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New members are welcome to join at any time. There is a joining fee of £10 (one payment only) and menbership fee (currently £30) are payable for a full year (January-December) or half a year (July-December).
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Every skipper must be suitably qualified before setting sail, unsupervised, with anglers. All MMBFC skippers are qualified to the requirements as laid down by the Club and experience by the boats' insurance company.   Qualifications gained and skipper approvals must also have been sanctioned by the Club's Executive Committee.
All our skippers are experienced with an abundance of knowledge for keeping everyone happy and most of the time on the fish of all kinds,
 e.g. black bream, bull huss, cod, codling, coalfish, gurnard, mullet, plaice, pollack, pouting, blonde ray, spotted ray, thornback ray, smothhound, spurdog, tope wrasse, whiting.  The skippers provide plenty help with the fishing, if required, and will help to catch and land the fish. The skippers offer plenty of choices from full (12 anglers) boat fishing trips to small parties (4-6 anglers) and on most trips there is plenty of banter between the anglers, usually plenty fish and to boot an enjoyable day out.

Phil Hixson (non -active working overseas)
Fishing from a tender age, Phil has been a keen angler all his life, both from the shore and boat.  However, boat fishing has been his main interest.  When Oystercat was bought in 2007 and with Phil being well qualified he became one of the first Oystercat skippers.
Phil is well qualified and very experienced angler. 
His RYA qualifications include:
VHF-DSC Radio Operation, RYA Navigation & Safety Certification, RYA Day Skipper.
20+ years power boat experience, Oystercat skipper for 7 years.
Phil can be contacted on: 01792 904294 or 07773330061
Derek Wright (Club Commodore)
(stand by skipper)
Derek has his own boat, and has been boat fishing for many a year. He knows the Bristol Channel very well. He cut his fishing teeth on many of the magnificent fishing marks the Channel has to offer.
With exceptional angling and boating knowledge, and excellent capabilities as an owner/skipper of his own boat (since 1966) Derek knows all the ropes and is well qualified to be an Oystercat skipper. He is also the senior skipper and responsible for accrediting new Oystercat skippers. Derek has the following RYA qualifications:-VHF-DSC Radio Operation, RYA Navigation & Safety Certification, RYA Day Skipper.  20+ years power boat experience, Oystercat skipper for 7 years. Derek can be contacted on: 07880775994
Simon Clark (Currently not available)
Simon is a top Oystercat skipper and has been taking charge of the boat since she arrived. He is fully qualified and experienced, and is keen on taking our juniors out fishing on Oystercat. Simon likes go for a range of species; bream, bass, pollack, cod, rays. He has been known to chase the hounds and spurdogs. These mini sharks have a reputation for giving boat anglers some of the most exciting boat fishing of the year. Today members fishing off the Gower catch plenty of hounds, yet 20 years ago they were a rare fish. RYA Qualifications: VHF-DSC Radio Operation,RYA Day Skipper, RYA Navigation & Safety Certification, RYA Powerboat level 2.  Heartstart training, experience of 5m rib power boat. Oystercat skipper for 7 years.
Contact Numbers: 01792 515397 or 07796275216
Jeff Roberts (No longer a club member)
Jeff has been a member of Club for many a year, supported it through the good and difficult times and was a member of the project team that saw through the build of the Oystercat in Blyth's boat yard, took part in the sea trials and its subsequent arrival in Swansea Marina. Jeff was one of the lead skippers in the early days, taking out fishing parties on many occasions. Pressure of work reduced the number of opportunities to take the Oystercat out over past couple of years. Since retiring his interest in boats and boat fishing has gone up a couple of gears. So much so that he instigated the purchase of the lifeboat and converted it into a small stable fishing boat and is looking forward to giving members a different fishing experience to the Oystercat. Not every member wants to fish from a boat as large as the Oystercat. The newly commissioned Mumbles Belle gives them more flexibility and fun with their inshore fishing. Jeff is looking forward to taking members out on the Mumbles Belle, so get in touch and make his and yours small boat fishing dream come true.
RYA Qualifications: VHF-DSC Radio Operation, RYA Navigation & Safety Certification, RYA Day Skipper.
Powerboat Experience: 25 years. Oystercat skipper for 7 years. Jeff was in charge of the Oystercat for the first 4years. Now he is the main skipper for the Mumbles Belle.
 Contact number: 07825005734
Mike Hurst (limited availability)
Mike has been fishing from a tender age, and has
experience of boat fishing in the Bristol Channel. His willingness to please anglers is renowned and he tries hard to make sure your trip is a successful one.  In the past he has located a fair amount of fish for his anglers, but he's a conservationist at heart and likes to release many fish back into the water.  Although Mike can target certain species if the anglers so wish, though he prefers to go after a mixed bag of species. Mike is trying out fishing trips where the fishing method will be predominately up-tiding.

Mike is also responsible for organising educational fishing trips for the the local community, such as schools and youth groups.

RYA Qualifications: VHF-DSC Radio Operation, RYC Navigation & Safety Certification, RYA Day Skipper.  Dept. of Trade Licence classes (iv), (v), (vi), not more than 250 passengers.  Powerboat Experince: 20 years. Oystercat Skipper for 4 years.
Contact Number:07504098411
Dean Gifford (week-end availability)
Seasoned angler, lots of boat fishing experience, been an Oystercat skipper for 3 years.His favourite rod is a Shimano Beastmaster, 11ft, 1.75lb. Reel- Shimano Charter Special.

Best catch: 9lb thick lip grey mullet, 25lb tope. 12 species caught so far in 2013: cod, whiting, pouting, poor cod, dab, LSD, GSD, thornback ray, spotted ray, small eye ray, spurdog, conger eel.

