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Held on 26th October 2020 at 7.30pm Skype Meeting

1. Participants:

OFFICERS: Phil Gavey (Chairman) Keith Stephens (Treasurer) Janet Hurst (Membership Secretary)

COMMITTEE MEMBERS:    Dean Gifford, Mark Thomas, Colin Albert, Richie Pearce, Roy Evans,  Phil Bowen

2. Apologies: John Elvins, Tom Sheterline, John West

3. Welcome 

All members successfully joined the meeting (Skype). The Chairman welcomed them to the   meeting

4. Minutes of the previous meeting (29th September 2020)

These had been circulated to the committee members before the meeting for any corrections and were now accepted as a record of the meeting. Report of the meeting to be posted on the website once agreed by all Committee. We also progressed actions from the previous meeting to ensure completion either now or in the near future.

 5. Matters arising 

There were no matters arising.




Janet advised that we now have 180 fully paid up members which includes 10 new members. She has been working through many files she has obtained from Jenny Mellard and is getting to grips with the various general items of husbandry managed by Trevor. 


8. Finance

Keith reported that our income for the year is slightly higher than expenditure, giving a small surplus.

He is now carrying out work on advising Banks of the change of names. Trevor’s name to be removed, and all accounts have at least 2 names and preferably 3

Keith also advised that many Banks are dropping the interest rate on all accounts due to the current Covid situation. Best account for deposit rate is at 0.5%.

The year-end accounts are currently still with the Auditors. PG advised that they are needed urgently as approved as he wishes to issue a statement to all Members advising an AGM.

PG advised that in order to comply with the Constitution we must hold an AGM within 3 months of the annual due date of 29th October being the date in 2019 for the last AGM. To do this we must hold a virtual AGM. A notice attached to these minutes is to be issued to all members within 7 days. This will advise an AGM to be held on the 10th December to which all Members will be invited via a ZOOM video conference. 

9.Business items

Boat Reports:    

  • Dean advised that Oystercat has carried out several trips mostly successful and that the current Covid restrictions are working effectively.
  • The pin on the starboard hatch has now been purchased but yet to be fitted. 
  • There is air in the auto helm pump. This is an installation issue and is being addressed although we are currently restricted from attending the boats due to current lockdown.  
  • The toilet door has now been fully fitted and all glass replaced. The door is now secure and safe. Mark Thomas has agreed to attend sometime to trim the spacers.

  • There is no update on The Belle although it is believed that it is now fully working and able to go to sea once restrictions are lifted.

Chalet Report:  There is a list of winter updates and checks that need attention. The chalet is now closed for the season.

Thursday Evening Club Night. Roy Evans told us that due to the social distancing rules few if any members are attending Club nights. The current total lockdown has closed the Club for the next 2 weeks. 

10. Any other business

·       Keith raised the issue of the Calendars for the booking of trips on the website. Some complaints over access from Members. Colin gave us a brief overview of options that would increase members’ access to self-book at a considerable monthly cost. Because of security issues (the site has public access) it was felt not to be beneficial.

·       Keith raised a concern that we have a number of insurance contracts that are his responsibility to pay and whilst he has no issue with that he wants an improved system where another member of the Committee is aware of renewal dates and so can ensure he does not overlook any payments. It was suggested that he should email all Committee with those renewal dates and that we should all diary note them. PG offered to set up a diary system to create reminders on those contracts once the dates are given.

·       Keith advised that in relation to the Mini bus we may need to renew a Section 19 certificate set up by Trevor. He will need to check DVSA a Dept of DVLA on this issue.

·       Also in relation to the bus he has discovered that we do not have an up to date list of named drivers on the insurance policy. All drivers over age 70 must be named.

·       Colin covered the issue of bookings on the website detailed above.

·       Mark Thomas asked that the project to look into the feasibility of purchasing and using a new boat be delayed until the Spring 2021. He asked for this because of current personal workload pressures as well as current restrictions on boat use which he feels would be counterproductive in purchasing an additional boat. Committee agreed to postpone to the end of March 2021.


There was no other business and the meeting closed.


Signed:    P Gavey    27th October 2020



Held on 29 September 2020 at 7.30pm Skype Meeting

1. Participants:

OFFICERS: Phil Gavey (Chairman) Keith Stephens (Treasurer) Janet Hurst (Membership Secretary)

COMMITTEE MEMBERS:    Dean Gifford, Mark Thomas, Colin Albert, Richie Pearce, Roy Evans, Jon West, Tom Sheterline, Phil Bowen

2. Apologies: John Elvins, Allan Walters 


3. Welcome

All members successfully joined the meeting (Skype). The Chairman welcomed them to the   meeting. Phil Bowen was welcomed to the Committee as a co-opted Member until the next AGM. The Chair was also able to announce that Janet Hurst has accepted the position of Membership Secretary and also agreed to manage the Gift Aid matter within the Club.

4. Minutes of the previous meeting (24th August 2020)

These had been circulated to the committee members before the meeting for any corrections and were now accepted as a record of the meeting. Report of the meeting to be posted on the website once agreed by all Committee.

5. Matters arising  

·       Trevor’s Funeral Arrangements: The funeral was attended by Family and a few close friends as well as Keith Stephens representing MMBFC. Keith read a eulogy.

·       Donations; It was agreed that a donation of £50 be given to the RNLI the charity chosen by the family.

·       Advertising the Secretary position:  It was agreed that we should advertise the position of Secretary to the Membership however we must first clarify the duties of the position by creating a job description. 

6. Correspondence                                                                    


7. Membership

Janet advised that whilst she has met with Jenny Mellard and obtained all records that were managed by Trevor she has not yet had time to organise those records to her systems. She could not therefore provide any information on Membership numbers or new Member applications. She hopes to be able to have organised same by the next Meeting.


8. Finance

Keith reported that the income and expenditure figures since the start of the new Financial Year in July have produced a small loss. The downturn is due in main by the effects of Covid on the activities of the Club. The exact figure to be confirmed once an accounting adjustment has been made to the rebate received from SCC in respect of the change of taxation on the chalet from Domestic to Business Rate The accounts for June 2020 are currently with the Auditors. 

If members need further details on the club finances please contact the treasurer.


9. Business items

Boat Reports:   Dean has reported that in fact there is very little to report at this time. The Lynchpin in the starboard engine hatch has been lost and needs to be replaced. The cooker remains out of action but is not a current issue as we cannot provide drinks or food on board. 

There is no update on the current condition of the Belle other than it is in the water at its Berth and awaiting some electronics work. More regular updates are needed.


Chalet Report:  Due to the recent changes announced by the Welsh Govt we are now getting all of our October Bookings cancelled. This will cause a loss of approximately £2,000to our expected income. It was suggested that we should raise our charges for 2021 now by around 10% to prepare for the expected increase in UK holidays. We should also increase our minimum stay requirements for July & August 2021 to 7 days. This can be amended nearer the time to 4 days if bookings are not taken up. An inspection of the roof for leaks will be arranged in the closed season.

