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Meeting Date: 16 December 2019

The Committee considered, discussed and concluded the following issues.

Boat and crew minimum manning safety levels for fishing trip. Agreed the current practice for a two man skipper and crew fishing trip, due to no other demand from members was working satisfactorily.

A membership renewal evening notice had been sent out to members informing them of the date 19 December 2019 and a free curry supper would be provided.

No new applications for membership had been received since the last meeting. Several members had renewed their membership for 2020. The membership for 2020 stood at 34.

The Treasurer reported the current financial figures for income and expenditure. These were satisfactory.  Progress was being made on balancing the sums of money in the bank accounts to be within FSCA compensation scheme limits.

Oystercat was now 12 years old. The hull was in very good condition but the electronic were out of date and unreliable.   Maintenance and associated cost were increasing on a yearly basis. Maintenance would be carried out on the capstan system, toilet and cooker. When the boat is out of the water in February/March the hull coatings would be taken back to reduce thickness and new anti-fouling applied that lasts 5 years, the upper body would be cleaned and polished. Final arrangements were being made on the purchase and fitting of the new and replacement electronic navigation and steering equipment. A target installation date had been set for 10 February 2020.

Mumbles Belle’s maintenance would wait until March for the oil leak and hull inspection to be done when out of the water and in the boatyard. Allan Walters was standing in to skipper the Belle while Vic Lilygreen recovers.

Fishing trips and catches were down due to adverse weather conditions. A couple of shore fishing trips had been arranged but were poorly attended. The Club would like to see some 10 members get together to set up and run the shore fishing programme. And reinstate the Awards Evening. The minibus had just passed the MOT which was valid for another 12 months and available for shore fishing trips to various venues.

The chalet was now closed until March 2020, when again it would be open for lettings. Arrangements were being made for the inside to be repainted and extended decking to be fitted to the front. The surplus income would pay for this work.  The Airbnb website had already been set up to take bookings.

The 2020 Norway fishing trip was well in hand, the minibus had been booked for the airport run, but additional drivers had to be approved. The final payment from the members going on the trip can now be made to the Club.

Next meeting 20 January 2020

Trevor Mellard


Committee Meeting held on 25 November 2019

Richie Pearce reported on his visit to Vic Lilygreen who was in hospital following a stroke of Friday night. He was out of intensive care and making slow progress. Feeling was coming back to both arms and legs and he could just about stand with the aid of a frame. His speech is now slurred rather than none at all. The committee wished him well for a good recovery and sent thier good wish to his family at this difficult time.

Another 2 new members had been signed up,.  The membership for 2019 was 211.  A number of members had renewed for 2020 making a total of 18 on the 2020 membership list. With membership coming to an end on 31 December 2019 it was decided to hold a membership renewal evening on Thursday 19 December along with a curry supper.   If you cannot make the renewal evening you can still renew your membership by BACS or cheque.

You need to renew your membership before you can continue to use the Club and its facilities in 2020.

Noted that the annual accounts had been approved at the AGM.  Accepted the draft minutes for the AGM were a correct record of the meeting. Treasurer Keith Stephens tabled the current income and expenditure for the boats, bus and chalet. Keith Stephens was also rationalising the bank accounts to keep within the FCS compensation limits.

The Oystercat had under gone a couple of maintenance to day where essential repairs had been carried. The starboard engine was now working, well having replace an electrical control box. The cooker was working much better but needed a bit of TLC. The capstan pump and seal had been replaced. Stainless steel plates had been added to the anchor bay. Things were much improved.  Seeking further improvements, the reliability and safety of the electronic navigational equipment had been checked out. This showed the age of the equipment, much of it outdated and a number of the units had become unreliable.  The equipment was now 12 years old and would require ongoing maintenance costs.  It was decided to replace the old with new.  The purchase of a new replacement boat was too expensive and to keep the Oystercat shipshape it was decided on a programme replacing/renewing essential equipment, this way the costs would be much more manageable.


Vic Lilygreen had done an excellent job in keeping the Belle seaworthy and a joy for fishing. Unfortunately, due to Vic’s stroke these trips would not take place for a while, as we have no ready replacement skipper for the Belle.  We have to decide whether to give a member of the Belle crew additional Belle handling experience to gain the competence to take the Belle out fishing. Or, take the boat out of the water now for its annual maintenance and repair of the engine oil leak rather than wait until March when the locks are closed for maintenance.

Keith Stephens reported on a shore fishing trip to Amroth, only 5 members attended. He was organising a shore fishing trip to Cold Knap on 28 November 2019. We considered possible reason why the Club’s fishing activities and meetings were not well support, the following were put forward: A number of members belonged to other fishing clubs and they organised their own long-established shore fishing programmes and they joined MMBFC to go boat fishing. Many of our members live outside the Mumbles and Swansea area and along with the carparking issue find it inconvenient to attend meetings in Mumbles. Having left the old meeting place down by Mumbles pier and moved to the Rugby Club we have lost the close community atmosphere of a family club. All the information members require can be found on the website including booking boat fishing trips. Members no longer report their fish catches and the awards evenings lost support. Many other were discussed. How times have changed. If you wish to make an input then use our FORUM page on the website.

The chalet is closed for the winter and steps are being taking to decorate the inside rooms and arrange for decking to be erected to the front of the chalet. These improvements would make the chalet more appealing on the letting market and attractive to people interested in purchasing the chalet. The letting charges for 2020 will be 10% more than in 2019. The chalet had a very good 6 month letting season in 2019.

There will be no Club nights on 26 December 2019 and 2 January 2020.

The date of the next committee meeting is 16 December 2019.
Trevor Mellard