There is something of the hunter in Dean, it may be due to the awesome power and being hooked for life on high-octane fishing excitement. Dean just loves targeting rays and shark type fish.

He's chased these species all over the Bristol Channel.  Vastly experienced angler and thoughtful skipper.  RYA Qualifications: VHF-DSC Radio Operation, RYA Navigation & Safety Certification. Oystercat training and skipper for 4 years.
Dean's contact number: 07817035735
Richard Pearce (fully active skipper)
Richie has been on the sea and involved in fishing and boats for some time now. He's a very keen angler and enjoys catching fish from the boat and shore, and helping others. His knowledge of tackle and tactics is very useful and he is always ready to share this knowledge with other anglers. He has fished the Bristol Channel and the Gower coastline from the Oystercat for the past 6 years and skippered her for 3 years, so has good knowledge of fishing inshore reefs and banks. He's very proud of keeping the boat in her immaculate condition at all times. He also has a regular and when taking juniors and newcomers to the sea angling game, they are happy to assist the them throughout the day to make their day as enjoyable as possible.
RYA Qualifications: VHF-DSC Radio Operation, RYA Navigation & Safety Certification.RYA Day Skipper.
Oystercat training (2 years) and skipper for 4 years.
Contact number: 07806431823
Gerald Collier (limited availability)
Keen angler since junior days. Obtained Oystercat skipper approval 5 years ago and before that was skipper of his own boat. Obtained his skipper's with RYA qualifications and has been in the forefront boat fishing for three decades. Top angler in his own right and captor of many outstanding fish.
Strong advocate for the return of unwanted fish whenever possible in the ongoing quest to preserve fish stocks for the future.

Contact Numbers: 01792 405460 or 07789274537.

John Golding (limited availability)
John makes his living working around
boats, he even has his own boat repair business. On a couple of occasions he's put those skills to good use keeping the Oystercat body work in good condition. When he's not working John loves nothing more than to take out the Oystercat and do some drift fishing over the banks for the summer bass. Swansea Bay/Gower Coastline provides excellent bass fishing commencing from say April to November. The method of fishing is predominately drift fishing with live sand eels over local sand banks.
John is very experienced boat man and has a good knowledge of the Bristol Channel fish marks and how to locate the fish on those marks. In the past he has found good numbers of fish for his parties of anglers.
Contact Number: 07800796680 
Steve Bryant (currently not active)
Steve is another Oystercat skipper that has a preference for small boat fishing and will be teaming up with Jeff Roberts to provide small boat fishing from the Mumbles Belle. Steve also has recently retired and gave Jeff a big hand in the conversion work of the Mumbles Belle. He has wealth of experience on diesel engines and is much sort after to maintain the engines on both our boats. Steve is a keen boat and shore angler having begun fishing as a youngster. He was one of our members to qualify as a skipper in the early days of the Oystercat coming to the Club. Steve has skippered many a high profile fishing trips and was always willing to crew in addition to add a wealth of experience to his knowledge of handling the Oystercat and fishing in the Bristol Channel. Many times he had great success on his fishing trips, particularly when reef fishing. You should see him bring the Oystercat alongside the floating pontoon in the crowded marina and ease with deft touches of the throttle into her berth, you instinctively know that a skipper of experience is at the helm.
RYA Qualifications: VHF-DSC Radio Operation, RYA Navigation & Safety Certification, RYA Day Skipper.
Powerboat Experience: 8 years, some time on fishing trawlers. Oystercat skipper for 4 years.
Contact Number: 07719997430 
John Elvins (fully active skipper)
Having recently retired John now indulges a lifetime passion for boat fishing which has seen him obtain the required qualification and experience to skipper the Oystercat. If you want to learn more about boat fishing John is keen to help. Or, if you simply want to enjoy the sensation of being on the water for a bit of pleasure fishing, that's fine too with John. Or, if you want to find new fishing marks and see the marine life John is happy to explore and share his local knowledge. Over the years he has fished in many different places and has enjoyed getting along with people from a variety of background and fishing experience. He's also your cook and host for on-board snacks:- bacon, gammon, sausage sandwiches etc., that win considerable praise from his parties of anglers, most of whom come back for more. John is an absolute star and members enjoy his fishing trips. He also is a strong advocate for the return of unwanted and undersized fish whenever possible in the on-going quest to preserve stock for the future.
RYA Qualifications: VHF-DSC Radio Operation, RYA Navigation & Safety and Day Skipper Certification.
Oystercat training and skipper for 5 years. 
Andrew (Walter) Algie
(currently not available)
Walter is our newest skipper and and he is still learning from our experienced skippers. That's not to say he is new to fishing. He has a great wealth of knowledge and gained much experience fishing and boating from a young age. He has already covered many of the fishing areas of the Bristol Channel and being responsible for twelve anglers in the wastes of the Bristol Channel is now a way of life for Walter. He has passed may courses so is well qualified and you are in safe hands aboard of Swansea's finest craft, the Oystercat.
RYA Qualifications: VHF-DSC Radio Operation, RYA Navigation & Safety Certification, RYA Day Skipper.
Oystercat training (2years) and skipper for 2 years.
Contact number: 01792 520340


           Skipper Mike breaming.  Skipper Gerald with colourful fish.   Skipper Phil could be happier, Oh yes! he can. Skipper Walter looking on.

Skipper Dean - it takes two to do the conger
 Skipper John G basstastic
Skipper John G with a bass keeper
Skipper Simon giving guidance to young angler members

Skipper John E with bull huss

Skipper Richie smoothhound operator
Skipper Richie fishing for Christmas dinner
Skipper Dean being bullhuss with Josiah
Skipper Simon looking 'bassed' off