Thursday Evening Club Night. Roy Evans told us that there were around 5 members at the last Club night, mostly local Members. He commented that many still do not know that the Club nights have restarted. We must post a reminder on our Facebook page. However we should also remind members that the Govt restrictions that apply re single households etc. which will make it very difficult at this time to increase numbers.

Discussion on the future of our “Fleet”:  Mark Thomas raised the subject of the long term  future of our boats and in particular the expected lifespan and usage of The Belle. He suggested that we look into purchasing another boat that may eventually replace The Belle. The Committee were very wary of a further investment in another boat as it was felt by some that we cannot fill the current spaces available on the two boats. It was pointed out that The Belle has been out of commission for some time due to engine issues which will have contributed to the problems of availability of spaces for Members. We have had some complaints from Members of the boats taking the same people out but no reasons were put forward. It was also felt that our main issue is one of NOT having ENOUGH SKIPPERS. The Belle was initially purchased as a stepping stone for new Skippers to become confident with boat handling and then moving onto the Oystercat. However this has not been the story. It was very strongly debated but finally agreed by all members that we should ask Mark to start a project to look into the feasibility of such a proposition. He has been given an initial 2 months to investigate the options including all financial commitments of acquiring another boat. It was stipulated that no absolute decision would be made on this matter by the committee but that any proposal would be put in detail to the members for their approval or otherwise. 

Trevor Mellard Trophy: Colin Albert proposed that we should set up a new competition to remember our recently deceased Secretary Trevor Mellard. Trevor did so much for the Club and he feels that we should create a memory of him for all Members. A full set of rules were drafted by Colin and presented to the committee. The matter was unanimously supported by the committee. Colin will announce the rules of the comp on the website and through email. It was agreed that in this the Club would support an inaugural prize of £100 and would review its success and continued level of prize money. 

Trevor Mellard Memorial Trophy

For many years Trevor was key to the functioning of MMBFC. I think it would be good to remember his commitment to the club by setting up an annual competition and trophy in his memory. We are not a competitive angling club, with the majority of anglers fishing for the pot rather than fishing matches, so I suggest that we have an award for the longest bass, to be awarded each year.


Why Bass?

  • Bass can be caught for most of the year around Swansea & the Gower, and are keenly sought by both specimen anglers and those who fish for food.
  • Large bass can be caught from both boat and shore, so boat anglers are not at any particular advantage over shore anglers.

Why Length?

  • Length can be easily measured either by a tape or measuring board.
  • Length does not have the issue of calibration that weighing scales can have, and a tape measure can be obtained for little cost.
  • Length is less harmful if the fish is being released.
  • Length can be easily verified by photographs

The rules should be simple to encourage members to enter. I suggest the following rules:

  • The competition is open to all MMBFC members, whether adult or junior members.
  • The competition is for the longest bass measured in centimeters to the nearest 0.5cm (rounded down).  Length measured from the snout to the tip of the tail.
  • The competition will run for 12 months from 1st October to 30th September each year.
  • Fish should be photographed against the measuring ruler / tape, showing the whole fish and its length to the nearest 0.5cm rounded down, and date of capture.
  • Fish can be returned or retained, provided the current regulations on bass fishing are followed.
  • Bass entered can be shore or boat caught.
  • All fish must be caught by rod & line, using fair angling methods - bait, lure, feathers or fly are all permitted.
  • Foul-hooked fish are not eligible.
  • Fish caught whilst commercial fishing are not eligible.
  • The competition will respect any closed seasons and minimum sizes that may apply.
  • The entries & photographs should be submitted to and will be posted on the club website so members can see the current entries.
  • There is no limit on the number of entries an angler can submit.
  • In the event of a tie, the award will be shared.
  • The award will be presented on the same night as the AGM.

10. Any other business

  • Colin Albert suggests that we create specific contact emails on our website to direct all enquiries appropriately. Emails for admin, Treasurer, Commodore, Membership, Boat Bookings, chalet and Secretary.
  • Roy Evans asked that all skippers get training on using the new electronics.

  • Janet asked that all Skippers adopt a common practise of using a common form for returning trip reports to the Treasurer and to Janet for Gift Aid. Agreed.

  • Richie asked to move all 4 bookings for the Skewen Club from October to November due to Covid restrictions. 

  • We were reminded by Colin that we must publish all Minutes on our website.

  • John West advised that Ralph Bettany wishes to re-join.

  • Keith advised that he has moved the handling of our boat insurances to him. 

There was no other business and the meeting closed.

Signed:  P Gavey          Dated: 30th September 2020




Held on 24 August 2020 at 7.30pm Skype Meeting



1                Participants: 

OFFICERS:  Phil Gavey (Chairman), Trevor Mellard (Secretary), Keith Stephens (Treasurer)

COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  Dean Gifford, Mark Thomas, Colin Albert,  Richie Pearce, Roy Evans

2                Apologies: John Elvins, Jon West, Tom Sheterline, Allan Walters 

3                Welcome

All the members present successfully joined the virtual venue (Skype) for the virtual meeting. The Chairman welcomed them to the meeting. Allan Walters was welcomed back onto the committee in his absence.

4                Minutes of previous meeting (27 July 2020):

These had been circulated to committee members before the meeting for any corrections and were now accepted as a record of the meeting. Report of the meeting to be put on the Club's website.

5                Matters arising

All covered by the agenda.

6                Correspondence

Received the correspondence from:

Norwest Marine concerning the renewal of the life-raft rentals for the Oystercat. Treasurer to pay the bill by BACS.

Porthcawl Insurance Agents notifying that the renewal of the policy for the Oystercat was due for payment. Treasurer to pay by BACS.

Swansea Marina for the payment of Belle and engine lift fees. The boat lift and first engine fees were paid by John Elvins and the engine lift in fees by Richie Pearce. Both had been repaid by the Treasurer. JE had expressed concern that he was not notified of the lift fees before he received the demand for payment, and the short time between the demands being paid. The Chairman had apologised to JE and hoped lessons had been learned.

7                Membership

Adult Membership Application Forms had been received and processed.

Steven Harris from Gowerton who had been proposed by Terry Pugh.

David Parker a marine biologist from the Uplands, proposed by Tom Sheterline. 

Adam-Owen Gilbert of the RNLI and from Mumbles, proposed by Tom Sheterline The committee approved the applicants for membership.

New member Andrew Beer had expressed an interest in becoming an Oystercat skipper. Agreed to get him on the boat as often as possible acting as trainee crew so an assessment could be made and then a training programme established.

