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Please note: The Club's boats are only for use by paid up  Club Members, they are not available for use by the general public.
Donations: The fishing trips are for the members pleasure only, charges made for the trips are by donations, preferably Gift Aid Donations, and all money received are paid into the Club Funds and used for the general purposes of the Club.
For every £100 of Gift Aid Donations the Club can claim £25 more in Gift Aid tax relief.
If you regularly give Gift Aid Donations please ensure you pay enough tax to cover your donations.
Booking a Fishing Trip
The best way to book or request a fishing is to use the online calendar or come on down to the members'  Thursday Club night meeting at the Mumbles Rugby Football Club (MRFC).  You will then see what is on offer, have a chat with the skippers and then put your name on the booking planner for a trip that already has a skipper or to request a fishing trip on a date that may not yet have a designated skipper.  Alternatively, if you cannot make it to the Thursday night meetings you can book or make a request via:
You can monitor the fishing trips by looking at the e-fishing calendar on this website.
To meet all health, safety, and insurance requirements only Club Members (Paid-up) up to a maximum of 12 anglers plus 2 crew will be allowed on Oystercat and 6 including the skipper on the Mumbles Belle.  

Our mode of practice for the Oystercat restricts us to a maximum of 12 anglers plus 2 crew. These limits will not be exceeded under any circumstances. However, we do find that a smaller number of anglers (8 or 10) gives a much more enjoyable fishing experience. The actual number of anglers per trip is subject to the skipper's discretion and depends on the type of fishing being undertaken.

Boat fishing trips will only leave when the Skipper is fully satisfied that all safety precautions are in place and the weather forecast is satisfactory for the duration of the fishing trip. The marina operates a system where boats leave the locks to go to sea and the hour and return to the marina through the locks on the half hour.   All Oystercat fishing trips leave on the hour which is the marina's out-lock time (i.e. 08.00 hrs).  
You should aim to arrive at the entrance the marina berth 30 minutes before the departure time. It would be much appreciated if you could wait at the gate, in the car park, until called to board by the skipper. The skipper and crew will have arrived much earlier to carry out the pre-departure checks and prepare the safety equipment prior to anyone boarding. Once invited to board by the skipper you will be issued with lifejackets and taken through a safety at sea procedure, which requires your full attention. 
These fishing trips are for members only and you will be required to show your photo membership card for the current year when boarding a boat.
No alcohol or drugs are allowed on our boats.
  Alcohol and boating do not mix.

Check the calendars first

Before using the Booking Form please have a look at the Boat Fishing Calendar for dates, details and places that might be available. Duration of fishing trips are flexible: 2 to 4 hours, 4 to 6 hours, 6 to 8 hours, longer trips to Lundy fishing marks. Trips can be arranged for morning, afternoon, evening or all day. Please state your preference on the form when making a fishing trip request.

Check the weather forecast also
Before making a request and/or booking time off work it is a good idea to check the weather forecast to make sure the weather is suitable for a fishing trip on the day you want to go.

Or, you can come down to the Mumbles Rugby Football Club on a Thursday MMBFC club night and book a place on a fishing trip using the Booking Planner.  This can be used for booking a trip on the Oystercat, Mumbles Belle and shore fishing.
Using The Booking Form
Making use of booking form does not guarantee a booked place. If there is a place available we will confirm by email that a booking has been made. Should you have to cancel, for acceptable reasons, then please do so within 48 hours of your fishing trip date/time. Failure to notify a cancellation or a non-show at the appointed date/time will lead to a charge of £10 to cover the loss of a donation.
The boats are designed and insured for a maximum number of passenger and crew, when the skipper and/or crew intend to fish along with the other anglers or it is a special type of fishing trip the skipper has discretion to limit the number of people on-board to a lower number. This information will be made available at the time of booking so anyone booking on the trip will know the number of people contributing to the cost of the trip.
All fishing trips take place subject to suitable weather condition, the skipper's decision is final. It's a skipper's nightmare to drag members down to the marina and then not be able to go sea. This happens rarely. Skippers can only be guided by the forecast and by checking with the coastguards, and are the only ones who can make the decision to cancel. If there is time the skippers will contact the booked anglers at least the day before the trip to let them know it's cancelled. Booked anglers who find they cannot make the trip should give the skipper at least 48 hours notice so that a replacement can be found. Members failing to notify the skipper of a cancellation will have to pay the donation for the trip, currently £10. Be assured all we want is for you to enjoy your day out fishing with the Club.
Type of fishing trips undertaken:
Smoothhound; Tope; Rays; Wrasse; Bass; Cod; Bream; whiting; General; Evening; Club specials: etc.  It is also possible to start an individual or small group organised day.  Just send an email or use the booking form with your request to start the ball rolling.
Weather conditions

Our single biggest problem is the weather.

