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It is now possible to join for £15 for membership from 1st July to 31 December plus the £10 joining fee total payable £25, securing adult membership for the rest 2017. We also have family memberships at very attractive rates. There is also, for a short time, a special offer of £50 for adult membership from 1 July  2017 to 31 December 2018.
We are now taking payments of membership fees by Standing Order. So next time you pay any fees setup a standing order for automatic renewal of future membership.
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We have resurrected our monthly programme of talks. The talks take place on the first Thursday of each month starting at 20:00 hrs, please arrive in plenty of time. The talks take place in BAR1887 the upstairs room of the MRFC Clubhouse. 588 Mumbles Road, Mumbles.  Memebers and guests are most welcome. The talks cover a wide range of interesting subjects and do not concentrate on boating and fishing. If you know of a speaker or subject that you would like included in the programme then please let to programme organiser Nigel Ellerton know.
7 September 2017
MC Commodore Nigel Ellerton
Quiz Night & Social

After a very successful number of talks in our first 6 months were now taking a break over the holiday periods. So the next talk will be on Thursday, 7 September 2017
Club Thursday Talk Night
Club Thursday Night

UK & EU in conflict over fishing rights
From the talk by Ian Wisby on EU Regulations it could appear as thought the UK and EU are on a collision course over fishing rights. Brexit or not, the arrogant EU has set itself on a path of confrontation over fishing in UK territorial waters  which are to be reimposed to a 200-mile Economic Exclusion Zone once we leave the EU.  Brussels claims that under the Common Fisheries Policy, waters around the UK, currently a joint resource, will remain so. This would enable any EU boat to fish right up to the foreshore and harbours of the UK.
The EU claim fish moving across the territorial waters of different nations are a shared commodity. Unlike more isolated countries such as Iceland and Norway, the UK was always going to have to share its fish with its neighbours, especially as we move into an era of global maritime regulations.
But the UK which won't be a member of the EU and should not be bound by their rules what ever they say.

A post-Brexit UK might still have to agree quotas with its neighbours, but could it prevent foreign boats from fishing in its waters? Maybe. But only with huge investment in monitoring and control public bodies such as the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) – organisations which are being cut at present.

Whether the UK would want this sort of escalation is a different question, as it would also mean British boats could no longer fish in the waters of other European nations. This is a major concern in the fishing industry as 20% of the fish caught by the UK fleet is landed elsewhere in the EU.

The reality is that a Brexit would require a complete re-negotiation of fishing rights, with uncertain outcomes. Some of these rights extend back to the Middle Ages and banning foreign vessels from UK waters may well be incompatible with international law.

Such negotiations may harm trading relationships with Europe. At present the UK exports around 80% of its wild-caught seafood, with four of the five top five destinations being European countries.