nice orange spots and a bag full of plump Dabs was also taken by the end of the trip after Skipper Richie Perace put us on a secret Dab spot.

John Elvins reporting

Nice Plaice for Stan John
Stan's fish
Phil Bowen - small conger for first species of this fish
John Bevan - Grey Gurnard
Oystercat Fishing trip 30 October 2016
Skipper Dean Gifford
We set off this morning to Aberthaw, it was nice and mild as we cleared Nash point.
Main species target today were rays. Dean Gifford started us off with a nice spotted ray followed by Colin Albert and myself with two blonde rays.
Steve Jenkins, Carl Rosser, John Bevan, Dean Gifford and myself followed up with some more blonde.
Steve Jenkins then pulled in another lovely ray.
Then a couple of cracking fish. First John Bevan with a 15lb conger and Malcolm Ruff with a lovely cod of over 10lb.
Colin Albert weighed in with a lovely tub Gurnard of just over 1 and half pounds later in the day.
Nigel Ellerton reporting for MMBFC
Dean Gifford - Blonde Ray
Nigel Ellerton - Blonde Ray
Carl Rosser - Blonde Ray
John Bevan - Blonde Ray           Dean Gifford Spotted Ray
Colin Albert - Tub Gurnard
Colin Albert with same Tub Gurnard
Malcolm Ruff - with cod over 10lb
John Bevan - with 15lb conger
Stephen Jenkins -with his blondes
Oystercat fishing trip Saturday, 29 October 2016
Skipper Dean Gifford
Today was poor, only a dozen or so bass to 4lb,
A few mackerel, dabs, gurnard, dogs and a lone thornback.
Just a couple of photos taken on the day, bass for Steve Absalom and Peter May. See next line.
Steve Absalom - bass to 4lb

Peter May - Bass just under 41b
Oystercat fishing trips 21 & 22 October 2016
Skipper Dean Gifford
A slow evening last night, Friday 21 October 2016, for the Oystercat, just jumbo pout, a few whiting and a lone conger among the dogs. A better day today, Saturday, 22 October 2016, 20 or so conger to 26lb, thornback, bull huss and dogs made up the bulk of the day's catch. On the way back to the marina we spotted a load of birds working the surface; stopping to check out what the fuss was about, it was a good call we had 40-50 bass and a few mackerel in the hour or so we were there. All small fish (30-40cm) but good fun none the less.
Dean Gifford -28 lb conger
John Bevan displaying 3 of his congers
Dean and John doing the conger
Les Chapman had at least 2 congers
Dean Gifford - Thornback Ray
Jayson Whitehouse in with a late catch
Mumbles Belle fishing trip report for Thursday, 20 October 2016
Mumbles Belle was out on Thursday, 20 October 2016 as well as the Oystercat. It's the first time we've been able to get both boats at sea together for some time. Skipper Vic Lilygreen went east onto the green grounds. When first attempted the wind was against the tide which didn't help, so they went over to the calm of the moorings at Mumbles. Species included the inevitable dogs, some dabs, small bass and a scorpion ( thingy) fish.
After the OYSTERCAT retreated due to lock closure restrictions the Belle moved over to the Strombuss wreck and pulled in a good haul of dabs, gurnard and a few unidentified objects !! Mal Davies caught fish and enjoyed the day.

Home to marina is never seamless, Livio doing his best to rein-act the flying angel on a display team field gun run by clinging onto the pontoon grill by his fingers and sticking his toes into the edge of the boat, great work Livio.
Another good day out

Nigel Ellerton

Seren Wib Fishing trip20 October 2016
Club Member Steve Harvey was out alongside the Oystercat on Thursday, 20 October 2016. Steve's boat the Seren Wib anchored up behind us to maximize our scent trail. His grandson Reuben had a great day fishin with number of different species. The photos show just a few, including a nice Gurnard, a brace of Plaice, Whiting and a Bull Huss.
Submitted by John Elvins.
This is brilliant- just what everyone wants to see- well done Reuben and well done John for sharing this.

Nigel Ellerton

Reuben Harvey - Bull Huss
Reuben Harvey -Plaice
Reuben Harvey -Whiting
Oystercat fishing trip 20 October 2016
Skipper John Elvins decided that it would a short trip today, to get some sea air into the lungs as well as tight lines.
 It was a lovely morning, a bit brisk but nice to be out.
The new cooker was tested early on with breakfast cooking before we were in the bay. We could see a large trawler fiishing out in the Channel and hoped it would not spoil our day.

We had good catches considering the short trip. Nigel Ellerton started off with a bull huss this was then followed by a bull huss for Phil Bowen. Phil ended up a very happy angler with an assortment of caught fish species. We had only one small whiting early on, but there seemed to be a carpet of dogfish to get trough. Then just past the SWIG. Phil pulled in a Bass of 3.5lb and John thought he had a bass as well, but turned out to be a bull huss caught on a light rod. Nigel Davies had a blenny of sorts which gave him a heck of a fight to start, he also a nice gurnard. Hope the pictures show most of the fish we caight.

Oh Yeah must not forget Nigel Ellerton had two nice plaice as well, so a varied species day, and some near misses with the green coaster that came very close across our bow.

Skipper John Elvins for Fishing News at 13.30

Oh what a beautiful morning for being at sea
Nigel Ellerton - Bull Huss
Phil Bowen - Bull Huss
Phil Bowen happy with his small catches
3.5lb bass for Phil Bowen
John Bull Huss Elvins
Nigel Davies - Gurnard
Nigel Davies caught a kind of Blenny
Name that fish (try tompot)
Nigel Ellerton with 1 of the 2 plaice he caught
Close encounters of a coaster kind
Oystercat fishing trip Sunday, 9 October 2016
Skipper Dean Gifford

There was a change of scenery for the Oystercat today. She headed east to Aberthaw to target the rays and conger, instead of chasing bass and bream the other way. We ended the day with 25-30 blonde rays to 12lb, 15-20 conger to 28lb, a few whiting, small eye ray, spotted ray and dogs and a few sea monsters we didn't get to see! Was a very nice change, weather was lovely in the afternoon, Loads of laughs, great way to spend a Sunday! Dean.