8                Finance:

Finance report:

The Treasurer reported the current income and expenditure figures (available from the Treasurer).

The continued effect of the Covid-19 restriction on fishing trip donations reduced the income again. The investments in maintaining the boats, upgrading equipment and improvements to the chalet had been a considerable investment to the benefit of both.

The annual accounts had now been prepared by Janet Hurst and sent out for the committee's approval before being sent to the External Examiner. The accrual accounting method use by the Sage programme showed a much lower trading loss than that reported at the last committee meeting. The Treasurer expressed concern that the accounts did not show the full amount of the investment made in the Oystercat and the Chalet in 2019-20 financial year. He would explain this in his annual financial report to the AGM. The Chairman would also be writing an annual report for the accounts and AGM. A copy of the annual accounts to be taken by the Treasurer to the External Examiner EasyBooks for scrutiny

Once the annual accounts and signed reports have been approved by the AGM a copy has to be sent to the External Examiner.


9            Business items

  • Members Thursday night meetings review. P Gavey had been in contact with Mumbles Rugby Club regarding extending our period of using the Rugby Club for our Thursday Night members meetings. In their reply there was no indication they would extend the current agreement, but they would open the Rugby Club on a Thursday Night under the current Corvid measures for our members to meet. PG informed them we would have to contact our members to see how many were ready to attend on a Thursday night. Trevor Mellard to send out an email to find out the demand for Thursday Night Meetings.  
  • Oystercat: There was pent up demand from members to go fishing. D Gifford, J Elvins and R Pearce had responded by taking out fishing parties, Unfortunately, all the requests to go fishing could not be met. The fish catch reports were mixed, with not many good catches.
  • The recent storms had damaged the weather sheeting and broken the chairs. The weather sheeting could be fixed with a couple of new screws. The chairs would have to scrapped. It was agreed not to replace the plastic chairs as all anglers had a seat box that they could use.
    This would also give more space and make it easier to keep to the 2m distance measures.

    The Perspex for the toilet window had be received and M Thomas had cut and shaped it to fit in the toilet door. D Gifford and R Pearce to fit and seal the new window in the toilet door.
    No mention of the alternator belt tensioner needing replacing.

  • Mumbles Belle: The Belle had been lifted out of the water and put in the boatyard for engine repairs. The engine had been removed and taken away for repair. Following the repairs to the engine it was lifted back into the boat and secured.
    The electrical wiring still had to sorted, not a straight forward job.

  • Chalet: Confirmation from Swansea Council that the chalet was registered for business rate relief. The chalet would be free of rates for at least 12 months and probably for as long as the scheme was in place. The rate rebate had been posted in the Club Accounts as chalet income.

  • A chalet guest had reported water leaking in from the roof, in heavy rain, and running down the  pull cord in the toilet room. It had now stopped and dried up. Agreed to have the roof inspected in the closed season to assess the extent of the repairs required. An electrician had replaced to the faulty socket in the lounge. When switching off the electricity he noticed a fault with the wiring to the consumer unit. In correcting the fault, the consumer unit had to be replaced. The electrician also reported that the 5-year wiring test certificate was out of date. Agreed to have the wiring retested and a new 5 -year certificate obtained at a cost of £90. The electrical appliances in the chalet had been tested and issued with a PAT certificate. Door key box: Difficult to open. Sprayed with WD40 and now easier to operate. P Gavey said it would be replaced in the closed season.

    10          Any Other Business

    D Gifford had been approached by John Golding with a request for the Oystercat to act as a Safety   boat during a kayak event to Ilfracombe. Very little detail was provided and the committee could not make a commitment. Many problems were foreseen and more information was required from John Golding in the form of a written proposal.

    T Mellard reported that Ted Yorke was leaving Wales and giving up fishing. He would like to donate his fishing equipment to the Club for use by junior members. The committee agreed to accept his donation and TM to pick it up.

    R Evans asked why there were no longer any Belle catch reports on the Club's facebook page. The committee had taken away V Lilygreen's rights to post on the Club's facebook page.

    P Gavey to write to VL.


    Date of next meeting:

    29 September 2020 via Skype video link





    Held on 22 June 2020 at 7.30pm Webex Meeting


    1                Participants: 

    OFFICERS:  Phil Gavey (Chairman), Trevor Mellard (Secretary), Keith Stephens (Treasurer)   

    COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  Dean Gifford, Mark Thomas, Colin Albert, John Elvins, Roy Evans, Jon West

    2                Apologies: Allan Walters (left the committee), Tom Sheterline, Richie Pearce

    3                Welcome

    All the members successfully join the virtual meeting and the Chairman welcomed them on board.

    4                Minutes of previous meeting (18 May 2020):

    These had been circulated to committee members before the meeting for any corrections and were now accepted as a record of the meeting. Report of the meeting to be put on the Club’s website.

    5                Matters arising

    Norway Trip 2020: Mark Thomas reported that Sportsquest had refunded the deposits paid by the members who could not go on the rearranged date 7 July 2021. The club had returned the money held in the club’s bank account on their behalf for final payment. The committee thanked Sportquest for their prompt refund and rearranging the trip for 2021. This left vacancies for four other members to go on the 2021 fishing trip, these members would have to pay the new 2021 price for the trip.  Members to be re-notified of this opportunity.

    6                Correspondence

    Letter from the marina informing of the extension to the berth period. The Oystercat would be extended to 21 January 2021 and the Belle to 18 December 2020.

    7                Membership

    Membership Year:  Agree to notify the members of the new membership year July-June and the free 6-month extension for current members.

    Family Membership fees review:  Agreed the new family membership fee should be £50 for an adult, partner and children.

    8                Finance:

    Finance report:

    The Treasurer reported the current income and expenditure figures (available from the Treasurer). Due to the continued lockdown the fishing trip donations were well down and the operational accounts showed deficient. The treasurer called for all monies to be paid in by 30 June, including the log reports from Oystercat. He would then complete the year end accounts and have Janet Hurst look them over before sending to the external examiner. The income from Gift Aid would be around £1,900.

    9            Business items

    Coronavirus update: Considered the latest review from Welsh Government. No change regarding restrictions on using the boats. The chalet maybe able be allowed to open for lettings in two weeks’ time. K Stephens complimented the draft guidelines for covid-19 and going boat fishing again. and recommended a few additions. These were approved and would be added to the guidelines. The guidelines would remain in draft form until more than 2 households could participate and then issued to members and displayed on the boats. The necessary cleaning equipment and hand cleansers, sanitisers and deep clean pressure sprays were now available for use on board the boats. The use of bleach was not recommended. It was thought prudent for the boats to do just one trip per day to allow any virus droplets to disperse. Agreed there was no virus safety advantage in wearing gloves, better to wash hands frequently.