We acquire our weather information from a number of sources; shipping forecast, inshore forecast, internet weather stations, Met Offfice, Marina, Coast Guards, TV etc., and use it in deciding whether or not to go fishing. Our intelligent interpretation of the best forecasts available does not guarantee a correct decision; we cannot be held responsible if the booked anglers have a wasted journey.

You are advised to call the skipper the day prior to the trip to check the conditions and whether the trip is still on. If the skipper cancels the trip due to adverse weather conditions, problems with the boat, illness or indisposition on the part of the skipper or crew we will endeavour to give at least 24 hours notice to the booked anglers.

If deteriorating weather conditions force an early return to the marina, the decision to return is the skipper's and his alone.
Car Parking
Booked anglers should not board their boat until cleared to do so by the skipper and on the production of their membership card. 
The marina has introduced a new car parking arrangement which means the day long temporary car parking permits are no longer available. You will now have to park in the public car parks close to the marina. It will be possible to unload and load your fishing gear from your car at the entrance to the marina boat berth, as the council allows 10 minutes of free parking for this activity. There are two free car parks further down the marina 1. (Pilot House Wharf) by the public toilets and tackle shop and the other 2. more towards the sea front by the apartments. It may be prudent to car share where possible; liaise with the skipper on the car parking arrangements for the fishing trip. 
The Paxton Street car park is free on Sundays.
Should you use these free car parks and are able bodied it may be possible for you to board the boat from the fuel dock. If you decide to do this please let the skipper of your trip know before hand.  Any member who cannot board at the fuel dock, due to the access being via a short vertical ladder, should make arrangements with the skipper to board at the marina berth.
Marina layout and car parking.

Fishing Trip Bookings
Running costs for the fishing trips are recovered through the boat anglers making a donation, preferably a Gift Aid donation.
For the Oystercat these are based on a flexible overhead depending on the length of a fishing trip up to a maximum of £70 for a full day fishing trip (6-8hrs) and fuel used at £4.00 per mile.  This total is then shared by the number of anglers on the fishing trip. For the maximum 8hr fishing trip with 10 anglers the donation will be approximately £15.00 per angler (£70 + £80 = £150/10=£15).  The overhead for shorter fishing trips will determined either on a per angler or per hour basis, but will be less than the £70.  The fuel rate will stay the same at £4.00 per mile.
All the money raised through these donations is paid into the Club funds and applied for the general use of the Club.
For the Mumbles Belle the donations are £10 per angler + the cost of the fuel used, from £1 per angler depending on mileage.

Where skippers have shown, on the calendar, their availability to take a Club boat out for a fishing trip it is up to the members to make a booking for the places available using the booking form, or phoning the Club or skipper or, making a booking on the paper calendar on a Club Night.
Skippers do not send out invitations to members as this would be deemed to be a bit 'cliquey', unless there is need to find anglers to make a trip viable. Bookings are made on a first come first served basis so please do not wait for personal invites to go fishing. When there is a shortage of anglers for a specific fishing trip it may be necessary for a skipper to phone around to try and fill the places for a trip to go ahead.
Please keep looking at the calendars, make a booking and come out boat fishing with us, this includes our junior members.
We are still at a loss to know why we do not have a lot more members taking advantage of the Club's boat fishing trips. We seem to have the same satisfied members coming back for more fishing trips, it would be nice to see a whole range of members out fishing with the Club. We need to make more use of our wonderful boats or we could lose these marvellous Club facilities.
Why not make a booking now, there is good fishing for all our members.
Skipper in charge
The skipper of the boat reserves the right to return to the marina at any time during a fishing trip if s/he feels the safety of the boat or its anglers may be compromised in any way.
All anglers are recommended to wear a life jacket when under way on Club boats and must follow the instructions for wearing given by the skipper of the boat at other times. 
The RYA recommends a lifejacket should be worn:
  • by non swimmers
  • at night
  • in a tender
  • when reefing
  • at any time the skipper asks
  • in rough weather
  • when the user wants to wear it.

Normal departure times are on the hour and booked anglers who do not arrive within 15 minutes of an agreed departure time may be left behind, and still have to make the donation for the trip.

Placement of a booking will be taken as an acceptance of the above conditions and other Club boat fishing rules by the member going fishing.
Please Note: Any member making a booking and then find they can no longer make the trip must inform the Club/skipper at least 48 hours before departure so that their place can be offered to members on the reserve list.  Members(s) failing to notify a cancellation will still have to pay a donation of £10 towards the charges for the fishing trip.
All our members are important to us and your comments are most welcome.