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Mumbles Motor Boat & Fishing Club 

 Good things come to them who bait

Hooked on Fish - Hooked on Fishing

Tight Lines All Round

Tight Lines All Round

New members are welcome to join at any time. There is a joining fee of £10 (one payment only) and membership fee (currently £30) are payable for a full year (January-December) or half a year (July-December for £15 +£10 joining fee).

You can join from now for the price of 12 months membership at £40.

For currrent members we are open for membership renewals, you can pay by BACS, cheques or cash. Pay on a Thursday night or contact the Secretary.

Club Boats & Facilities

Swansea Marina (the club boats are for members only and not available for use by the general public)

The boats Oystercat and Mumbles Belle are berthed in Swansea Marina, and all our boat fishing trips leave and return to the Marina berths.

Repairs are being carried on the normal berth for our boat Oystercat. Until the repairs are complete Oystercat as been moved to the end of R25 (east side of the pier) in Phase 3 South Dock. Entrance is still the same from the Tower end by the new car park.

Booking a fishing trip

Mumbles Belle at berth in Swansea Marina

Oystercat in Swansea Marina

Oystercat fishing trip information

Oystercat has proven sea handling capabilities and is capable of 25 knots and a cruising speed of 20 knots with a full load of fuel, 12 anglers and two crew, allowing her to reach fishing marks in a short space of time e.g.

 Worms Head

 40 mins

 Oxwich Bass Banks

 30 mins


 30 mins

The best way to book or request a fishing is to come on down to the members Thursday night meeting at the Mumbles Rugby Football Club (MRFC).  You will then see what is on offer, have a chat with the skippers and then put your name of the booking chart for a trip that already has a skipper or to request a fishing trip on a date that may not yet have a designated skipper.  Alternatively, if you cannot make it to the Thursday night meetings you can book or make a request via:

Email at or

Phone on 07925532304 or

The e-booking form on this link.

You can monitor the Oystercat and Mumbles Belle fishing trips by looking at the e-fishing calendar on this link to the Events Calendars.

To meet all health, safety, and insurance requirements only Club Members (Paid-up), to a maximum of twelve anglers and 2 crew, will be allowed on Oystercat. and a maximum of six, inclusive of crew, on the Mumbles Belle.  The boat will only leave when the Skipper(s) is fully satisfied that all safety precautions are in place and the weather forecast is satisfactory for the duration of the fishing trip.

The Marina operates a system where boats leave the locks to go to sea on the hour and return to the Marina through the locks on the half hour.   All fishing trips leave on an out-lock hour (e.g. 08.00 hrs).   You should aim to arrive at the entrance to the Marina berth in plenty of time to

board your to meet the out-lock time.  It can take up to 30mins to board and be ready for departure.

Fishing positions on the boat may be given by the skipper and also rotated during in the fishing trip to give every angler a descent fishing session. The skipper is in charge of all fishing activities on the boat and your full co-operation would be much appreciated.

You will be required to show your current photo membership card when boarding either boat.     

Please Note:

Any member making a booking and then find they can no longer make the trip must inform the Club/skipper at least 48 hours before departure so that their place can be offered to members on the reserve list.  Members(s) failing to notify a cancellation will be charged £10 to help in covering the expense of the fishing trip. Or, as a fine if the fishing trip has be cancelled due to an uneconomic number of anglers remaining.

Fishing Trips Donations (All donation go directly to developing and running the Club for the benefit of members)

The cost of running the boats are made up of a fixed overhead cost and a

mileage charge for fuel used. The mileage covered is calculated from the GPS readings. Donations will be requested from each angler, the actual amount  will depend upon the number of anglers going out and the distance cover during the fishing trip.  The minimum number of anglers required for a trip is 4.  Even at these low numbers the trips are still good

value.  The overhead for shorter fishing trips will determined either on a

per angler or per hour basis, but will be less than the maximum for a full day trip.  The fuel rate will stay the same. It will be the Skipper's decision in consultation with the group of anglers for the trip to go ahead or not

The berths Oystercat (R), Mumbles Belle (P) are at the tower end of the Marina and the entrance gate is by the car park at the end of the tower and supermarket building.

Skippers and crew normally arrive at the boat berth 60 minutes before the schedule out lock. This is so they can prepare, without booked anglers on board, the boat for the trip and make sure everything is safe and shipshape before going down and through the marina lock gate on the hour.  Booked anglers should not board Oystercat until cleared to do so by the skipper and on the production of their ID membership card. 

