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Two local sea bait diggers have been in touch with the Club and can supply fresh bait at very reasonable prices!

Members have drawn our attention to the follow sources for sea fishing bait.

Bait digger Nathan can provide lugworm at £8/lb and Mudrag at £12/lb (Prices can be changed without notice).  A good few £££ less than in the shops. Members buying from Nathan have found the bait in terms of size and quality to be exceptional. Nathan will also supply the bait for competitions and to individual competition members as long as he has about a weeks notice. Nathan is a local lad but this does not stop him from supplying further afield.  In fact he regularly meets up with customers on the M4 and he is more than willing to meet up with members in the East of Swansea to deliver their ordered bait.

He can supply in any size of order quantity, given reasonable notice and you can order directly through the contact numbers: 07864507241.

He has a bait storage tank at home so can keep some bait fresh.

Another possible bait supplier is Mel on 01792 417106 and orders can be picked up in Norfolk St. Swansea. His special price is £9 a pound for lugworm bait. (Prices can change without notice)

J C Baits Swansea (see Facebook and Jamie Norman for more details).

The above information is provided in good faith but without responsibility.

            Lugworm Casts                              Ragworms

DIY bait collecting from shore
Before collecting bait from the shore ensure that bait-gathering and digging is allowed.
Take a plastic and bucket; one or two sea angler's large plastic boxes and a few old newspapers.  A full size garden fork is usually necessary for digging, and remember to rinse the fork in fresh water afterwards; oil the metal parts to prevent rusting.
Safety hints
  • Tread warily when collecting bait at low tide; be alert for soft 'sinking' mud and quicksand!
  • Fill in and smooth over holes and hollows dug; before someone stumbles into them!
  • Watch for Weavers lying under shallow water.
Handy tips
  1. Buy or gather bait the day you go fishing to be sure of fish-attracting freshness.
  2. Keep fresh bait covered, in a cool place out of sunshine.
  3. Never mix in the same container, baits likely to EAT each other. Ragworms eat lugworms!!
  4. Use damaged freshly gathered baits immediately, they won't live long.
  5. Store bait: discard unhealthy looking, injured or dead specimens.
  6. Baits can be hooked singly, in bunches, or in cocktail  assortments.  Ragworm or lugworm and shellfish (mussels, cockles, limpets etc.) is a favourite cocktail with many greedy fish.
  7. Big fish prefer big baits; small fish sizes small baits.  Choose the bait and hook size according to the species of fish being hunted.
  8. Impreove the appeal of drab looking bait with a squeeze of angler's pilchard oil or other fish scent attractors.
  9. Use a very sharp filleting knife and securely placed cutting board when slicing fish for bait, and aim to miss your fingers.
See column 3 for more information on bait digging...

24 Hour Baits (a local company)

We are a well established live fishing bait supplier with over 50 years experience so you can be sure we are extremely knowledegable in the area. We are a family run business so provide a friendly service as well as being efficient.

Our Fishing Services

We offer a range of services for those wanting fishing tackle or sea bait caught fresh on the day to give you a better chance of that big catch. Some of the services and products we supply include:

  • Daily dug bait
  • Fishing tackle
  • Local fishing advice

With our local knowledge and many years experience you can be guaranteed to receive the best bait and advice, we can help anyone and everyone who loves to fish.

Suppliers Fishing Tackle in Cockett

With our staff being from the local area and having plenty of fishing experience not only can we provide you with fresh bait but advice on how to catch certain species. With our bait being dug on a daily basis you can be sure you won't find any fresher anywhere else.

Call Us Now

Call us for sea baits in Swansea on 07763 016 955 to speak to one of our friendly staff that will be more than willing to discuss your needs and give you prices of products.

DIY Bait Supply
It possible to gather a variety of fresh bait from many location around Swansea, Mumbles and Gower. Swansea Market and Mumbles have wet fish shops to buy herring, mackerel, cockles, or squid etc.
If you have the ability to collect your own baits then you can dig for lug-worm on the Swansea Bay foreshore in front of the Civic Centre eastwards to the front of the Leisure Centre (LC2). You can also dig at West Cross, in front of the Inn, and at Oystermouth. Reasonable amounts can be dug here for a couple of fishing trips. Smaller quantities can sometimes be dug at Oxwich Bay, roughly half way between the high and low water marks.  The western side of the beach is usually more productive.
Of the 3 varieties of ragworm, white rag are never dug in large numbers but a few can be had whilst collect lugworm. The mud variety of ragworm is far more common but collecting it requires a visit to an estuary, but venturing onto mudflats can be hazardous. Much rarer are king ragworm but if lucky you might collect a few under the tidal stones of Bracelet and Limeslade Bays.  If fishing here it's always worth a look.
Soft and peeler crabs are normally plentiful.  At low water search the small stones and rocks from the lomg slipway at Knab Rock, Mumbles right out to Mumbles Head island itself. In the area of Pennard you'll find crabs at Hunts Bay, further west you can gather softies along Oxwich Head, Port Eynon and the causeway that joins Worm's Head to the peninsula.  Anywhere there are rocks and weed there will be crabs but the above locations are the best and most productive as well as the easiest to reach.
If digging for lugworm at West Cross you may also be able to gather your own cockles.  Best to use the West Cross cockles to feed the fish and not yourself.