John Bevan had a few nice fish, including a new PB conger @ 28lb, but after weighing it got its tail through the scupper and made its exit, getting its head caught in the process, so no photo. Richis Pearce started off slow but soon got into the swing of things, faultless casting with his sea streak and interesting walk backwards technique to beat the big rays and congers. I dare say he had more fun than he thought he would. Lots of PBs and first of species caught!

Skipper Dean

Richie Pearce, Gerald Collier, Dean Gifford
Gerald and Denise Collier
Denise Collier and Gerald Collier
Gerald Collier and Dean Gifford
Dean Gifford
Richie Pearce
Nigel Davies
Colin Albert
Oystercat Fishing trips 1st & 2nd October 2016
Skipper Dean Gifford
Oystercat managed to get out both days this weekend. Saturday poor weather kept us sheltering inshore but between downpours we managed a few different species: bass, plaice, conger eels, dabs, mackerel, pollack, grey and tub gurnard, smooth hounds and a few dogs. Sunday was far better weather wise, fishing was equally varied with plenty of species being caught: mackerel, bass, pollack, codling, black bream, tope, bull huss, dogs, tub, red and grey gurnard. Dean.  
A great day out, Sunday 2nd, Captain G sure put us on the fish and on a few different marks up the Gower to boot. Great to have a new member catch new species (well done Ash) and Jon West did not get any Tuna but said he had one of his best days boat fishing. Weather good, company grand. What more can you want ..FISH ..oh we had that as well..Tight lines all ..John E
 Great day fishing , big thanks to Dean and John Elvins (great cooking) where do you get that Cajun sauce fellas Jon West
Great to see you out again Jon - fishing wasn't too bad considering the weather - the Cajun sauce ? - you will never know !!- Nigel  
John Bevan - Bull Huss
Dean Gifford - Bull Huss
3 x Bass Jon West, Ashley Haley, Dean Gifford
John Bevan - Bass
Ashley Haley - New Member - 1st Trip nice Tope
Bass for Dean Gifford & John Elvins
More bass for Nigel Davies & Jon West
Bass this time for Ashley
Nigel Davies one more bass
John Elvins - went for Bull Huss this time
John Bevan - Red gurnard
Denise and Gerald Collier put in the hard yards to fish from St. David's Head onSunday 3 October 2016
The walk nearly killed then but the views were awesome
And then they had some nice fish to make it a fantastic day

Mumbles Belle Fishing Trip 22 September 2016
Skipper Vic Lilygreen
Well the "Dab Hunt" never panned out quite as expected, we did have a few dabs but not in the numbers I hoped for. We had lots of tiny bass, & growlers of course (which cheered up Livio & John Jones) & Livio landed some very nice gurnard, but the plaice never turned up for us.
John had a suprise keeper bream, & a weaver which could have been an even bigger suprise had he not known how to deal with it, we even had a couple of mackerel on bait.

All in all not too bad a day & the weather was warm & the sea was quite calm, so any day like that has to be a success.
Looking forward to the whiting & dabs arriving in numbers now.   
Oystercat Fishing Trip 15 September 2016
Skipper John Elvins
Oystercat day fishing trip on Thursday 15th. We went first of all down to Oxwich to catch some Mackerel, not much good but we had success later  the Mumbles moorings. A very slow fishing time otherwise with just one plaice and a few dogs.
Next we went out into the deeper water looking for bull huss and a few late tope.  Fair doos te fish did obliged. Les Chapman was fishing in dogfish corner but the rest of us managed to hook into some bigger fish. We total 8 shark type fish which were successfully tagged by our resident tagger Sean Evans. Sean bought his brother Grant along to show off double hook ups of gurnard and a nice tope for his first day out.
Richard Pearce our very own orange juice drinker was not to be outdone and landed a nice PB Tope of his own.

All in all about 6 tope and 4 Bull huss landed with nearly everyone having the pleasure of being bitten off or line snapped on the run. not a brilliant day out but a good one all round.

John E
John Elvins - Tope 1
Phil Bowen - bullhuss
John Elvins - Tope 2
Richard Pincott - Tope
Nigel Davies - Bullhuss
Grant Evans - Gurnard
Grant Evans - Tope
MMBFC Fishing Trip to Kilmore Quay Ireland
A fantastic time was had by all.  A really great trip, great company, friendly atmosphere. Great skippers.
All home safe and sound, great bunch of lads who were great company, look forward to doing it again next year , also a big thank you to Alan Duthie for his contacts and invaluable advice. 
Club shirt presentation to Autumn Dream Skipper Eamonn Hayes
Club shirt presentation to Enterprise boat skipper Dick Hayes
Dinner on the last night before heading home again to Wales
MMBFC Fishing Trip to Kilmore Quay Ireland
Autumn Dream catches
Skipper Eamonn Hayes

Well they do say save the best till last - Denise Collier out fished everyone with the specimen fish of the trip, a lovely Ling weighing in at just under 8lbs - nice one !!.  Nice cod also.

Charter boats
Nice day for fishing!!!
Star turn Denise Collier - 8lb Ling

Denise - large cod
Smaller ling this time for Denise
Derek Wright - 2 at a time
Phil Hixson - on bait duty
Phil Hixson - the bait worked but no competition for Denise
Steve Bryant - getting in on the act
Fillets for dinner
MMBFC Fishing Trip to Kilmore Quay Ireland
Boat Enterprise Day 2 fishing trip
Skipper Dick Hayes

Daylight and we were out early in the bay, quite blustery but sun was trying its best to break through.

Some good fish caught including:
  • Decent Cod
  • Cuckoo Wrasse
  • Pollack plentiful
Charter boats Autumn Dream and Enterprise in the bay
John Bevan
Hiw Jones
Nigel Ellerton
Paul Eaton
MMBFC Fishing Trip to Kilmore Quay Ireland
Boat Enterprise - Day 1 fishing trip
Skipper Dick Hayes
Fishing very good all anglers caught, some did not pose for photos. The following is snap shot of the catches.
Catches included:
  • Pollack
  • Cod
  • Wrasse Ballan and Cuckoo
  • Gurnard Grey and Tub
  • BullHuss
  • Launce
  • Coalfish
Off we go on charter boat Enterprise Skipper Dick Hayes
Bit of a swell
Autumn Dream under skipper Eamonn Hayes
Colin Albert - Bullhuss
Colin Albert - Bite your leg Bullhuss
Dean Gifford - Pollack
Colin Albert - Ballan Wrasse
Huw Jones - Pollack
Richie Pearce -Cod
Richie Pearce - Ballan Wrasse
Colin Albert - Bullhuss
Richie Pearce - Cod 2
Richie Pearce - Ballan Wrass 2
Coming home - end of day's fishing
Just in time to feed the harbour seals
Nice catch!!