    Oystercat: On a recent trip down to the Oystercat Dean Gifford had discovered the toilet window had been broken by a stone. The incident had been reported to the marina office. R Pearce was looking into the work involved and a replacement window. It was thought the cost would be lower than the excess on the boat insurance policy.  DG had cleaned up the broken glass from down the toilet and on the floor. Toilet tested and no sign of any water leakage from the unit. On checking the bilges there was no water ingress. To be monitored after fishing trips.

    Skipper Phil Hixson had asked if there was any subsidy for the two-man trips as they would be expensive. The boat had been out on 5 fishing trips with just skipper and crew and they had paid the full donations rates. So no subsidies had been used.

    Mumbles Belle: Vic Lilygreen had been down to the marina again, fitted the charged batteries, cleaned and protected the terminals, got all the electrical systems working again. The engine had started first time when tried. He had fitted a tarpaulin over the front of the boat to stop rain getting in. applied preservative to the wooden seats and floor boards. He was looking for help to paint the wheelhouse. On a recent fishing trip the boat had performed well with no issues and the fishing was good.

    Chalet:The bookings for June had now been cancelled, but more booking were expected in the school holidays in July/August. D Gifford asked if the letting rates could be increased to £100 per day during the peak season due to the provision of new decking and outdoor furniture. P Gavey agreed to looking into this and would implement if the market could stand it.

    The chalet park would be issuing new coronavirus guidance/rules on lettings, use of the Park and safety. Airbnb had also issued a policy on lettings, hygiene, deep cleaning and minimum time between change overs.

    Asun would no longer be available for chalet cleaning duties as a precaution against virus transmission to her family. P Gavey asked for help in finding a new cleaner as soon as possible. His wife would stand in if required but only temporary. D Gifford to make enquiries with his contacts. Finding a cleaner was urgent to get the chalet ready for a letting on 13 July.

    Plastic railing waste still to be removed from the back of the chalet.  Mark Thomas offered the use a skip at his build site in Rhossili. P Gavey to contact RPearce and use the minibus to pick up the plastic.

    P Gavey and Jon West to put preservative on the decking.

    Letters received from the council delisting from domestic rates and putting the chalet on the business rate list. No information given on the costs involved other than a rateable value of £2,700. The council had taken the normal monthly rate payable.

    10          Any Other Business

    P Gavey thought the MRFC should give an extension to the 5-year period as compensation for not being able to use the rugby club during lockdown. TM to follow up with MRFC

    T Mellard reported Webex were cutting back the free time for a meeting from 2 hours to 50mins from 1 July 2020. Agreed to find another host with longer free time. (found Skype online Meet Now has unlimited time for their free meetings. No app required).

    Date of next meeting:

    27 July 2020





    Held on 18 MAY 2020 at 7.30pm Webex Meeting



    1                Participants:

    OFFICERS:  Phil Gavey (Chairman), Trevor Mellard (Secretary), Keith Stephens (Treasurer),

    COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  Dean Gifford, Mark Thomas, Colin Albert, Tom Sheterline, John Elvins, Roy Evans

    2                Apologies: Allan Walters, Richie Pearce, Jon West

    3                Welcome

    J Elvins was the first to join the meeting, in video only. There was 15-minute delay to the start of the meeting while D Gifford got J Elvins connected to his audio system.

    With all present and correct the Chairman welcomed the participating and thanked them for taking part, John Elvins, Roy Evans and Tom Sheterline were taking part for the first in a virtual committee meeting.

    4                Minutes of previous meeting (30 March 2020):

    These had been circulated to committee members before the meeting for any corrections and were now accepted as a record of the meeting. Report of the meeting to be put on the Club’s website.

    5                Matters arising

    Norway Trip 2020: Mark Thomas reported that Sportsquest had cancelled the booked fishing trip schedule for early July. Norway had closed its borders until 20 July at the earliest. Sportquest had offered to change the dates to the same dates in 2021, with no increase in costs. M Thomas to consult with the members who had booked to go on the trip regarding the cancellation and offer. 50% of the fees had already been paid to Sportsquest as the required deposit.  The remaining payments were held in the Club’s bank account.  With the exception of £550 not paid in by Leigh Phil Roberts who works abroad.  All the others had paid in the amounts required.  The money to remain in the Club’s bank account until the fishing party’s wishes are known.

    6                Correspondence

    Noted that that the boats insurers had confirmed that the policies covered both boats under current situation regarding access to the marina.  A newsletter had been sent all members, there were no replies to the request to join the committee or to volunteer to help the Club in other capacities.  P Gavey had also sent out emails with uptodate information regarding the coronavirus and fishing. In the emails PG had also asked for members to join in the virtual meetings and had received no replies.

    7                Membership

    Membership Year:  At the request of J Elvins the committee reviewed its previous decision regarding the membership year in light of the information supplied by JE and not being fully articulated at the previous committee meeting. JE’s information can be found in Appendix 1 of these minutes.  It was agreed to overturn the previous decision and the membership year would now be 1 July to 30 June. This allowed current member to have their membership extended to 30 June 2021, giving 6 months free membership to compensate for the Stay At Home regulation with no fishing or other Club activities. T Mellard stated that the change to the Membership Year would have no effect on future Gift Aid claims as these are flexible but usually based on the financial year.

    Family Membership fees review:

    The Secretary had failed to record accurately the committee’s decision regarding the family membership fee. This was now clarified as £40 for an adult member, plus £5 for a spouse and £1 for each child up to a maximum of £50. Rather than a Family fee of £50 inclusive of 1 adult, 1 spouse/partner and any number of children.

    8                Finance:

    Finance report:

    The Treasurer reported the current income and expenditure figures (available from the Treasurer). Due to the continued lockdown fishing trip donations were well down and the operational accounts showed deficient. Discussed the possibility of obtaining government coronavirus help. Decided probably not available to the Club as the Club was neither a charity nor a business.  Investment interest income was now negligible.

    9            Business items

    Marina access to the boats reports:

    Oystercat: Dean Gifford went down to the marina at the appointed time. Found the boat in good condition but the batteries were fully discharge. This was due to a circuit breaker on the boat having tripped disconnecting the battery charger from the marina power supply. Also, the bilge pumps had not worked leaving the starboard bilge full of water. This water was contaminated with oil and with the help of Richard from the marina Dean emptied the water into boat’s water containers for appropriate disposal. The port side bilge was empty dry. Dean fitted the 2 new service batteries and started he engines and ran them an hour to charges the starter batteries, Dean’s full report can be found in appendix 2.

    Dean to liaise with the marina on access to check the boat over.

    Mumbles Belle: Vic Lilygreen had been down to the marina flowing the new access protocol. Found the Belle in good condition and the bilges empty. The solar charging system proved to be a good investment. Unfortunately, due to the long layoff there was insufficient power from the batteries to start the engine. Vic took the batteries home for charging and testing. He had made an appointment with the marina to return on Wednesday to refit the batteries and run the engine.  A full report from Vic can be found in appendix 3.

    Vic to liaise with the marina on access to check the boat over.

    Shore Fishing

    Still on stay at home regulations. Freshwater and sea fishing from land now allowed as exercise. Fishing must be local and reachable by walking or cycling where possible, limited use of car to get to a local venue. Must fish alone or with one family members and observe the 2m and hygiene rules. No boat fishing allowed. Not the time to organise any Club fishing events.  

    Chalet Report

    Council Tax Reduction: P Gavey reported he was still waiting for the council to carry out the reassessment. PG to enquire if we are entitled to a rate free period due the lockdown regulations.

    Bookings:  All bookings had now been cancelled. Airbnb had waived their cancellation fees. Still open to bookings through to October through Airbnb. Charges to be increased for next year. Due to the ‘stay at home’ regulations holidays bookings may increase next year.

    Rubbish: Plastic railing wate still waiting for removal from the back of the chalet.  Mark Thomas may be able to disposed through one of his builders’ skip.

    10          Any Other Business

    None tabled.

    Date of next meeting:

    22 June 2020



    Appendix 1

    Proposal to rechange the Membership Year

    I had made a proposal which was rejected by what only I can perceive as misunderstood.

    The statement:

    "The current calendar membership year had the advantage of getting most of the

     membership money in before the end of the financial year making it easier to

     complete the year end accounts ready for the AGM in October. "

    This is fiction... the move to July 1st would enable all subs to be collected well in advance of year end as our financial year starts July to June.

    Conversation around compensation for lack of use 2020 

    This would be solved by moving membership year giving all paid up members a free 6 months.

    Enticing members to renew at year end

    The incentive is self-evident as people would have to renew for the period July1st -June 30th thus having to renew to use facilities from July, our busy and best time.

    Membership when resumption of activities

    This would start with a full year’s membership July 2020 to June 2021 i.e. no half year membership 2020

    The renewal night

    This could be held in June and due to the weather being better may even be more successful. Payment into the accounts would be 1st July.

    Not sure what thought train was being followed and obviously the advantages of the suggested change were not fully imparted due to my absence from the virtual meeting.


    John Elvins 

    Appendix 2 Oystercat Visit 2020-05-18


    Generally, the boat was in reasonable condition, ropes were tight enough, fenders were doing their work. Unfortunately, on arriving at the boat the batteries were completely flat causing the starboard side bilge to be fairly full of water. Not to a level that will have caused any problems but another couple of weeks would have been an issue.
    I’ve included Swansea Marina in the email to thank John (Swansea Marina) for coordinating and Richard (Swansea Marina) for helping capture and dispose of the bilge water as it had some oil/fuel residue but also to highlight the near miss we had too (through no fault of theirs)


    Batteries completely flat

    On arriving at the boat the batteries were completely flat, causing 30ltrs of water to accumulate in the starboard bilge.


    The cause for this appears to have been caused by a breaker trip on the boat; for some reason, the boat’s trickle charge system had tripped, maybe a surge at some point from the shore power source.

    This means the domestic batteries weren’t topped up over the lockdown period.


    The only way to catch this issue would be visiting the boat to check the breaker & trickle charge system. We’ve had the shore power trip a few times on the marina side but never had it on the boat  side, so hopefully it won’t happen again.

    Additionally, we knew the domestic batteries were in need of replacement - that was the main reason for the visit to the boat. I’ve replaced the 2 domestic/house batteries and ran the boat for 1hr to recharge the other batteries.

    Other items

    • Both engines started straight away
    • Starboard engine had a single voltage drop alarm after ~20mins of running.
    • No water in the Port Bilge 
    • All water bottles were used to capture starboard bilge water - so we’ll need to get a few more

    Actions taken

        1. Pumped out Starboard bilge 
        2. Replaced House batteries
        3. General tidy up
        4. Tied back weather sheets

          4a. Some tearing - may need to re-position screws

        1. Ran through electric / instrument checks - all working as expected

      6.     Wipers

      7.     VHF

      8.     Depth Sounder (old)

      9.     GPS (old)

      10.  Pumps

      11.  Macerator Pump 

      12.  Washdown

      13.  Livewell

      14.  Lights

      15.  Running

      16.  Anchor

      17.  Cab

      18.  Deck

      19.  Spotlights

      20.  GPS (new)

      21.  Depth Sounder (new)

       .                 Tighten ropes

    Next steps

    1. Identify where the water is getting into the starboard bilge

               a. Is it just through the gland seal?

               b. Is there anywhere on top that rainwater can get in?

    1. Monitor ingress
    2. Keep an eye on shore power and boat breakers
    3. Buy new water bottles
     Appendix 3

    Mumbles Belle Marina access visit 18 May 2020

    I took the 1130 maintenance slot this morning & spent a lot of time spraying around the boat with a Jeyes Fluid solution. I pumped both bilges dry & checked the fuel levels etc, & the engine oil level, but In was unable to get the engine to turn over? I assumed that there was sufficient power in the batteries to run the pumps but not enough to turn it over.

    I brought the 3 batteries (2 x main & 1 x spare) home for charging, convinced that they were flat but after 10 mins or so they showed a full charge on the charger? I tested them with a drop tester & one of the main batteries (12 x 60ahc 510 cranking amps) showed only just 12 volts when fully charged.

    My lack of faith in the solar panel seems misplaced & that it is keeping the batteries charged. I arranged with the marina to go back on Wednesday morning with charged batteries & carry on with the maintenance, I stressed the urgency because without batteries we are vulnerable to rain.

    I will check the battery leads & terminals & the power system to see if I can find out where the problem lies, hopefully it won’t be anything too complex

    Victor Lilygreen

    Marina visit 20 May 2020

    Belle fired up first turn of the key once the terminals were cleaned & tightened, I covered the connections with Vaseline which should keep the corrosion at bay. When its being run regularly it doesn't appear to happen,

    It needs TLC  before we go out next but not that bad at all. Electronics are working fine, but a couple of lights never came on, (the interior light, & the anchor light) probably a bit of corrosion, but plenty of time to sort those out before the lock gates open.



    Held on 30 MARCH 2020 at 7.30pm Webex Meeting



    1                Participants:

    OFFICERS:  Phil Gavey (Chairman), Trevor Mellard (Secretary), Keith Stephens (Treasurer),

    COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  Dean Gifford, Mark Thomas, Colin Albert, Jon West.

    2                Apologies: Tom Sheterline, John Elvins, Roy Evans, Allan Walters and Richie Pearce.

    3                Welcome

    Chairman welcomed those participating and thanked Trevor Mellard and Colin Albert for setting up the Webex meeting platform. This was the first Webex committee meeting due to the coronavirus restrictions. All present were well and happy to try out the new meeting platform.

    4                Minutes of previous meeting (17 February 2020):

    These had been circulated to committee members before the meeting and were now accepted as a record of the meeting. Report of the meeting to be put on the Club’s website.

    5                Matters arising

    None, all covered by the agenda.

    6                Correspondence

    Communications with Robert Gray (ABP) over the postponement of his talk to club members on 2 April 2020. P Gavey reported that R Gray was happy to give his talk when the current virus pandemic was over. P Gavey to keep in touch with him.

    No feedback from Steve Absalom on the talks that could be given by Peter Richards, T Mellard to follow up.

    7                Membership

    Applications: 1 new membership application from Jan Pawlowski of Gorseinon. He is Interested in shore fishing and improving his casting skills. The committee approved his membership. 2 further application forma had been received, but these had not progressed due to the shutdown of club activities.  

    166 members had paid their subscriptions for 2020.

    Noted, the whale and dolphin project group had not renewed their membership, probably because they never got a trip last year. Mainly due to the weather, but also not having a skipper available.

    Membership fees review:

    Considered the need to increase membership fees and the effects of the virus shutdown on the club and its members activities. 


    Joining Fee: The relevance of the membership joining fee.

    Membership categories and increasing the membership fees.

    The effect of the shutdown of club activities and no fishing trips and the likely hood of it lasting 6 months or more before we could fish again and the need for some form fees compensation. Proposals were to extend the current membership year for 6 or 12 months or giving a 50% discount on the 2021 membership fee for members renewing.

    Colin Albert suggested a moratorium on new membership until we are able to fish again.

    Came to no full agreement, to be continually monitored through the virus crisis and firm up on a resolution for the 2020 AGM which is due to be held in October 2020. 

    The 6-month extension to the membership year had the advantage of bringing the membership year in line with the financial year, which had long been advocated by some members of the previous and current committee members.

    The current calendar membership year had the advantage of getting most of the membership money in before the end of the financial year making it easier to complete the year end accounts ready for the AGM in October. This arrangement had been implemented by the previous club Auditors and our current Account Examiners had never sought to change this arrangement. The Treasurer recommended keeping the membership calendar year.

    Ways of enticing members to renew their membership before the end of December. Current practise was to hold a renewal night in early December and these had proved successful.

    Not being allowed to use club facilities in the new membership year until the fees had been paid and whether a late fee should be brought in if the joining fee was removed. Currently the re-joining fee was not applied until 1 March. So, members renewing after January would be paying the full annual fee and an extra fee for a reduced membership year.  New members joining after January would also pay full fees for a reduced membership year until the end of June after which the fees were reduced by 50%.

    The committee did not discuss whether the 18 month and 14 month arrangements for new members would still apply.  Not taken advantage of for 2020.


    ·        To do away with the joining fee as it was no longer relevant and seen as a surcharge on new members wanting to join the club. 

    ·        To keep the current membership categories.

    ·        To increase the fees for each category as follows: Full Adult Membership £40. Senior Membership (after 3 years membership) £20. Junior Membership (under 18) £10. Family Membership (not sure if was £50 or £45).

    ·        No Student Membership category.

    ·        To keep the calendar year for membership.

    Coronavirus compensation - to be decided when back to normal and out fishing again.

    Still under discussion: use of an extra fee for late renewal of membership. Final committee resolution to be put to the membership at the AGM.

      8          Finance:

    Finance report:

    The Treasurer reported the current income and expenditure figures (available from the Treasurer). Due to the lockdown fishing trip donations would be well down for the financial year and with the investments in new equipment for the Oystercat, and chalet decking. Along with the loss income from the boats and chalet there would be a large trading deficit in the year end accounts come June. The capital reserves were still healthy.

    The Belle insurance and the minibus road tax had been paid.

    Norway fishing trip: Due to the lockdown, the position with the fishing trip was not clear. As it currently stands, we have to assume the trip is still on until we hear otherwise from Sportsquest.  Meaning the any outstanding payments will have to be paid.  If it is still unclear at 60 days before departure date the payment date could be changed to 30 days before the trip date. A further problem is that all flights are being cancelled. Advised to continue with the planned payments into the Club’s Norway Fishing Account until we hear from Sportsquest.  If the trip cannot go ahead on the planned dates Sportsquest are likely to postpone the trip and offer alternative dates and the use of vouchers. Sportsquest are cover by the ATOL scheme and any money still in the Club’s Norway account is safe. (This information was given by Mark Thomas 2 days after the committee meeting).

    T Mellard to communicate this information to the participants.

    Gift Aid: No donations collected since last meeting.

    9            Business items

    Boat Committee reports:

    Noted the marina was on lockdown with no access to the boats.

    The Oystercat: New batteries had been purchased and would be fitted when the marina was open again. It was hoped when the fully charged new batteries were fitted there would be enough voltage for the cooker to work properly.  New hydrostatic release units had been bought for the life rafts.

    Steve Absalom had proposed a species competition on the Oystercat between 5 Skewen members and 5 Mumbles members. This was on hold until we were back fishing. Dean Gifford to follow up with S Absalom.

    John Elvins’ proposed summer fishing competition details were broadly welcomed but would have to wait until the outcome of the virus lockdown was known.

    Mumbles Belle: The boat fills up with water during heavy rain. Vic Lilygreen and Allan Walters had planned to fit some tarpaulin to the front end of the boat to help stop water getting and causing damage. Unfortunately, the marina closed down before this could be done. J Elvins our marina contact had made representation to the marina to allow access to the Belle for 15 minutes to fit the tarpaulin. There had been no reply from the marina. Marina staff would be patrolling the marina and reporting any problems.

    Shore Fishing

    Keith Stephens reported no shore fishing had taken place since the last meeting and there would be none for the foreseeable future.

    Chalet Report

    Council Tax Reduction: P Gavey had at last received a response from the council. The chalet would be reclassified and treated as a business for council tax purposes. This should result in paying less tax.  The amount would have to wait until the council had carried out a reassessment. 

    Electric Meter: The spike in electric bills was due to very low estimated reading being used over the summer months. We were now paying a higher monthly rate to catch up on the amount owed. P Gavey to ensure regular meter readings were sent to EON. With the chalet on lockdown the electric use will be very low and the amount owed will be paid off more quickly.

    Decking: Agreed to buy table and chairs to complement the new decking. R Pearce had refitted and lock the old gate for safety and security reasons. He had also removed timber from the rear of the chalet. There were still some plastic boards to be removed. RP had previously reported ground at the rear of the chalet needed attention to smarten it up and compliment the new decking. P Gavey and J West volunteered to treat the new decking when preservative could be purchased.

    Bookings:  for March and April had been cancelled due to the lockdown. The chalet was still being advertise on Airbnb in the hope of attracting booking when people can go on holiday again.

    Club Events: None due to lockdown.

    Club publicity: K Stephens had taken copies of the new poster and leaflets to Mainwarings tackle shop and given some to R Pearce for display in the minibus.  Not clear if the minibus could be parked down the marina (for PR purposes) as intended due to the new marina restrictions. Probably not the time to be recruiting new members who want to go fishing.

    10           Any Other Business

    Jon West: Recommended carrying out enhance hygiene on the boats when members go fishing again. Such as the availability of hand sanitisers, alcohol-based wipes and Nitrile gloves should members so wish to wear them on future trips.

    Especially when handling food and drinks. Agreed to implement.

    Date of next meeting:

    27 April 2020




    Dear members

    It has been decided by the Committee that our committee meetings and Thursday night members meetings are suspended until further notice. The talk on the West Pier scheduled for 2 April 2020 is also postponed

    This decision has not been taken lightly but has become inevitable with the evolution of the virus.

    Keep healthy, stay safe.





    Mumbles Motorboat and Fishing Club

    Excutive Committee report
    Meeting Date 27 February 2020

    Present: Dean Gifford (chair), Trevor Mellard (secretary), Keith Stephens (treasurer), Colin Albert, Roy Evans, Mark Thomas (skipper), Richie Pearce (skipper), Allan Walters ( Skipper).

    Apologies: Phil Gavey (holiday), Tom Sheterline (working), John Elvins (family), Jon West (not well).

    With the Commodore away on holiday Dean Gifford chaired the meeting.

    Correspondence: From Janet Hurst giving details of the funeral arrangement for husband Mike Hurst. From EON concerning electricity tariffs for the chalet. Third party public liability members fishing insurance premium due for payment from PAKA.

    Membership: There were no new membership application.  We have 162 members so far for 2020.

    Finance: The treasurer reported the current financial position. A number of big bills had been paid for the new electronics on Oystercat and new decking on the front area outside the chalet. The Nationwide Building Society did not have an account suitable for use by the Club. Keeping the Swansea Building Society account for the time being. Reported the Mumbles Belle insurance was due for renewal before the end o March.  Likewise, the road tax for the minibus.

    Gift Aid donations were down due to fewer fishing trips and fewer members signing up for Gift Aid. The amount we can claim back from HMRC will be a lot less than last year.

    Oystercat: No major maintenance required until the summer lift out.  Cooker still temperamental, most skipper would like it replaced. Boat committee to consider and report back. Steve Absalom had recommended Peter Richards to give a talk to the members.  He could speak on a number of topics, T Mellard to follow up with Steve and obtain a list of topics from which to choose. Steve also propose a species competition between members on Oystercat. Dean Gifford to follow up with Steve and organise one as soon as possible.


    Mumbles Belle: had taken on a significant amount of water during the recent storm.  Vic Lilygreen and Allan Walters had been down to manually bail the water out. They also found one of the bilge pumps was not working and would have to be replaced. Noted that Vic continued to make a good recovery and was hopeful that he would soon be back skippering the Belle. The committee thanked Vic and Allan for all their hard work in looking after the Belle.

    Shore fishing: None had taken place, mainly due to the adverse weather. Arrangements were in hand for future events and the setting up of league matches. It is hoped to re-establish a shore fishing team to get things moving. Anyone interested in getting involved should contact the secretary asap.

    Chalet:  P Gavey still in conversation with ccs over a reduction in rates. The electric meter had been replaced and new readings taken amount payable to be reviewed. The new decking had been completed, some old wood needs taking away and consideration given to having outdoor furniture on the new decking. R Pearce had refitted the gate at the top of the old steps. RP to check if any areas need painting inside and treatment of the woodwork outside.  Bedding to be renewed. A number of booking had be made and the chalet would be made ready for the first guests of the new season.

    Club Events: Arrangements has been made for Robert Gray of ABP to give a talk in the repairs being undertaken to repair the west pier sea wall and provision for fishing again from the pier. The talk will take place on 2 April 2020, starting at 8pm in the Mumbles Rugby Football Club, Mumbles.

    To be more proactive in running the Spot the Fish raffle on a club night

    Club Publicity: A number of new flyers and posters had been made ready for distribution to promote the club around the marina and tackle shops.
    Next meeting 16 March 2020
    Trevor Mellard
    Executive Committee report
    Meeting Date 27 January 2020
    The Committee discussed, considered and decided on the following matters.
    The chaieman open the meeting and welcomed the members present. A special welcome was extended to Alan Walters who was attending his first meeting as a skipper of the Mumbles Belle. 
    Under correspondence issues raised by a member concerning the the safe manning levels of the Oystercat and qualifications of a crew member. It was alleged that rules had been ignored and the safety of the boat was at risk. Following the discussion it was agreed that no rules had been ignored, the manning levels and skipper crew qualification and boat handling experience had not put the boat in any danger.
    The membership renewal night, 19 December 2019,  had been very successful with some  60+ members in attendance. The menbership after the event had risen to 155.
    The Treasurer was still balacing the bank and building societies to ensure the Club funds were within the FSCA compensation limits. Money had been paid out to cover the costs involving the new navigation and fish finding equipment and the the new auto-steer installation. Also for the new decking outside the front of the chalet in the Summercliffe Chalet Park, caswell Bay.
    The insurance for the chalet had been renewed with a saving of £140.
    The Oystercat had been sailed over to the Cardiff Bay Yatch Club for the annual cod competition. Members fishing on the way down and in the cod competition no prizes were won. Whilsat down in Cardiff it wa reported the boat life in Swansea marina was broken and it would June time before Oyatercat could be lifted out of the water for upgrades and maintenance. The weather was also dredful preventing the boat returning to Swansea. Arrangement were quicly made to have the new navigation equipment and auto steer fitted while berthed in Cardiff. The CBYC's boat lift was used as required.  After a week's stay in Cardiff the Oystercat returned to Swansea marina. Thew equipment was given a good test on the way back and during a recent fishing trip. All was working well, a vast improvment over the old equipment and well worth the investment. Arrangements were being made to train the skippers in the use of the new equipment.
    Stll looking for a permanent solution to ensure the cooker always works well.
    The reolacemnet of the antifouling would have to wait until the summer following the repair of the boat lift and clearance of the backlog of boats booke-in to be lifted out of the water. It was decded to remove the old antifouling back to the gel coat and replace it with a longer lasting substance inpregnated with copper.


    Mumbles Belle.  The repairs to the engine oil leak would also have to wait until the summer when the boat lift was back in action. The action required while the Belle was in the boat yard included; removing the engine, replacing the sump gasket, oil filter, fuel filter and examining and repairing as required to the firefighting skin fittings and heating pipes.
    New Belle skipper Alan Walters had taken th boat out on a fishing trip, with Vic Lilygreen on board for the ride, all had gone well and good day's fishing was appreciated by all on board. Well Done Allan.
    Shore fishing. Keith Stephens reported on a fishing trip the Amroth to take part in the annual air ambulance charity competition.  Only 5 of the 120 anglers were from MMBFC. The fishing and prizes were no where near as good as last year. Keith stepped into a gully and got wet all over.. Still looking to set up a shore fishing league for members.
    Chalet. New decking had been fitted to the front of the chalet, incorporating new steps to the front door.  The roads and curb stones had been renewed, improving the appearance of the chalet park.  Looking to repaint the inside of the chalet and revarnish the outside.
    Club publicity. Discuessed new way of atttracting sponsor for the club and its events. These included letting out adverting space on the Cat, updating the promotion leaflets and poster and redistributing to tackle shops and othe places.  To park the minibus down the marina as an advertising billboard. Apparantly this is allowed for 10 day periods, periodically. Posters, leaflets and membership application forms to be available from the bus and boats.
    Next meeting 17 February 2020
    Trevor Mellard
    MMBFC Secretary




    Meeting Date: 16 December 2019

    The Committee considered, discussed and concluded the following issues.

    Boat and crew minimum manning safety levels for fishing trip. Agreed the current practice for a two man skipper and crew fishing trip, due to no other demand from members was working satisfactorily.

    A membership renewal evening notice had been sent out to members informing them of the date 19 December 2019 and a free curry supper would be provided.

    No new applications for membership had been received since the last meeting. Several members had renewed their membership for 2020. The membership for 2020 stood at 34.

    The Treasurer reported the current financial figures for income and expenditure. These were satisfactory.  Progress was being made on balancing the sums of money in the bank accounts to be within FSCA compensation scheme limits.

    Oystercat was now 12 years old. The hull was in very good condition but the electronic were out of date and unreliable.   Maintenance and associated cost were increasing on a yearly basis. Maintenance would be carried out on the capstan system, toilet and cooker. When the boat is out of the water in February/March the hull coatings would be taken back to reduce thickness and new anti-fouling applied that lasts 5 years, the upper body would be cleaned and polished. Final arrangements were being made on the purchase and fitting of the new and replacement electronic navigation and steering equipment. A target installation date had been set for 10 February 2020.

    Mumbles Belle’s maintenance would wait until March for the oil leak and hull inspection to be done when out of the water and in the boatyard. Allan Walters was standing in to skipper the Belle while Vic Lilygreen recovers.

    Fishing trips and catches were down due to adverse weather conditions. A couple of shore fishing trips had been arranged but were poorly attended. The Club would like to see some 10 members get together to set up and run the shore fishing programme. And reinstate the Awards Evening. The minibus had just passed the MOT which was valid for another 12 months and available for shore fishing trips to various venues.

    The chalet was now closed until March 2020, when again it would be open for lettings. Arrangements were being made for the inside to be repainted and extended decking to be fitted to the front. The surplus income would pay for this work.  The Airbnb website had already been set up to take bookings.

    The 2020 Norway fishing trip was well in hand, the minibus had been booked for the airport run, but additional drivers had to be approved. The final payment from the members going on the trip can now be made to the Club.

    Next meeting 27 January 2020

    Trevor Mellard


    Committee Meeting held on 25 November 2019

    Richie Pearce reported on his visit to Vic Lilygreen who was in hospital following a stroke of Friday night. He was out of intensive care and making slow progress. Feeling was coming back to both arms and legs and he could just about stand with the aid of a frame. His speech is now slurred rather than none at all. The committee wished him well for a good recovery and sent thier good wish to his family at this difficult time.

    Another 2 new members had been signed up,.  The membership for 2019 was 211.  A number of members had renewed for 2020 making a total of 18 on the 2020 membership list. With membership coming to an end on 31 December 2019 it was decided to hold a membership renewal evening on Thursday 19 December along with a curry supper.   If you cannot make the renewal evening you can still renew your membership by BACS or cheque.

    You need to renew your membership before you can continue to use the Club and its facilities in 2020.

    Noted that the annual accounts had been approved at the AGM.  Accepted the draft minutes for the AGM were a correct record of the meeting. Treasurer Keith Stephens tabled the current income and expenditure for the boats, bus and chalet. Keith Stephens was also rationalising the bank accounts to keep within the FCS compensation limits.

    The Oystercat had under gone a couple of maintenance to day where essential repairs had been carried. The starboard engine was now working, well having replace an electrical control box. The cooker was working much better but needed a bit of TLC. The capstan pump and seal had been replaced. Stainless steel plates had been added to the anchor bay. Things were much improved.  Seeking further improvements, the reliability and safety of the electronic navigational equipment had been checked out. This showed the age of the equipment, much of it outdated and a number of the units had become unreliable.  The equipment was now 12 years old and would require ongoing maintenance costs.  It was decided to replace the old with new.  The purchase of a new replacement boat was too expensive and to keep the Oystercat shipshape it was decided on a programme replacing/renewing essential equipment, this way the costs would be much more manageable.


    Vic Lilygreen had done an excellent job in keeping the Belle seaworthy and a joy for fishing. Unfortunately, due to Vic’s stroke these trips would not take place for a while, as we have no ready replacement skipper for the Belle.  We have to decide whether to give a member of the Belle crew additional Belle handling experience to gain the competence to take the Belle out fishing. Or, take the boat out of the water now for its annual maintenance and repair of the engine oil leak rather than wait until March when the locks are closed for maintenance.

    Keith Stephens reported on a shore fishing trip to Amroth, only 5 members attended. He was organising a shore fishing trip to Cold Knap on 28 November 2019. We considered possible reason why the Club’s fishing activities and meetings were not well support, the following were put forward: A number of members belonged to other fishing clubs and they organised their own long-established shore fishing programmes and they joined MMBFC to go boat fishing. Many of our members live outside the Mumbles and Swansea area and along with the carparking issue find it inconvenient to attend meetings in Mumbles. Having left the old meeting place down by Mumbles pier and moved to the Rugby Club we have lost the close community atmosphere of a family club. All the information members require can be found on the website including booking boat fishing trips. Members no longer report their fish catches and the awards evenings lost support. Many other were discussed. How times have changed. If you wish to make an input then use our FORUM page on the website.

    The chalet is closed for the winter and steps are being taking to decorate the inside rooms and arrange for decking to be erected to the front of the chalet. These improvements would make the chalet more appealing on the letting market and attractive to people interested in purchasing the chalet. The letting charges for 2020 will be 10% more than in 2019. The chalet had a very good 6 month letting season in 2019.

    There will be no Club nights on 26 December 2019 and 2 January 2020.

    The date of the next committee meeting is 16 December 2019.
    Trevor Mellard