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Mumbles Motor Boat & Fishing Club 

 Good things come to them who bait

Hooked on Fish - Hooked on Fishing

Tight Lines All Round

Tight Lines All Round

New members are welcome to join at any time. There is a joining fee of £10 (one payment only) and membership fee (currently £30) are payable for a full year (January-December) or half a year (July-December for £15 +£10 joining fee).

You can join from now for the price of 12 months membership at £40.

For currrent members we are open for membership renewals, you can pay by BACS, cheques or cash. Pay on a Thursday night or contact the Secretary.



Renewal for Existing Members

Fishing is a healthy, popular and growing sport that offers the thrilling pursuit of the 'big fish', or the fish for the plate most of which provide a satisfying and nutritionally excellent meal.  You can pop fish fillets and cutlets in the freezer, and regularly enjoy economical fish dishes that more than repay the price of tackle, bait and travel.  Or, just fish for the sport with catch and release.  Should you wisely decide to join the Club, you'll benefit from the friendly, happy and helpful atmosphere.

Membership of the Club is open to anyone interested in the sport of angling regardless of sex, age, disability, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or other beliefs. However, limitation of membership according to available facilities may take place on a non-discriminatory basis. 

The Membership Year is from 1st January to 31st December. 

Thank you all very much for your support over the past year.  Without your subscriptions, we could not do our bit for the sport of sea fishing and the benefit it brings to our members and community.  There is still a lot more to do to complete this ongoing development work and improve our services for members.

Membership for a NEW YEAR can be renewed from 1st November to the end of January. 

Membership Rates

Our fees are currently:

Members renewing after the end of February will have to pay the new member joining fee of £10 in addition to the £30 annual subscription fee. 

 Membership Category

Annual Membership Fee 

Adult Member *


Family Membership

Adult Members (couple) **

Juniors - Member's Children under 18 years)


+ £1.00 each

New Member Joining Fee 

Total Payable 





+£1.00 each


Junior Member (under 18 years)

Senior Member***

Senior Member & partner****

Temporary Member (2 weeks) 













Members renewing their subscription do not need to complete an Application Form.  Notices are, normally, sent out informing members that their membership is due for renewal. 

Subscription fees for renewing membership can be paid by cheque, payable to Mumbles Motor Boat & Fishing Club, and then either post the cheque to Trevor Mellard, Club Secretary, 23 Hilland Drive Bishopston, Swansea, SA3 3AJ or bring it to the Club meetings on a Thursday evening at the Mumbles Rugby Football Club. (between 8.00 and 10.30 pm). 

Payment can also be made by bank transfer ring 01792 232843 for our Club bank account details.

*       1 adult full member only.

**     I adult member plus spouse/partner at £5 and/or adult member's children at£1 each under the age of 18

Membership cards for the NEW MEMBERSHIP YEAR, will be issued using the photos we have on file (unless you provide a new one, following receipt of payment.

***   To qualify for Senior Membership and the reduced fees you must have been a full Adult Member for a minimum of three years, and be of

        state pension retirement age. 

**** Senior Family Members 1 Adult and a spouse/partner can be include for £5).

Special Offer

From 1 November it will be possible to join the Club for 14 months for the price of 12 months. Applicants joining 1 November will pay the annual membership fee of £30, plus the £10 joining fee and secure membership to the end of 2018.

To join the Club please use the Application Procedures shown below. 

(Existing members can renew their membership for the new Membership Year from 1st November.   To do so please contact the

 Trevor Mellard (Secretary - Phone 01792 232843 or 07423522110 and send him your renewal cheque or ask for bank details).

Membership expires on 31 December and so does your right to use the Club boats. If you renew in2018 you may have to pay the £10 rejoining fee.

Application for Full Membership

If you have a passport type ID photo that you can email, then you could complete the on-line application form on the next page.

Joining by post is as easy as 1-2-3 just follow these steps and you'll be soon a member of a great club and fishing some of the best waters around Swansea, Mumbles and Gower. 

Click here to download and then complete The Application Form

Enclose recent passport size photograph(s)

Send with a cheque payable to 'Mumbles Motor Boat & Fishing Club'

Send the 3 items above to Club Secretary, 23 Hilland Drive, Bishopston, Swansea, SA3 3AJ 

All inquires regarding Membership should be dealt with by calling either 01792 232843 or 07423522110.  You can also send your inquiry by email to:

Membership forms are also available on Thursday Club Nights held at the Mumbles Rugby Football Club.  Completed Membership Forms can also be dropped off, if preferred, on the Club Nights

The Membership Form asks for the support of two members who are willing to propose and second the application, should you not know 2 members of the Club then still submit the Membership Form and the Committee will review your details.  The photograph will be printed on your membership card for ID purposes when fishing from the Boat and wishing to make use of the concessions available to members.  If for any reason you are unable to provide a passport type photo then let the Secretary know and arrangements can be made to have one taken on members night at the Mumbles Rugby Football Club.

We look forward to welcoming you to Mumbles Motor Boat & Fishing Club, and all of this:-


MMBFC does not accept any liability for personal accidental injury or the loss of or damage to any personal property (e.g fishing tackle), however caused

whilst on/or fishing from Club Boats or in other Club fishing events.

The Membership Fees of Mumbles Motor Boat and Fishing Club (MMBFC) includes Third Party Personal Liability Insurance Cover whilst out fishing.

It does not provide Personal Accident or Property (e.g. Fishing Tackle) Insurance Cover. Neither does the Insurance Cover for the boats.

All Club Members are responsible for taking adequate precautions for the safety of themselves, their equipment/property, and of

others who may be affected by their activity. Although the Club provides some basic guidelines on fishing and boat safety, it is no

substitute for common sense, care and watchfulness.

Members must fully co-operate with the Club's officials, membership ID cards must be available for inspection when requested.

All MMBFC Committee decisions are final and subject to change without prior notice.

Note: Fishing tackle can be covered by household insurance or purchased from the insurance company.