Oystercat Fishing Trip 29 August 2016

Skipper Dean Gifford

Great day aboard the Oystercat today.

  • Didn't find the triggers we planned for but had 40+ bream to 2lb 6oz,
  • 15 or so bass to 4lb 8oz,
  • codling,
  • pollack,
  • ballen wrasse,
  • smooth hound,
  • Huss,
  • scad,
  • mackerel,
  • poor cod,
  • jumbo pout
  • and a few dogs.
Sun shone all day, sea state wasn't too bad and banter was great on board; only down side lunch was late as the bream kept interrupting proceedings.
In all a fantastic way to spend bank holiday Monday!!
Craig Barnes - Bream
Dean Gifford - Bass
Stan John & Dean Gifford - Bass

Oystercat Fishing Trip 26 August 2016

Skipper Deans Gifford

Much better evening tonight aboard the Oystercat.
  • Weather was great,
  • 35 or so bream,
  • pollack,
  • scad, codling, jumbo pouting,
  • bull Huss
  • and a few dogs.
Bream fed well for about 2 hrs until the light started to fade and I'm guessing something big moved under the boat that put the smaller fish off.

Cracking way to spend a Friday evening.

Craig Barnes - Bream
Dean Gifford - Bream
Oystercat Fishing Trip 25 August 2016
Skipper Dean Gifford
Steady evening aboard the Oystercat tonight. A dozen or so bream, a few mackerel, pollack, small bass, pouting, a few small Huss and a couple of dogs.
Rain was a pest but nice evening out none the less.
Gerald Collier - Bream

Mumbles Belle Fishing Trip 25 August 2016

Skipper Vic Lilygreen reporting

Not a bad day at Langland today.
Species, Bream (about 12) with about 8 keepers but only kept 2, 1 in size codling which was returned, mackerel, scad, pout. poor cod, lots of mini huss & dogs, & coming back we drifted off Tutt Head & had a small bass & 5-6 small pollack (we both had massive hits at the same time, & both had fish on but never got them to the surface?)

Hot Sausage rolls for breakfast, & bacon & egg rolls for lunch, it cant all be bad!


Oystercat Fishing Trip Report 24 August 2016

Skipper John Elvins
Poor morning trip to Langland. Catch included  3 mackerel, 2 codling, 1 bream, 1 good bull huss, 1 pollack and loads of small bull huss and doggies. Weather conditions good, but a stronger wind than forecast. Very nice boat ride at least, but as they say, not a bad day at the office.
Nigel Davies - The Good Bull Huss
Phil Bowen - Bream
Oystercat Evening Fishing Trip -18 August 2016
Skipper Dean Gifford
Slower evening tonight aboard the Oystercat, went chasing bass but failed. Slow start on the bream but ended with 7 or so, with everyone having at least 1, about the same number of pollack, pout, poor cod, mackerel, dogs, Huss and a small smooth hound.

Definitely the calm before the storm, lovely evening to be at sea!


Oystercat evening fishing trip - 17 August 2016
Skipper Dean Gifford
 Great evening trip aboard the Oystercat, 25 or so black bream, a few pollack, pouting, codling, bull huss, dogs and a lone jumbo mackerel!
Drizzle didn't dampen spirits, nothing a sausage sandwich and warm coffee couldn't sort out.
Jumbo mackerel & bream
Oystercat evening fishing trip 15 August 2016
Very slow evening on the bass with a grand total of 3; 1 keeper. We were joined by a pod of playful dolphins off Oxwich and treated to a stunning sunset; not all bad! Dean
Just the one bass for Clive Long's table
Oystercat trip 15th August 2016.
Skipper John Elvins
Weather okay, fine and sunny, and the easterly wind did not stop the fish biting. Plenty of fish to double figures. Total for the day, 3 conger, 2 thornback, 2 smoothy, some dogs and 40 plus huss up to 10.5 lb, loads between 7 and 10lb.
Conger eel for Nigel Davies
Nigel Davies with another conger and bull huss
John France with smoothhound
John in for another smoothhound
And anothe bul huss for John
Now the bull hussec coming on strong - 1 for John Elvins
1 for Les Chapman
Oystercat fishing trip 6 August 2016
Skipper: Dean Gifford
Not a bad day aboard the Oystercat today, not lots of any one species but a nice bit of variety. Species wise we had: pollack, mackerel, tub, grey and red gurnard, small eye ray, turbot, smooth hounds, bass, bream, bull Huss, codling and only a couple of dogs.
There are ways to spend your Saturday! Dean.
Matt Taylor with a very nice bream
 Matt Taylor with 'kiss me quick' bass
John Bevan - small eyed ray

 Matt Taylor with a ray this time
Richie Pearce caught this baby turbot
Oystercat fishing trip 
Skipper: John Elvins
31 July 2016
For the Oystercat Fishing Trip on 31st July the conditions were great at the start of the day for a trip requested by the Bont Bass Basher Society. The marks chosen were to try to hit the main target of Bream and any other fish. The catches started off great with plenty of mackerel around the SWIGG Buoy, then of to the Oyster Ledges for a spot of variety species fishing.
Day ended with about 7 smoothie (small) loadsa Mackerel,12 bream, loadsa small huss, and a few other species such as pollack, codling, dogs, gurnard.
Best part of the day was a plentiful supply of large mackerel up to 15inch long but very slack for last couple of hours so a early dock at 4pm.
Bull Huss for Martin Thomas
Invisible man with bream
Bream for John Bevan
Bream for Grant Evans
Oystercat Fishing Trip 30 July 2016
Skipper Richie Pearce

Nice to be out again- lovely morning- first stop SWIGG buoy for mackerel, bit slow so Mick Vernau decided to ring down for his.

Just after 9.00 we moved to a well known mark and landed some nice, smoothies, pollack , red gurnard , and about a dozen bream.