Car Parking

Fishing trips are normally 6-8 hours ( depending upon the weather) but

shorter trips can be arranged to suit individual parties.  During the

summer months May to October fishing trips go out for:


 Offshore wrecks and reefs around the Gower coast


 Offshore wrecks and reefs




 Offshore wrecks and reefs



 Black Bream

 Inshore reefs


 Offshore sandbanks


 Inshore reefs


 Inshore reefs



Car parking down by the South Dock Marina is very limited.  Booked anglers with cars should share, where possible with other booked anglers.  You have 10 minutes to unload your car, without a parking permit, after which you must move your car to a public car park around the Marina. There is free parking in the small Pilot House Warf Car Park down by the public toilets, the lock gates and the tackle shop. The Paxton Street car park by the hotel is free on Sundays.  The rest are pay and display. Always liaise with the trip skipper regarding your parking and arrival at the Marina so that the entrance gate can be opened for you, help can be given with your fishing tackle and advice on car parking for the day .  Wardens are on duty in the Marina car parks so be careful not to infringe the Marina's security and car parking policies.

Please contact the skipper for any advice on parking and permits. DO NOT go to the Marina Office for a car parking permit. 

Members are reminded to secure their vehicles and remove any valuables whilst unattended

Lock Operating Hours

Bait in the summer is mainly live sandeels and mackerel.  Mackerel can be caught from June to September, but it is always a good idea to bring a backup supply.


0700-1900 GMT


0700-2200 BST

Sat / Sun

0700-2200 BST & GMT

Access to Tidal Locks
All access from the sea to the Marina is through the Tawe Barrage Lock during the published hours.  During busy locking periods a queuing system is normally in operation. 

Boats that do not make contact with the Lockmaster or disobey his/her

instruction are not be given priority over other traffic.  In the interest of every boat owner's safety, it is of the utmost importance that the Lock Master's instructions are obeyed at all times.

Boats leaving either lock must then transfer to the next lock's VHF channel on approach and use the appropriate procedure below.

Lock Availability
Marina & Swing Bridge - call sign: 'Swansea Marina' CH. 80

Tawe Barrage Lock - call sign: 'Tawe Lock' CH. 18

It is essential that all boat owners wishing to proceed through the locks or swing-bridge operate a VHF radio.

Vessels must call "Swansea Marina" on channel 80 before leaving their berth to request lock information and must remain listening on CH. 80 until passage through the bridge or lock is completed.

Winter fishing, November to March, is mainly concentrated on locating shoals of cod.  The average size of cod caught previously was 10lb, with 20lbers being taken regularly.  Other species available in winter are: Conger, Rays, Whiting and Dogfish that are caught on a regular basis.  The bait used is normally Lug Worm (black is good).  Cocktail baits of Squid, Crab, Razor fish and Clam in addition to Lug have been used successfully.

 View of Marina berths from the top of tower building

When you require use of the Tawe Barrage lock you must call 'Tawe Lock' to request information and remain listening on CH. 18 until the passage through the lock is completed.

Do not proceed into the locks unless instruction has been given.

Important Notes

Normal procedure for locking out through the Tawe Barrage lock

is for the lock to be taken down on the hour and return to the river on the half hour.

The first lock out of the day at the Tawe lock will be taken down at approximately 0710.  The last Tawe lock in is half an hour before the close of business each day.  Boat owners should be

Example for a Full Day fishing on the Oystercat the Suggested Donations will be:  Grounds fishing £120;  drifting £140;  wrecking £160.  It will be necessary to work out the actual suggested donation per person after the fishing trip when all the factors are known.  But, say 10 anglers on a trip the sugested donation from each angler would be £12, £14, or £16 from the previous cost examples.

The suggested donation from Junior Members will be half (50%) the

full angler rate.  Donations can be by cash or cheque, with cheques payable to Mumbles Motorboat and Fishing Club. 

Gift Aid donations are very welcome.

These examples are subject to review when ever there are changes to the operating and fuel charges.


 Please do not bring too many large fishing seats boxes as they clutter the deck.  Footwear should be water proof but for safety reasons, no waders or steel toe caped shoes.  Also no shoes or boots with metal studs.  When cutting bait please use the boards provided.


ready to leave their berth at approximately quarter to the hour to allow vessels sufficient time to enter the Tawe lock.

Any deviation from the above will be at the discretion of the duty Tawe Lock-master who will pay due regard to the volume of traffic and any other prevailing conditions.

Any vessels not returning on the same day are required to

inform the Lock-master and Coastguard.

Two holding buoys are situated downstream from the lock and

may be used outside of locking hours.

Great care is necessary at low water spring tides as there is a danger of drying out.

The pontoon on the port side of the lock entrance is for loading/unloading only.  Do not moor on this pontoon which dries at low water spring tides with foul ground.

 To go to the Swansea Marina Website click on the link below: