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New members are welcome to join at any time. There is a joining fee of £10 (one payment only) and menbership fee (currently £30) are payable for a full year (January-December) or half a year (July-December).
 2017 membership ended on 31 December and to continue using the boats and other Club facilities membership must be renewed.
You can renew your membership NOW but you will have to pay the annual subscription and a rejoining fee of £10.
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National and local shipping forecasts are available on:
BBC Radio 4 LW (1515m, 198kHz) only. HM Coastguard broadcasts weather forecasts on VHF radio on various channels following an announcement on Ch16. Met Office on-line Many harbour and marina offices display a written forecast. Marinecall mobile services via SMS, MMS or WAP - details on-line Navtex receivers provide printed forecasts and navigational information from radio signals. Also see the Weather and Tide Forecasts on this website.
Local Weather Forecasts
Always check the weather forecast before you set off fishing. Get regular updates if you are planning on being out for any length of time. Be prepared to change your plans or cancel the fishing trip if the forecast is unfavourable. In addition to national and local radio and TV forecast, here are a selection of places to get weather information.
Selection of Net based weather forecast sites:
     ALL IN ONE LONG RANGE FORECAST FOR SHORE ANGLERS: (This takes you to the default port of Hastings, click on the Home tab and enter your post code in the search box for a forecast at your location).
     Marine weather forecast website:
     Metoffice Inshore waters forecast:
     Wind Guru:

    Windyty  maps (See which way the wind blows)
    Beaufort Wind Scale
    Club boats do not go when the wind forecast is over Beaufort No. 5 (Force 5) Anything above this gives a very uncomfortable ride, the wind is gusting over 20mph with wave heights over 9ft and rough long waves forming with airborne spray.

    To enlarge the Beaufort Wind Scale click to the left on this line