Down in Oxwich bay before 12 am - beautiful day.

Nigel Ellerton reporting

Cyril Hughes fishing for bait.
Mick Vernau phoning a friend.

Pollack for Gary Broome or is it Bob Christie?

Bass for Steve Adams
Bream for Cyril Hughes

Red gurnard for Steve Absalom

Beautiful day for fishing out in Oxwich

Members enjoying their fishing in Oxwich Bay

Oystercat fishing trips 22 & 23 July 2016
Skipper Dean Gifford

Cracking weekend on the bass aboard the Oystercat, 40+ Friday evening (4hr trip) and 70+ on Saturday, lots of smaller fish but 5lb+ fish both days. Pictures to come when I get them shared. Dean

What a day ,never new so many Bass existed? Superb navigating by skipper Dean to exploit the best spots,and I had 8 myself best just around 3 lb. Definitely going again soon. Jonathan West
Just one bass kept per angler, all the rest released unharmed for another day.
Mike Jones with his bass dinner
Oystercat fishing trip to Lundy - Monday 18 July 2016
Skipper Dean Gifford
Good day at Lundy aboard the Oystercat, arriving at the Island with fog cascading down its western side was pretty impressive - photos don't do it justice.
Pollack were around in reasonable numbers along with colourful wrasse - both Ballen and Cuckoo, Launce, Weaver fish, Mackerel and Codling.
Dolphins and Playful seals kept us entertained in the afternoon/evening too.

Skipper Dean Gifford
Mist-erious Lundy on arrival - weird and wonderful sight of the mist roll down the hillside in what looked like waves

Pollacks for Dean Gifford and Richie Pearce
One more Pollack for John Elvins
and another one for Nat
Wrasse for Paul Eaton
John Bevan adding to the wrasse total
A big mackerel for a change in species going to John France
Dolphins joining the surfers in Cornwall
Playful dolphins, around Oxwich, seen on the way back from Lundy fishing trip
Oystercat fishing trip 17 July 2016
Skipper Dean Gifford
Wind was a little lighter today, but still stronger than forecast. Plenty of mackerel to start the day, along with small tope that took a pirk, and another that took a mackerel still on the feathers on the surface. Went through the mist to Langland hoping for bream but found tope in good numbers. Ended the day with 40 or so tope to 40lb - most between 17lb and 23lb a few bull Huss to 8-9lb, dogs, loads of mackerel, a lone herring and a tub gurnard.
Not a bad way to spend my birthday!
Skipper Dean Gifford - Tope
 John Elvins - Tope
John France - Tope 1
John France - Tope 3
Phil Bowen & John France in utopea
Paul Eaton - Bull Huss
Paul Eaton - Bull Huss 2
Oystercat fishing trip 16 July 2016
Skipper Dean Gifford
Pretty hard day today, wind kept us penned in the bay, but we found a few fish. Plenty of mackerel to start, lots of pouting and poor cod, a few pollack, a few small bream, a couple of hounds, a few tub gurnard, lots of dogs and a lone bass, flatfish were nowhere to be found though.
I messed up the food portions up which meant my breakfast was a few mackerel cooked fresh from the sea by Matt Taylor and lunch was the bass fillets dusted in Cajun spice and fried in the smoky bacon fat...

To live is to suffer!

Colin Albert - Black Bream
Matt Taylor does lunch
John France - Smoothhound
 Oystercat fishing trip 6 July 2016
Skipper Richie Pearce
Richie Pewarce took another OYSTERCAT fishing trip out on Wednesday, 6 July 2016 with a view to fishing our well known local marks. Mackerel were the early morning target with a number caught together with some nice Pollack. Smooth-hounds were then taken off 3 cliffs- and later bullhuss, thornback rays , red gurnard and a host of flatfish.

Mid afternoon off to the mark where the bream showed in large numbers.

Jonathan West and Lewis Pearce catching the pick of the bream.

Jonathan West caught this 2lb 14oz black bream
Oystercat fishing trip - 3 July 2016
Skipper Dean Gifford
Reporter and photographer  Nigel Ellerton

We left the marina just after 8.00 am - by the time we were in the bay it started to rain!!

Not a great prospect for the day- however we anchored off a local mark known to produce large amounts of sporting fish activity.

We really had a great day, finished with 35+ bream and only a handful were taken for the table all others were put back without harm.
Pouting were caught by the dozen and all were released without harm.

Dean Gifford set the early pace with a small Pollack
...and a very nice Lobster
 It was then decided to move to another mark and throughout early afternoon
Nigel Davies had a hat trick of smooth hound...
...and a very nice bass

Then it was my turn! A cracking pair of black bream that made a good move into a great one

...Starfish, Rock goby, Gurnard, Bass, Dogfish
  On our return into the bay we stopped when we caught sight of an extremely unusual view of a very shy visitor to our waters


The sunfish (Mola mola) is one of the strangest creatures the ocean. Despite being a giant bony monolith that can grow up to 14ft long and weigh a whopping 5,000lb, it still looks like half a fish. The sunfish develops its truncated, bullet like shape because the caudal fin with which it is born  simply never grows. Instead, as it matures it folds into self creating a rounded rudder called a clavus. Mola means 'millstone' and is a good description of the sunfish's shape.The fish is silvery with a rough skin texture.
Ocean sunfish are native to the temperate and tropical waters of every ocean in the world. Found in water warmer than 10c, they're known for their surface basking behaviour, in which the fish swims on its side, presenting its largest profile to the sun. This is thought to be a method of thermal recharging following dives into deeper, colder water.
The sunfish is also remarkable for its spawning: females release an estimated 300 million eggs into the water at a time and are thought to be multiple spawners, possibly releasing billions a year. Large, mature ocean sunfish have a solitary life in the open sea where finding a mate is a challenge, so producing lots of eggs in multiple spawnings increase the chance of fertilisation. Only a few of the eggs develop into mature adults or the world's oceans would be a flapping mass of sunfish.
Nigel Davies caught one of the biggest mackerel Nigel had ever seen.
Richard Pincott lands a cracking plaice
Mike Hurst with a starfish- which he said he caught just for Janet Hurst
Gurnard and plaice for John Bevan
John Elvins -not to be out done in the gurnard stakes
Then it was the thornbacks...1 for Nigel Ellerton
and the pick of the rays at 8lb for Robert Hurst
Mumbles Belle fishingtrip - 23 June 2016
Skipper Vic Lilygreen

The Bell Rang Today! 23 June 2016

Locked out about 8.30am into a fairly calm sea and headed out into the bay wondering how/where to kill 4 hrs until the run died in Langland, decided to have a mooch around the Strombus and map it with the Sonarphone. Ran back and forward over it a couple of times then anchored uptide of it, and let ourselves back on the anchor so we were fishing just off it.

We started off with the inevitable dogs, then the even more inevitable psycho smoothhounds, then we had a couple of small bream, then Mal Davies landed a small eyed ray, and more psycho smoothhounds, then more small bream, then 2 small bass, then more small bream, eventually our tally was 22 undersized bream.
We tried a drift for plaice before heading for Langland but to no avail. We made our way through a quite lumpy Cherry Stones down to Langland only to find a boat already on the slot we wanted to be on, so I anchored down on "Plan B" spot, and were soon invaded by small huss and dogfish. Mal Davies landed a lovely male bream of about 2lbs and as is his prerogative he returned it unharmed.

So our total for the day was : 22 small bream, 1 lumper bream, Many psycho smoothhounds, Many dipsy dogs,1 s/e ray, 2 gurnard, 3 small bass, many small bull huss, 1 nice dab

All in all not too bad a day, no plaice but we will hit them soon!
 Oystercat fishing trip 19 June 2016
Skipper Dean Gifford
Hard, wet and windy day on the oystercat today, even though the weather restricted us a little we managed a few species: Tons of pouting and poor cod, bull huss, bass, codling, smooth hound, pollack, garfish, rock goby, grey gurnard and dogs, but none of the bream we were targeting
Bass for Colin Albert
Bass for Dean Gifford - best catch
Triple bite for Richie Pearce
Oystercat fishing trip – 18 June 2016
 Skipper Dean Gifford – Crewman Richie Pearce
We had a very good day out aboard our Club boat the Oystercat today. Loads of mackerel and scad along with a few pollack, gurnard and a nice codling lost on the surface.
We dropped the anchor looking for Tope and found 6-7 of them with weights up to 31lb, and plenty of Bull Huss.
Finished the day on the bream, where we found plenty, coming in 2-3 at a time at times, but all small.
Far worse ways to spend a Saturday!. So come on lets have more members out boat fishing.
Peter Elliot displaying his Bull Huss
 Yet another Bull Huss
Dean Gifford and Tope
Tope for Richie Pearce
2 Bream for Peter Elliott
Oystercat fishing trip 15th June 2016
Skipper John Elvins
Six hardy (fools) members went out on this Oystercat fishing and got wet through. Skipper John Elvins stuck to the original plan to target tope, to start he anchored at low tide just off Oxwich Head. The rain and tide were just about comfortable, trying to catch fresh baits was not successful and meant frozen baits had to be used.
The final count was 15 Tope in the boat, a few runs dropped, and three fish, (probably the biggest ) to John Bevan and Phil Bowen, trying to get them into the boat.
The first tope was caught by Les Chapman, Martin Morgan's tope was a PB for him and the biggest of the day at 29lb.
 Most of the fish were between 18lb and 25lb. Phil Bowen finished the last 1/2 hour of the day being tormented by a nice Huss that kept releasing itself at the top of the water. I think most of us know how that feels.
A great day out and as Martin Morgan said “brilliant day, really enjoyed it and can't wait to get out again. Thank you John".
Les Chapman opening the tope count
Phil Bowen with one of his tope
Tope for skipper John
Nigel Ellerton fishing on board Deep Purple - 11 June 2016
Went out on fellow Club member Paul Eaton's boat Deep Purple today.

Weather wasn't brilliant to start with but along with Paul, myself and Pete Jordan nipped over to a mark to pick up some live bait with a view to add to our crab bait Paul brought with him.

 Paul was first to hook up with a good sized tope of around 20lb
Oystercat 10 June 2016 - Skipper Dean Gifford

Made the most of the good weather Friday evening (10th june) just a trip in the bay. Plenty of pout and poor cod, a monster cuttle that nailed a pouting that had taken a bait intended for bream, a little conger and a lost bass on the surface.
Craig Barnes & monster cuttlefish
Oystercat fishing trip 9 June 2016
Skipper Mike Hurst
The weather to good to miss Mike suggested a couple of hours out to refresh his boating skills. So a panic on Wed afternoon meant a supply of baits from Jamie and Chris. Four of us were able to sneek out for a short trip.

Mike getting his best conger for two years and Steve Harvey landing a nice 12lb Smoothound a PB for him. A trip out better than a coffe indors eh

Mike catching his best conger in 2 years
Oystercat fishing trip 8 June 2016
Skipper Richie Pearce
The OYSTERCAT went out to local marks with Richie Pearce at the helm. 7 anglers took to the bay at 8.00am with the weather set fine for the day. John Bevan armed to the teeth with factor 50.
A A few mackerel were picked up along the way

Huw Jones caught his thornback ray with a fine specimen of 7lb 7oz.  Well done Huw

And enjoyed a bit of sport landing a good sized smoothhound

A good number of dabs were caught

with John Bevan enjoying a bumper day
Steve Bryant landed his first bream of the season

The weather was perfect for a lovely relaxing day and all anglers and crew had another brilliant day.

In the pictures a number of smaller fish are shown - all these and more were released back without harm - the bass , thornback and smooth hound were also released quickly back into the sea with all due care and unharmed.

Another successful day aboard Mumbles Motor Boat and Fishing Club vessel OYSTERCAT

Oystercat fishing trip to Lundy 4 June 2016
It was a really early start today- but as the alarm clocks were calling everyone- the day ahead was met with real excitement. A small flotilla of boats took advantage of the prospect of good weather to catch first lock out at 7.00 AM.
Lundy is always a special day- the trip usually throws up a fantastic feast of wildlife- gulls - guillemots- oystercatcher- porpoise- dolphin- and many more, on the way out we were met with flat calm water all round.
After about an hour we were met by a massive pod of dolphin that followed our bow and swam through our wake for about 15 minutes.

After Breakfast made and eaten with great enthusiasm - our first task was to catch some live bait - large sand eel ( launce ) were plentiful.

Today's main species were wrasse and pollack that came in at regular intervals.
Many thanks to skipper Dean for a great day out. Worth the long trip by itself. Dean took us to every part of the island and all the different views were spectacular. Seal Rock was worth the journey on its own.
Lundy Dolphins
...Richie Pearce...
...and John Elvins
... and two for John Layton..
...and nice big pollack for skipper Dean Gifford
Then it was wrasse time - one for John Bevan
and one for John Elvins
Oystercat Sat 28th May 
A good day afloat, big thanks to Jamie Norman for being up at 6:30am so we could get peelers ready for the days fishing! We had really good numbers of smooth hounds, most between 7lb and 12lb. Along with plenty of dogs, a nice blonde ray for Colin and a Conger pushing 20lb. We ended the day in Swansea bay where we found hoards of Pouting and Poor cod along with a couple of small bream.
Skipper Dean Gifford
Skipper Dean & Black Bream

Blonde Ray for Colin Albert
Oystercat 26th May 2016
Forecast was for excellent medium tides and times to suit, what could go wrong?? All aboard for what was potentially a great trip. Smiles soon became frowns after over an hour jigging in three spots trying for the now elusive May Mackerel.
But all was not lost, after a dogfish bash and one bull huss on the ledges we headed to Oxwich where a few Dabs, Plaice, Gurnard, a very small smoothound and a thornback ray came to the boat.
At rods out  Tom Sullivan managed a first of the season Bream as a nice consolation. Weather was as forecast so a nice Gower boat ride was at least enjoyed.
Skipper John Elvins
Skipper John baiting up
Nigel Davies pleased with one his dabs

Closer inspection - nice dab

Tom Sullivan caught a good sized black bream
Not much of a catch but Ralph Bettany and Jon West enjoying the fishing trip
Oystercat 22 May 2016
A good day aboard the Oystercat today. We spent the day in Oxwich where for most of the day it was t-shirts and sunglasses weather. We had lots of fish and a very good variety of species including pollack, mackerel, whiting, dabs, plaice, gurnard (tub, red and grey), turbot, thornback rays and dogfish. Sorry for the lack of pictures, too busy keeping everyone fed and watered!
Skipper Dean Gifford
Oystercat 19th May 2016
Skipper John Elvins saw a small window of opportunity for a chance to get down and back to Oxwich before the bad weather set in. Turned out to be just a Window!! and no real opportunity to fill the fish boxes.

A Nice boat ride though, all of us took a couple of mackerel home and Ray Pearce managed two keeper Pollack as well. Got back in the river just before the squall set in. As the man say's "there 's always next time"!!!!
Oystercat Fishing Trip 14 May 2016
Skippers Dean Gifford & John Elvins
Skipper Dean Gifford took her to Oxwich where the anglers managed a 50 minute jig to get around 40 fresh mackerel for bait.
Many thanks to "Marlin" for showing where they were. The sea was a bit lumpy when going down the channel for on our way over to Skerweather for a couple of hours on the flood.
Unfortunately, very poor fishing only a spotted Ray for John Elvins and the compulsory doggies.

The next move was to go inshore for the ebb tide and after a bit of juggling of the anchor for the correct position got a a few conger on two rods at least.

Typical fishing! Of all the anglers on board, two catch 7 conger the rest just doggies.
Peter Jordan with just 2 of his congers eels
Oystercat 11 May 2016
Skippers John Elvins & Dean Gifford

Fishing Kenfig Sands

Another day out for the Oystercat same mark as last week to see if any fish were still there. John Bevan was very quickly into a nice thornback then a parade of dogfish until we started to hit the target species bull huss, conger and smoothhound all made contact.
A wet day was forecast, everyone had their coats on but the rain was warm?
New member Phil Bowen did get in on the smoothhound action so a first for him was achieved. Huss and two mall conger were also bought aboard. ALL fish returned unharmed
Smoothhounds - Phil Bowen - John Elvins - Dean Gifford
John Elvins - Bull Huss & Conger (sorry about the rain drops)
John Bevan - Thornback and smoothhound
Mumbles Belle 11 May 2016 Skipper Vic Lilygreen
 Not a brilliant day today surreal to start off with relying on a machine to tell you where you are, and something in the back of your mind says don't believe it, but the compass agreed with it so we banged on at breakneck speed for West Cross.
Trying to find Dick Bartons Fish & Chip shop by eye was impossible, but the machine said we were there or there about so we started our first drift. Just as well the mist lifted for a few minutes or we would have been very close company for Tarpon who was doing the same thing. We found our proper starting point & drifted towards Mumbles but the drift was very slow & not really the right direction. I made the mistake of suggesting we motor to a spot and put the anchor down and because we only had 2 plaice on the drift, the idea of nodding rod tips proved too much for them!!!!!!!!!!
As expected we had loads of growlers, a couple of small dabs, and a small plaice, & more growlers, and we were all convinced that Mal Davies was bringing a ray in, net ready, only for him to land a football size rock, with an anemone stuck to it, which had totally consumed his bait!
I tried to convince Livio Apajee that catching growlers was not cool, and asking to have your photo taken holding one was mega uncool, but he insisted!
Back in by 2.30pm to avoid the lock closure, and our passage through the locks was fairly painless seeing as I had 2 "Belle Virgins" aboard (you have to concentrate to avoid the "pirouette") They both asked when I was going out next, so it must have been better than I thought (or cheaper lol).
Livio Apajee with the 2 plaice caught on the drift
Oystercat Fishing Trip Tuesday 10 May 2016

Skipper Dean Gifford reports slow morning aboard the Oystercat. Just a few dabs, gurnard, doggies and thornbacks. Could be the thornbacks are putting off the smaller fish! Lots of life at sea today, gannets, terns, guillemots along with a few groups of porpoises. Another interest sight was an arctic skua harassing the terns and gulls at the back of the boat. More like a wildlife watching trip than a fishing trip!

The trip ended well, fishing was far better in the afternoon, dabs, gurnard, whiting and mackerel all showed in reasonable numbers along with doggies, occasional thornback and a lone pollack. The rag worm are spawning, giving another interesting thing to watch unfortunately, one got tangled in a set of mackerel feathers and ended up covering the boat in green slime.
Good days fishing, fantastic day weather wise. Bigger and better things tomorrow... Maybe.


   Arctic Skua                       Thornback ray for Richie Pearce
John Elvins Catch Report – Oystercat 5 May 2016
Very pleasant weather forecast so John and his crew of anglers went out fishing for 'toothy critters'. First over by the 'hugo' mark looking for conger. Unfortunately, after about 30 minutes of fishing the anchor slipped and Oystercat drifted by the preferred mark, they had to wait until the tide turned to release the jammed anchor. While waiting they had two small congers and loads of dogfish.
On releasing the anchor they went over to the Kenfig marks and it was a different story. All the anglers caught many a photo worthy fish with double figures for conger, bull huss and smooth hound. The noteworthy catches were; Nigel Davies 13.8lb conger and smooth hound at 14.5lb, Phil Gavey 14lb bull huss.
Phil Gavey Smooth Hound
John Elvins showing off his Bull Huss and Smooth Hound
Paul Eaton with Bull Huss and John Bevan with Conger
Double bullhuss for Phil Gavey & John Elvins
Phil Gavey with another smoothhound
Oystercat fishing trip to Langland & Oxwich marks
30 April 2016 - Skipper Dean Gifford
Nice morning aboard the oystercat, smooth hounds didn't show but we had a few codling, small huss and dog fish at Langland before moving down to Oxwich where we found plenty of dabs, grey gurnard and a plaice coming to Richie's mark #1 spreader rig. The wind stopped us fishing efficiently in the afternoon but in all a nice day on the water!
Rhys joined the club on Thursday and went fishing on the Oystercat  and commented;
'Eeeyyyooo look how chuffed I look! Had a cracking day loved it!
Can't wait to go out again'.
Rhys Hearn with a couple of dabs
Mumbles Belle Fishing Trip 25 April 2016 - Skipper Vic Lilygreen
From the time the Belle cleared the piers it was obvious that drifting was out, so Vic steered out to the relative calm outside Mumbles moorings and dropped anchor. With the wind and tide on the bow it was very pleasant, between showers.
Huw Jones' friend (Eric from Ireland) on board, a temporary member, had a double header of dabs on his first drop (caught on a vintage pool cue) and all the anglers had a mixture of dabs dogs through out the  morning. They decided to come in before the lock closure so they didn't sit beam on for 3 hrs and 15mins before "rods in".
Eric pulled in a cracking plaice (see opposite), so with target species caught they were happy.
 Oystercat Fishing trip 23 April 2016
Skipper Dean Gifford

We headed our leisurely way out at around 8am - the sea was like glass and the ebb tide pushed us west down the channel. As we past Pwll Du a gannet was tracking something inside us - normally I would have followed it to see if it was following mackerel or herring, but conscious of not making the trip more costly I stuck on course.

Arriving at the large bank I intended to fish the water was red-ish/brown - a sign the May weed had started. I dropped the anchor slightly further south than I normally do in marginally deeper water. After a hour or 2, the strengthening ebb had cleared the May weed, but fishing was slow - for the flat fish at least, the dog fish were feeding ravenously.

I got the anchor up and moved back to where I normally anchor; here the fishing was great, double and triple shots of dabs became the norm along with some Grey Gurnard, whiting and dogs.

Fishing slackened off around low water so we took this chance to have some lunch.

We re-positioned for the flood, but fishing was slow to start; with that said we were still catching, just not in the same volume as earlier in the day.

We ended the day with 100+ dabs, a dozen or so gurnard, a few whiting and 20-30 dogs. Wind was a bit cold at first but sea state was lovely!!


 Dabs galore for Richie Pearce...
Oystercat Fishing trip 17 April 2016
Skipper Dean Gifford
Tiny tides and a fair forecast saw me put down to take an offshore trip, only 5 of us wanted to go; so I decided to stay a little closer to home than originally planned.

7:30am saw us all aboard and heading out through the locks out onto a glassy sea. It didn't take too long to get to the wreck.

Doggies were first to show up but a few nice fish followed. A 20lb Blonde Ray for Les - Picture doesn't show the fishes size as the wings were curving in, basically hugging Les. This may have been due to the ray actively in the process of releasing a purse.
The tide changed; wind strengthened, causing a very short steep chop - making it difficult to hold anchor on the other side of the wreck (not normally a problem). After the 5th attempt we moved back in towards the scarweather sands.

We tried outside and on top of the bank but we only had dogs to show (in large numbers) for the next couple of hours fishing.

Was a lovely morning but the afternoon was really cold, windy and along with very frustrating fishing! Definitely a tale of 2 halves!
Mal Ruff 13lb Spurdog
20lb blonde ray for Les Chapman
Now the small conger eels - 1 for Pete Jordan...

Oystercat Fishing Trip 13 April 2016. Skippers Dean Gifford & John Elvins
Doing the Conger - Nigel Davies            and Dean Gifford...
   ...  & John Bevan             Hats off to all of them
and  for Dean Gifford
and John Bevan


Oystercat 25 March 2016 - Skipper Dean Gifford
Nice Plaice
Oystercat 25 March 2016 - Skipper Dean Gifford
Weaver Fish
Oystercat 25 March 2016 - Skipper Dean Gifford
Small plaice for Richie Pearce
Oystercat 25 March 2016 - Skipper Dean Gifford
Small turbot for Mal Davies
Oystercat Fishing Trip, Sunday 20 March 2016
Skipper: Dean Gifford. Crew: John Elvins
Doing the Conger
This group of members have been trying to go out several occasions only for the trips to be cancelled due to adverse weather. Today the weather and tide looked good so off we went.
Skipper Dean Gifford and head cook John Elvins planned this was very much a trip to try to please.
Within 3 minutes of anchor, new junior member Zack Fisher was pulling in a small conger, not to be outdone Zack went on to land some 6 conger eels up to 25lb.
Marshall Mainwaring  had a personal best conger weighing 17.5 lb. Daron Lawry had a nice 32lb er and the heaviest fish of the trip went to Richard Jones with a conger coming in at 34lb.
Dean Gifford had a nice consolation conger of 26lb, which made good sport on his light rod.

Marshall Mainwaring (left) and Dean Gifford
Dean Gifford and Zack Fisher with a few of Zack's congers
Dean Gifford with his consolation conger, Haydn Woods looking on
Oystercat Fishing Trip Sunday 13 March 2016
Skipper Dean Gifford
It was a very nice morning as both Oystercat and Belle set out of Swansea Marina with 13 anglers and crew. The Belle followed Oystercat into the lock eager to get out fishing on such a nice day.

Passing close to a working dredger and scenic Three Cliffs
Mumbles Belle and Oystercat left the Marina together. Oystercat went East and Mumbles Belle where ever Vic's new tablet and Navionics took them.
Sitting comfortable on the way out. Poised ready for action
        John Bevan poised for action                Got one
Skipper Dean lends a hand and proudly displays his specimen catch
 Oystercat fishing Trip Tuesday, 8 March 2016
During the 2 weeks of lock closure the OYSTERCAT had some essential maintenance carried out that culminated in the deck, toilet, inside bulkheads and the main cabin receiving a coat or two of paint.

Special thanks goes out to Richie Pearce and John Elvins for this. Nigel Davies and Dean Gifford also took part in her maintenance.

On Tuesday (8 March 2016) OYSTERCAT made its first trip through the locks after the annual closures for maintenance. Nine anglers with skipper and crew set off full of optimism, when leaving the Marina the weather was reasonable with John Bevan looking forward to a great fishing day. They travelled out to Oxwich Point looking for the early morning target species (the sausage bap). It became overcast quickly and the fishing was slow. Lots of photos but not of fish.

One of the wrecks in the bay gave itself up at low water (the other wrecks stayed on board). Vic Lilygreen thought it could be the Solar, a 6500 ton tanker that hit a mine in mid channel in 1943 and broke up before it could beach itself. Just a wild guess though.

John Elvins getting Oystercat ready for the fishing trip.

Commodore Ray Bennett (seated) and Huw Jones ready for the off.
 Richie Pearce (left) and John Bevan going trough the lock gates
Off we go...Rods at the ready
Brothers Glum
Shall we need these?
Mumbles Belle - Skipper Vic Lilygreen
Johnny Jones catches a toothy critter aboard Mumbles Belle, John caught this 12lb 5oz Spurdog today, on a pennel rig intended for cod, not exactly what he wanted, but better then the pesky LSDs we had to put up with. Nice one John.
Johnny Jones - 12lb 5oz Spurdog
Oystercat fishing trip 18 February - Skipper John Elvins
A crisp cold start saw Oysterc push through the ice slush in the lock to head out to a nice level sea with training skipper Jon Scott at the wheel.
On getting to the Oyster Ledges we found a nice swell of 8 to 10 feet was running with plenty of time between swells and no white horses.
The fishing got off to a slow start with a few dogfish caught,
skipper John then started to find the Spurdogs that seemed to be swimming around his bait only.  He ended up with 6 double figure fish.  Only to be outdone by Nigel Davies with two spurs one of which tipped the scales at 14lb 4oz (a pb for Nigel).
The rest of the day was very quiet, tried moving back into the bay where a couple of small whiting were caught. With all the spurs in the bay the other fish seemed to have gone into hiding.
Skipper John - Spur Dog
Paul Eaton 9lb 6oz cod
Oystercat fishing trip 17 January-Dean Gifford
Started the day fishing just north of the swigg - here we had a few dabs, some whiting, pouting and dogs.
As we approached high water we ran east to get a little shelter from the south easterly wind. After a bit of grub we started to get a few whiting - mostly small-medium but a couple between 1.5 and 2lb, the dog fish were pretty relentless and 2 cod... well one codling of around 4lb, and a cracker for Paul at 9lb 6oz.
Towards the end of the day the whiting sat under the boat, providing reasonable sport. The wind was a bit of a pain but otherwise it was a reasonable day out.
Oystercat fishing trip Saturday, 16 January
Gary Lewis - 12lb Spur Dog
   Ian Gabe 4.5lb Codling              10lb Spur dog
Oystercat 13 January
Started on a patch of ground not fished before, after a couple of hours only a handful of dogs to show for our efforts. We headed further south east to a bank that normally throws up plenty of mixed fishing.
The only fish of note was a 5lb 10oz codling (for Dean Gifford) and a few whiting.  
Oystercat Monday 11th January
Thankfully the swell had dropped a little over night allowing us to start the day south of the Swigg. Normally this area is very good for mixed fishing but more notably big whiting, even though a few showed it wasn't as productive has expected to be.
This probably could be down to us cowering in the weather sheets at the back while the northly wind brought bitterly cold rain - nothing a bacon sandwich and a cup of tea couldn't remedy though.

Around 12pm the wind began to push us over the anchor rope, coupled with us now sitting beam on to a 4-5ft shortening swell meant it was time for a move.

We moved to the area we had the thornback the day before. By now the wind and rain of the morning had given way to a light breeze and a lovely blue sky - something that has been a rarity for the last 7-8 weeks.
Amroth Open - Air Ambulance Charity Competition
Keith Stephens and Carl Issac fished Amroth open  competition.
Keith won the pool for the heaviest fish, a flounder weighing 690 grams. The value of the pool was £89.
Well done Keith and Carl.
 Oystercat 10 January
Sunday 10th

Started the day with little to no wind (5mph not the 20mph forecast) even so we started the day tucked in off the mumbles.
Here we had plenty of whiting and dogs. The swell dropped throughout the morning so we ventured out passed the Swigg.
Too much swell for us to anchor comfortably so we cwtched back towards the Swigg.
Here we had some better sized whiting and a nice thornback ray for John Bevan.


Had a EELy good time Saturday 3 January 

The trip was only heading out for a few hours, and with a reasonable swell still running outside the Mumbles Head skipper Dean decided to stick inside the Swansea Bay.
The fish came pretty quickly, my first fish of 2016 was a chunky pouting.
Dean with EEL 3
Paul Eaton caught a few EEL this being his first.
Paul Eaton with yet another EEL
In total the fishing party caught eels to 20lb, plenty of whiting - including some really nice jumbos kept the rods nodding along with dogs, a few bullhuss and a lone dab.  Paul managed to lose a few sea monsters. The sea state took its toll on Ossi (Craig Barnes) and after a few whiting he decided a kip in the cab was called for.